Shoot the Breeze with Capitol and Say “Hello” to Summer!

Fun Facts:  Summer 2011 begins June 21st at 1:16 EDT with the “Summer Solstice” as the Sun reaches its northernmost point in the sky.  After this date, the days start getting shorter.  The word “Solstice” is a combination of two Latin words: “Sun” and “to stop,” for the Sun seems to stop in the sky during this moment, as the longest day of the year unfolds.

It is the longest day of the year, and with custom quality ceiling fans adorning your home environment, you won’t want the day to end!

Once you learn how install a top quality decorative ceiling fan in your master bedroom, home office or living room, you will be upgrading your home with energy-efficient elegance and creating a more enjoyable environment.  Even doing the laundry can be more satisfying when you know how to install a ceiling fan designed to deliver a lifetime of benefits, including hastening drying time for those “hang-to-dry” items!

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom for expert advice on ceiling fan design and installation. From tips on the correct ceiling fan direction for this time of year, to a ceiling fan size guide, our experts have the answers.  Be sure to take advantage of summer savings on decorative ceiling fans, innovative home lighting products and superb accessories.  Professional lighting consultants are on hand to help you learn how to install a ceiling fan, conceptualize and bring home unique ceiling fans and lighting designs to make any area of your home a favorite place to be.

Take a boost from Capitol and say “hello” to summer in style!  Capitol Lighting is offering the finest from Fanimation at promotional prices that can’t be beat. Especially, fun and fantastic….

  • The “Enigma,” a single blade ceiling fan with the power and style to cool and delight all year round. * Energy Star Rated
  • The handsome “Huxley” 5 blade ceiling fan in oil rubbed bronze or pewter for homes with higher than standard ceilings. *Energy Star Rated
  • Also, eye-catching and affordable is “Cumulos,” a modern pewter ceiling fan with built-in halogen downlights.
  • Provide a rousing finish with Fanimation’s fan ornaments, including the “Monkey” and “Parrot,” irresistible elements to add a bit of whimsy and bring sophisticated play to home environments from traditional to contemporary.

You and Your Home Deserve a Little Pick-Me-Up to Welcome the Summer Season.  Capitol Lighting is Here to Give it to You!! 

The best in ceiling fans, light kits and accessories are in store and ready to enliven your home environment.  Take advantage of promotional pricing on uniquely inventive creations from Fanimation.  Check out the latest “ENERGY STAR”, “Energy SMART” and  “Green” concepts for additional savings and benefits.

Fun Facts:  What is the difference between ENERGY STAR, Energy SMARTtm, and “Green” products?

Differentiating between Energy Savings and Eco-friendly Ratings:

  • Energy Star is a United States government program created in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the purpose of reducing energy consumption and green house gas emissions by power plants.  This voluntary labeling program has grown worldwide to include increasingly more consumer products. ENERGY STARtm ratings are given to products that meet a set a strict regulation standards for energy-efficiency and cost-savings.
    -“ENERGY STARtm qualified bulbs and fixtures produce about 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer. *
    -ENERGY STARtm ceiling fans with lights are about 50 percent more efficient than standard residential fan/light units, saving more than $170 in energy costs over the fan’s lifetime. *
    * What Is Energy Star?
  • Energy SMART tmrefers to items that use less energy and conserve natural resources as compared to similar products that serve the same purpose.  Energy Smart also refers to the ways in which we consume electricity that are less costly energy-wise and generally more efficient.

Capitol Lighting is on board with the latest in energy-efficient, eco-friendly designs.  It is increasingly easier to be green with lighting creations like these:

  • Fanimation’s “Levon” Energy Star rated 63-inch 8-blade ceiling fan in oil rubbed bronze with walnut blades.
  • Fanimation’s “Multimax” Energy Smart versatile ceiling fan with 2 lighting and 6 blade configuration options.
  • Fanimation’s “Tropical” ceiling fans from the “Palisades 220v” collection to provide cooling comfort over larger areas.
  • Fanimation’s designer fan accessory glass, including unique mosaic, tropical and hand-painted productions.

So for the coolest sales, tips on how to install a ceiling fan and ceiling fan size guides, visit the Capitol Lighting showroom nearest you or our expert Lighten Up articles and blogs for ceiling fan direction online.


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