Top 5 Patio Lighting Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

Extend your Living Space with Custom Designed Patio Lighting

One of the most affordable and eco-friendly ways to boost property values and beautify outdoor living space is through custom designing your patio lighting. Enjoy your home to the fullest and design with excellent outdoor and patio lighting for evenings “al fresco”* that are safe, comfortable and fun.


Let the Stellar Nights Begin!  Try these Top 5 Patio Lighting Tips

Top 5 Patio Lighting Tips for Safe and Stellar Evenings

  1.  Safety First. Puck lights or tape lighting on benches and steps, as well as path lighting to define perimeters around ponds and gardens, will illuminate the way for safe navigation.

e53442 StarStrand ET2

“StarStrand” from ET2 Lighting goes everywhere–even under water!–to provide brilliant nighttime illumination.

15857azt Design Pro LED path Kichler

“Design Pro” LED path lighting from Kichler Lighting blends seamlessly with nature, while delivering luxurious, energy-efficient illumination.

  2.  Bug Off. Nobody wants to hang out and party with the moths and mosquitoes! Secure the right nighttime lighting to keep the bugs away.  Yellow and amber light bulbs deter pests and insects.

bulbrite yellow bug light

Yellow Bug Lights from Bulbrite Industries

3.  Grill On. Focused task light will help you tend to the grill with ease.  Make sure those burgers are medium rare-but cooked through!

15087azt outdoor spot kichler

Outdoor spot light from Kichler Lighting offers superb task lighting and may be easily installed over grill and serving areas.

4.  Neighbor Up. Control glare with the right bulbs, thoughtful fixture placement and Dark Sky-compliant fixtures.

9243-1-66-pl Motalbo minka

“Montalbo” outdoor wall light from Minka Lavery is ENERGY STAR-rated and Dark Sky-approved.

 5.  Mood Rise.  Create the mood and have fun with your lighting design. Consider a few decorative outdoor hanging pendants or a string of color changing LED bulbs.

WAC Lighting InvisiLED Tape Lights

Color changing illumination from WAC Lighting

Spring is here!   It is primetime to get out and enjoy the night.  Realize your home’s true potential.  With a few wise lighting choices, your patio can be a wonderful retreat all season long.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or for the best patio lighting, outstanding service, guaranteed lowest prices and the most reliable and illuminating advice.

Aren’t you ready to say good-bye to winter and welcome the spring season?

Update your outdoor living space with the latest styles in energy-efficient patio lighting!


*Fun Fact:  “Al fresco” is Italian for “in the cool air,” however in Italy they say fuori or all’aperto when referring to dining outside.




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