Table Lamps, Floor Lamps and Accessories: Top 5 Elements of Design

Enjoy the Season’s Best Designer Table Lamps and Floor Lamps

Currey and Company leads the way with on-trend styles that are magnificent!

6565 Maxham from Currey and Company

“Maxham” from Currey and Company features a rich Silver Leaf finish accompanied by an Oatmeal linen shade.


Never before has such a grand selection of designer table lamps and floor lamps allowed us to recreate our environment so effortlessly and affordably.  The International Lighting Market has delivered a remarkable variety of unique table and floor lamps, so now is the time to shop around and update your interior design scheme with brilliant illumination and sensational style.


Adding  portable lamps and accessories to your home or office environment is an easy way of expressing your individual style and creating a new look.  There are a few key elements to consider when shopping for the perfect table lamps and floor lamps to update your interior design scheme.


Top 5 Elements of Design:  Best Buying Tips for New Table and Floor Lamps


1.  Style:  On-trend lamp styles include rich metallic finishes, crystal with a modern edgy twist, and natural Asian and organic designs.


2.  Must-have item: New reading lamps incorporate better control and adjustability to provide individualized task light that add to your decorative scheme with fashion-forward illumination and purpose.


3.  Dimming controls: Whether hand-held, wall-hung, foot-pedaled or installed as an app on your smart phone, lighting controls are of utmost importance for providing convenience, energy-savings and the best lighting effects.  Although many table and floor lamps are equipped with dimming controls, it is easy to install a new dimming control device to virtually any lamp or light fixture.


4.  Bulb selection Skin tones look most flattering in medium to warm color temperatures, so choose bulbs ranging from 2700K to 3000K with a CRI (color rendering index) between 85 and 100.


5.  LEDs:  More portable lamps and lighting fixtures are being made or upgraded to accommodate LED light sources.  With the proper fitters and lenses, new LED bulbs are delivering excellent illumination.


New from Currey and Company:

“Gypsy” table lamp in a Dirty Silver finish

6617 Gypsy table lamp

“Eiffel” table lamp in a rustic Gold finish

6683 Eiffel table lamp

“Novare” table lamp in a Black and Antique Brass finish

6752 Novare table lamp

“Fortress” floor lamp in a Black finish with draped crystal

8063 Fortress floor lamp

“Finstock” floor lamp in a unique Dirty Silver Polished finish

8062 Finstock floor lamp


Find the best designer table and floor lamps at Capitol Lighting.  Receive expert advice and view exquisite lighting designs from top vendors, including all new styles from Currey and Company, at



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