Top-Rated Ceiling Fan Buyer’s Guide

Ceiling Fans Keep the Comfort Going and Circulate Good Energy!

Follow our 10-step Buyer’s Guide to set yourself up right…

cf995bs Laclede-Eco cf from Emerson

“Laclede-Eco” Energy Smart ceiling fan from Emerson Fan Company


Ceiling fans, for residential or commercial use, are essential to creating the perfect environment indoors and out.


In the last 10-15 years, the efficiency and effectiveness of the modern ceiling fan has increased tremendously.   Technological advancements, such as AC-induction and DC motors, durable finishing, automated systems and LED light kits, offer the utmost in comfort, energy-savings and control.  What’s more– ingenious and creative compositions have provided a myriad of options to update and enhance virtually any living space with fashion-forward style!


With so many outstanding new ceiling fan designs, finding the perfect accompaniment to your décor is a breeze. But—be wary of choosing a fan simply for its good looks; check out what’s inside, too!


Follow a few simple guidelines to get the correct size and customize accordingly with the right fan blades, fan accessories and fan light kits.  Inquire about the quality of components, motor capability, ease of performance, and warranty.


Shop around for the best price, but be sure to buy your ceiling fans from a reputable dealer who will stand behind the quality of their products.


Capitol’s Ultimate Ceiling Fan Buyer’s Guide

1. Coordinate with your decorative style—choose a complementary color, finish or blade design.  Add accessories to carry or create a particular theme.

p48 - monkey accessory from Fanimation

Monkey Fan Ornament from Fanimation


2. Get the right size– In rooms up to 75 square feet, a 29- 36 inch fan would be sufficient. Medium sized rooms up to 144 square feet can accommodate ceiling fans from 36- 42 inches. Larger rooms around 225 square feet, call for ceiling fans that are 50- 54 inches in diameter. Great fans that are 60-72 inches work well for areas that are larger; or consider installing 2-3 smaller fans depending upon room dimension.

159725-65 Dragon fly from Quorum International 72 inch

“Dragonfly Patio” ceiling fan from Quorum International sports a 72-inch wing span!

NOTE: For maximum comfort and style, select a fan that is large enough for your space, but allows for a clearance of at least 18 inches between the edge of the blade and the wall or ceiling.


3. Adjust according to ceiling height: You may need specific down-rods to adjust for various ceiling heights to get the perfect fit. 
Ceiling fans must be installed at least 7 feet above the floor. Optimal placement would be either 8 or 9 feet from the floor for maximum comfort, circulation, safety and aesthetics.

A45-WH 2 sloped ceiling adaptor from Minka Aire

Sloped Ceiling Adapter from Minka Aire


4. Select blades with care: Fan blades determine the amount of air being circulated throughout the room. The fan blade brackets should be positioned to hold the blade at a 12-15 degree angle and be weighted and matched as a balanced set for the best air circulation and to avoid having your fan wobble. The greater the angle of the blade the more air circulation you will have in your room. Blades should be made with wood or acrylic and be sealed and treated to resist humidity.

F581-BG Gauguin tropical cf Minka

“Gauguin” tropical ceiling fan from Minka Aire


5. Know your motor: The heart of every ceiling fan is the motor. A good motor is designed for quiet operation while driving the blades for air movement. Look for motors with heavy-duty windings and sealed bearings that are permanently lubricated. The best motors are designed to work flawlessly for long periods of time and many include a lifetime warranty.

300215NI Kichler cf with AC induction motor

“Terna” ceiling fan from Kichler Lighting features an AC induction motor and limited lifetime warranty


6. Add a light: A light kit adds a decorative, as well as a functional feature to complement your decor. Whether your taste is for LED and minimalistic or traditional illumination with crystal and hand blown glass, there are a variety of options in fan light kit designs that may be added to a fitter or fixture shade or be custom-tailored to match your decor.

52085 Hunter fan with light kit

“Hatherton” ceiling fan with light kit from Hunter Fan Company


7. Check out the finish: A top quality finish will resist blistering, tarnishing, fading and corrosion. Lesser quality finishes may be start to peel, bubble and/or corrode quickly.  Look for Brass or Chrome finishes that are long lasting and scratch resistant; or choose custom-designed painted finishes that are rich and durable.

54-471-5fb-250 Zephyr from Savoy House

“Zephyr” from Savoy House features fan blades in a Mercury Black finish


8. Ask about warranties: Purchase your fan from a reputable dealer and ask for specific warranty information for every item.  Some fan manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties and in-home service.

300163NI Frey from Kichler

“Frey” ceiling fan new from Kichler Lighting, includes limited lifetime warranty


9. Find installation tips: Installation can be so easy that with a few basic skills one person can install the product themselves. With step-by-step instructions your new fan can be up and working efficiently. For extra help ask your ALA (American Lighting Association)-member showroom representative how to get assistance for new ceiling fan installations.

59113 Caneel Bay from Casablanca

“Caneel Bay” from Casablanca Fan Company, known for stellar service and excellent installation instructions


10. Look for UL-listings and ENERGY STAR™-ratings: For the greatest energy-savings, opt for ENERGY STAR-rated fans;  For damp locations or outdoor areas, be sure your fan in UL-listed for damp, wet and/or outdoor use.

59050 Palermo from Hunter Energy Star rated


“Palermo” ENERGY STAR™-rated fan from Hunter Fan Company


Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or shop for unbeatable savings on all the best ceiling fans and light kits from top vendors, including Minka Aire, Fanimation, Hunter, Emerson, Casablanca and Kichler.


Professional lighting consultants are on-hand to help you find the perfect fan with everything you will need for easy installation and the best in comfort and performance.




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