Top 3 Ways to Back Up Your Honey-Do List and Brighten Up Your Home Entryway

“Honey, I’m Home!”  Highlight Your Hubby on Father’s Day and Keep Him On Top of that Honey-Do List

Eco-friendly, energy-saving, beautifying outdoor lighting by Varaluz

Eco-friendly, energy-saving, beautifying outdoor lighting by Varaluz

 3 Ways to Satisfy Your Honey-Do List for Brighter Homecomings

  1. Find a highly qualified electrician.  Your man might be great, but lacking in the electrical department or without all the tools to get the job done well—no shame in finding someone to help out. Ask for recommendations at a certified ALA (American Lighting Association) showroom.    It is especially important with outdoor lighting applications that you work with a qualified electrician who is experienced with landscape design and the intricacies of installing low voltage outdoor light fixtures and setting up timers, motion sensors and control panels correctly.
  2. Strive for a low maintenance relationship.—Satisfaction and fulfillment can be attained especially when you don’t have to work too hard to keep something up and running efficiently.  Invest in the best LED landscape lighting and energy-efficient outdoor lanterns.
  3. Look for the durable, reliable and trustworthy types.  Of course, guarantees are always appreciated and often hard to come by.  If you find something beautiful and sustainable with a lifetime warranty, stick with it.

Try Northeast Lantern for your next outdoor lighting project….

•Northeast Lantern is a family-owned business offering top quality lighting designs handcrafted in the USA.

•Northeast Lantern’s professional craftsmen are trained by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services to present finished products that are clean and green.Custom designed with unique variations in natural finishes that will naturally darken and weather over time, outdoor light fixtures from Northeast Lantern feature a variety of hand-applied, natural finishes and multiple glass options.


Through a series of steps, the finish process works naturally with the brass or copper components to create varying shades of finishes on each piece.  It is a “living finish” that will change color and patina naturally in the same environment with no flaking, peeling or rusting.  Northeast Lantern does not use lacquer, powder coating or paint on their fixtures, so they are environmentally friendly and naturally beautiful.

•Northeast Lantern products are Guaranteed for Life!  With the exception of glass, Northeast Lantern guarantees all products for life.

Top Pics for Summer 2013

Now Serving:  The Famous Onion and Round Onion Collections.

Famous Round Onion Design Outdoor Lantern from Northeast Lantern

Famous Round Onion Design Outdoor Lantern from Northeast Lantern












The Nautical Collection is “like having a mini lighthouse illuminate your home every night!”

Nautical Collection from Northeast Lantern

Nautical Collection from Northeast Lantern









The “Lodge” Collection offers an elegant yet rustic, cabin western composition.

1733 Outdoor Post Lamp from Northeast Lantern

1733 Outdoor Post Lamp from Northeast Lantern
















Virtually all lighting fixtures from Northeast Lantern can be made in brass or copper with a variety of finish options, including Raw Brass (RB), Verdi Gris (VG) and Antique Copper (AC).  Many glass options, too, including Clear Seedy (CSG), Optic (OPT), Caramel (CRML) and Seed Marine (SMG).

Find the latest outdoor wall lamps, outdoor home entry lights and custom-designed path lights at Happy homecomings with brilliant light fixtures will help to satisfy that “Honey-do” list in record time.

Say “Happy Father’s Day!” with Northeast Lantern, and keep him coming home in style.



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