Best Task Lamps for the Mature Adult



cartoon1Mommy’s Alright, Daddy’s Alright—But, their Eyes Seem a Little Strained—Don’t Surrender—Surround them in a Better Light!


Maybe your parents are from the Depression Era and they are trying to save on energy costs by living in dimly lit rooms, but it has become increasingly apparent that living with insufficient lighting is detrimental to our emotional and physical well-being.  Moreover, these harmful effects become significantly worse as we age.


•A typical 40-year-old may begin to notice changes in their ability to focus and see clearly.  Reading glasses may help to alleviate eyestrain, provide comfort and increase their ability to read a menu or enjoy a new novel.


•A typical 60-year-old will experience more profound changes in their ability to see clearly, as less light reaches the eye.  Brighter, more efficient illumination is needed to see details; additional ambient/general illumination must also be generously provided to promote comfortable transitioning from dark to light.

Lighting and vision research indicates that, as eyes age, good lighting needs to provide:


•Uniform lighting levels room-to-room because older eyes take longer to adjust and transition from light and dark areas.


•Higher levels of task and general illumination to compensate for greater light absorption inside the eye.


•Less glare, since as eyes age, they become more sensitive to glare.


•Excellent color rendering to compensate for a decreased ability to discern colors efficiently.


•Silent and steady operation, as older adults may be more sensitive to lights that flicker, fans that hum or noise from older ballasts and outdated control systems.


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, shouldn’t they be protected with the most caring light?


Show your parents or elderly loved ones some care and provide them with the light.


New reading lamps offer excellent task illumination in styles that range from elegant and traditional to whimsical and modernistic.


Top Pics include:

85-2856-20 City Sleek reading floor lamp from Pacific Coast


“City Sleek”  70-inch reading floor lamp from Pacific Coast Lighting



sled500-ab Slime Line Energy Smart floor task lamp from House of Troy

LED “Slim Line” Energy Smart task floor lamp from House of Troy



e41050-plpc Eco Task Energy Smart fl from ET2

“Eco Task” Energy Smart floor lamp from ET2 Lighting


70901 Rapaport desk lamp from Kichler Lighting

“Rappaport” desk lamp from Kichler Lighting


hbc-152-bp High Ball desk lamp from House of Troy

“High Ball” desk lamp from House of Troy



65946 Prairie Mission desk lamp from Meyda

“Prairie Mission” desk lamp from Meyda Lighting


2050.16.jpg quattro es tl

“Quattro” Energy Smart LED desk lamp from Sonneman Lighting



Desk lamps and floor lamps should be chosen carefully and positioned accordingly for the best in comfort and performance…


•Position reading lamps so that task lighting comes from behind the reader’s shoulder.  A floor lamp on either the right or the left of a reading chair should stand at about 40-42 inches above the floor and the bottom of the shade should be located at eye level.


•Desk lamps should be angled so that task light comes from the side and above; be sure your lamp is not shining the light directly at your computer screen.


•A torchiere lamp makes a powerful decorative statement, while providing general illumination in addition to task lighting.


For more task lighting tips and to view a vast selection of the best new task lamps and reading lamps visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or contact a professional lighting consultant at













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