A Modern Masterpiece

Cooperman Residence 21

The homeowners envisioned a clean, modern design–cheerful, elegant and bright.  They wanted their residence to standout with a bold, energetic style that would be visually captivating and equally enjoyable for both entertaining and lounging. Interior Designer, Susan LaChance impeccably brings the homeowner’s vision to life with this stunning home.

Cooperman Residence 10

Cooperman Residence 01Featured: Corbett Lighting Tantrum Energy Smart Pendant 

The style is pure and rich with an imaginative mix of custom sculpted woodwork, vibrant artwork and substantial furnishings.  Each room is immaculately composed with a unique symmetry that captures our attention and instills a visual flow, leaving us completely riveted from beginning to end.

Cooperman Residence 13Featured: Tech Lighting Liza Grande Pendant

Lavish with pops of color and fresh textures, a serene ensemble generously unfolds to allow for an appreciation of the fine details in each piece.  The composition is awe-inspiring, yet extremely comfortable visually and functionally.

Cooperman Residence 16

Featured: Emerson Ceiling Fan

Cooperman Residence 15

Featured: Emerson Ceiling Fan

Cooperman Residence 07Featured: Captiol Lighting Custom Lighting

Cooperman Residence 08

Featured: Swarovski Verve Wall Scone

Cooperman Residence 12

Featured: Emerson Ceiling Fan

Ten-foot high walnut and glass entryway doors, a custom-designed floating dining room buffet and carved wood room divider are extraordinary standouts in this powerhouse. The ultra modern theme is strong throughout with an abundance of cool white hues and sleek geometric architecture balanced with a warm organic essence and perfect illumination.

Cooperman Residence 11Featured: Emerson Ceiling Fan

Cooperman Residence 17

Featured: Hudson Valley Waterloo Foyer Pendant

Cooperman Residence 03

Cooperman Residence 04

Cooperman Residence 05

The natural light streaming through abundant windows and doors combines brilliantly with both the furnishings and lighting design.

Cooperman Residence 20 Cooperman Residence 22 Cooperman Residence 23 Cooperman Residence 24

Interior Designer:

Susan Lachance

Lighting Professionals:

Dave Ake and Betty Bricks from Capitol Lighting Boca Raton  

Custom Home Builder:

Cudmore Builders


Colestock & Muir  Architects

Landscape Design:

KWD Landscape Architecture


Brantley Photography

2 Comments on A Modern Masterpiece

  1. Daniela Roversi
    May 10, 2016 at 1:46 pm (4 years ago)

    Hello Carmel,
    Thanks for letting us know. We’ve updated the blog to give you the proper credit. 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

  2. Carmel
    May 2, 2016 at 8:10 pm (4 years ago)

    Love the blog! Brantley Photography shot all of the images. Is it possible for you to add a credit and link for us?
    We will do the same for you on our blog.

    Thank you, Brantley Photography



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