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How-to Get Enough Task Light in the Kitchen

Kitchen Island Lighting

Quoizel Kitchen Lighting

For the top chef, a kitchen outfitted with the most luxurious appliances will not amount to much if the lighting design is insufficient.  Just as the art of preparing a sumptuous meal takes careful planning and fresh ingredients, so, too, does prepping your home with elegant and efficient illumination.


From energy-efficient LED tape lighting to stylish Restoration-Vintage island lights,  the options for superb kitchen lighting abound.  Learn how-to plan your kitchen lighting design and find just the right light sources to bring out the top chef in your home.


5 Top Tips for Prime Kitchen Illumination

1.  Layer it up—A layered lighting system–with ambient/general, accent and task illumination– will bring out the colors and textures of ingredients, while providing comfort and safety to those working in the kitchen.


Distribute illumination throughout the kitchen at varying elevations for the best overall lighting effects. Avoid light fatigue by placing island pendants a bit higher or lower than dining table chandeliers, so that all hanging light fixtures do not rest uniformly across the plane.

kichler kitchen lighting

Kichler Kitchen Lighting


2.  Get plentiful ambient illumination from ceiling and cabinet light fixtures, then double up on task lighting surrounding the island, at the kitchen sink and at all work stations. Recessed spot lights, mini-pendant lamps, as well as undercabinet lights should work in unison to efficiently illuminate your space.


3.  Install shielded or shaded fixtures with dimming controls over kitchen islands and over the dining table for soothing, glare-free illumination that will be bright enough to offer focused task lighting.  Be sure that kitchen dining chandeliers are dimmable, as these light sources must have the ability to adjust from work zone to elegant dining station.


4.  Pay attention to shiny surfaces, as well as textured surfaces and match up your light sources accordingly.  Compact fluorescent (CFL) lighting works well to deliver glare-free illumination over shiny surfaces;  eco-halogen light sources bring out details in textured surfaces; and LED light fixtures add dazzle to crystal barware and crystal accessories.


Because of their versatility and durability, dimmable, color-controlled LED lamps are becoming the go-to choice for new kitchen lighting applications.
gallery_3 LED kitchen lighting by WAC Lighting
 WAC Kitchen Lighting


5.  In a kitchen composed of dark colored floors, walls and countertops and/or in kitchens where there is limited exposure to natural sunlight–be sure to include light sources with larger beam spreads and more focused bright white task light.  Dark colors absorb more light so additional light sources are needed than for a kitchen decorated in lighter hues and/or one with more natural sunlight streaming through windows.


Don’t be left in the dark, visit with a lighting professional to design your kitchen lighting; find the light you need to enjoy the true heart of the home, safely and fully.


Top Pics include:

p7040_30 Progress Hide-a-Lite Energy Smart tape lighting

“Hide-a-Lite” tape lighting from Progress Lighting

98601sw-15 Ambiance LED uc light from Sea Gull“Ambiance” undercabinet lighting from Sea Gull, available in White, Plated Bronze and Tinted Aluminum




1516 Rock River from Framburg Lighting

“Rock River” mini pendant from Framburg Lighting in Mahogany Bronze with hand-made Italian Piastra glass in Cognac



lilah_pendant_eggplant from LBL

“Lilah” mini pendant from LBL in organic Eggplant hand-blown glass


For more kitchen lighting ideas or to view an outstanding selection of lighting and accessories from top vendors, including WAC lighting, Kichler Lighting, LBL Lighting, Seagull Lighting and Progress Lighting, visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or





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