Update your Home with Energy-Conserving Lighting

If light can cure brain disorders; just think of what it can do for your home!

Scientists are working on new treatments for brain disorders, such as severe Parkinson’s disease and major depression, and by using flashing light implanted into the brain to help neurons fire correctly and improve brain functioning.  Neuroscientists hope that this new technology, “Optogenetics” will provide relief to those suffering from some of the most debilitating brain diseases.  The Brain. Discover Magazine, Spring 2010.
Technology in lighting is rapidly advancing with innovative devices leading to medical breakthroughs, as well as state-of-the-art lighting products for home environments. With low voltage LED lighting for outdoors and indoor LED mini pendant lights for kitchens as well as a huge selection of “smart” outdoor lighting options, lighting your home today uses breakthrough technology!


This new technology is prompting homeowners and interior designers to become more energy conscious and environmental friendly.   Beautify and update your home while helping to use global resources more responsibly by investing in energy-conserving lighting products for outdoor lighting as well as indoor kitchen lights.


Visit Capitol Lighting to view the latest energy-conserving lighting styles and designs and upgrade your home environment.    View an extensive selection of energy efficient lighting options at one of our 8 Capitol Lighting showrooms and online at 1800Lighting.com.


Energy-conserving lighting solutions have never been this easy to find!  Cure your home of its energy waste and become part of the solution to meeting the growing need for our society to use electricity in a more energy efficient manner.



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