8 Dining Room Chandeliers Perfect for Entertaining

With holidays on the horizon, there’s a lot to get in order. Besides buying presents and baking cookies, you want your house to be sparkling from top to bottom – or at least where your guests will gather. So, once you’ve wiped down the kitchen and cleaned every picture window, turn your attention to the dining room. Here, nothing can create eye-catching shine like a chandelier.

Dining room chandeliers define the room. They invite your loved ones to come and sit at the table, add warmth to an already spirited space, and can be great conversation starters. The key is finding the right one for your home.

How to Choose Dining Room Chandeliers

It doesn’t matter if you like the simplicity of wood or the shimmer of Swarovski crystals. There are a few basic principles to follow when choosing a chandelier for your dining room.

  • Your chandelier should fit the size of your room – Measure the length and width of your dining room in feet and add those two numbers together. Use that number in inches to help you decide the diameter of your chandelier.
  • Your chandelier should hang just right – Make sure the bottom of your dining room chandelier is at least 30 inches above the table. Any lower and it could interrupt sight lines or be a head hazard.
  • Your chandelier needs to be supplemented – A chandelier should not be the only light fixture in your dining room. Dining room chandeliers are meant to create ambiance, so make sure yours is supported by wall sconces or lamps with complementary finishes.

Other features you may want to consider include:

  • The type of light bulbs – LED bulbs are often concealed within the fixture design, but just about every socket on today’s light fixtures can be fitted with LED bulbs. LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours and consume only 20% of the energy of equivalent incandescent light bulbs.
  • The direction the light bulbs point – You want the light to shine up for a soft glow, and down for more purposeful lighting.
  • Whether the bulbs are dimmable –Make sure to use high quality LED bulbs that are dimmable. Be sure to use the appropriate lighting control, or dimmer, to allow you to adjust the brightness to set the right mood.

Now that you have a checklist of basic features to find, you’re ready to focus on style. After all, it’s imperative that your dining room chandelier harmonizes with your home’s personality. Whether your home is modern, contemporary, rustic or traditional, here are some pointers – and options – to guide your decision.

Modern Dining Room Chandeliers

Modern light fixtures are as dedicated to function as they are aesthetics. That’s why they have clean lines and refined simplicity. It’s not uncommon for a modern dining room chandelier to melt into the room’s color palette. The less space and attention they consume, the better.

A profile of modern chandeliers

  • Inspiration: functionality
  • Shape: simple squares, circles and rectangles
  • Color: neutral
  • Material: metal, glass and sometimes steel

Sea Gull Lighting’s Alturas Chandelier

1. The Alturas Chandelier

The Alturas by Sea Gull Lighting is as pure and simple as they come. The classic cylinder candles add just enough yellow light, while the intersecting globe shape keeps it light and airy. Choose the brushed nickel for a true modern chandelier.




Mitzi’s Coco Chandelier

2. The Coco Chandelier

For a fixture that’s more mid-century modern, meet the Mitzi Coco by Mitzi. Its opal glass shades are a reminder of 1960s glam. Your dining room is better suited by the aged brass-white finish if you have light wood furnishings.





Contemporary Dining Room Chandeliers

Contrary to modern design, contemporary styles welcome frills. In fact, contemporary dining room chandeliers push the design envelope with their innovative formations and unique use of materials. No matter what they’re made of, though, these fixtures scream to be seen.

A profile of contemporary chandeliers

  • Inspiration: art
  • Shape: geometric
  • Color: mostly neutral but sometimes bold
  • Material: hand-blown glass, chrome, gold

Quoizel’s Valla Chandelier

3. The Valla Chandelier

A traditional drum shape meets whimsical crystal flourishes to create an inspiring light fixture. The Valla chandelier by Quoizel was destined to make waves, especially in a moody dining room with a saturated wall color.




Savoy House’s Shelby Chandelier

4. The Shelby Chandelier

The Shelby by Savoy House is a unique two-tiered chandelier. Its geometric starburst design in a warm gold patina finish is what makes this a staple in any contemporary dining room. The curves are also a nice complement to a tray ceiling.



Rustic Dining Room Chandeliers

When shopping rustic dining room chandeliers, look for unfinished wood, wrought iron or a combination of the two. In rustic design, nature is the biggest source of inspiration with a hint of Americana. If the fixture oozes history, like an Edison-style light bulb or weathered wood frame, it’ll be the perfect complement to your rustic home.

A profile of rustic chandeliers

  • Inspiration: nature, the great outdoors
  • Shape: curvy
  • Color: earthy tones
  • Material: wood, wrought iron, and other muted metals

Visual Comfort’s Country Chandelier

5. The Country Chandelier

Though elegant in design, the Visual Comfort Country chandelier will fit right into your rustic dining room. The Belgian white finish makes it look like wood with years of wear and tear. Pair it with a hand-crafted walnut table and upholstered chairs.




Sea Gull Lighting’s Socorro Chandelier

6. The Socorro Chandelier

The Sea Gull Lighting Socorro chandelier features a quatrefoil frame that adds interest to a rustic dining room with a neutral color palette. Choose the traditionally rustic stardust finish with matte metal accents or the washed pine wood for a modern rustic style.




Traditional Dining Room Chandeliers

When you think traditional, think of layers and layers of details. In a traditional dining room, furniture is dressed in patterned upholstery, while wallpaper and wainscoting add dimension around the room. That means traditional dining room chandeliers must have equal texture and weight. They achieve this with tiers of lights and ornate designs.

A profile of traditional chandeliers

  • Inspiration: European elegance
  • Shape: round but tiered like a wedding cake
  • Color: clear or neutral
  • Material: glass (clear and frosted) with black, bronze and chrome metal

Visual Comfort’s Ruhlmann Chandelier

7. The Ruhlmann Chandelier

A classic candelabra gets updated with sleek arms that snake up and have a pointed edge. But that doesn’t mean the Ruhlmann isn’t a perfect fit for a traditional dining room. The two tiers of lights and off-white paper shades are true to form.




Shonbek’s Amytis Chandelier

8. The Amytis Chandelier

Even in a large dining room, the Schonbek Amytis chandelier is a stunning display. Layers of leaf-like details build on each other to form a one-of-a-kind light fixture. And, of course, you can’t forget the teardrop crystals that hang like icicles on a tree. Every traditional home deserves this kind of luxury.




Ready, Set, Light the Room

Usually, the kitchen is the heart of the home. But when you’re entertaining, the dining room takes center stage. So why not make sure this space is a shining example of your good taste? Just add a chandelier. This noteworthy light fixture comes in all shapes and styles, so you can complement your home’s unique genetics. Remember to shop with your chandelier checklist and these design tips to make sure you have everything you need to light the room and entertain the eye.

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