Capitol Lighting Sponsors the Silent Auction at Tastemaker’s of Delray Beach

I recently attended the Taste Makers at Mizner Park Silent Auction. Diane and Andrew of Kreiss Furniture of Boca Raton were kind enough to invite Capitol Lighting to participate for this very good cause. As a leader of the local business community, Capitol Lighting has always believed that charity begins at home. (If that was truly the case, this auction would have been held next to my couch, but I digress.) Capitol Lighting generously donated a beautiful Tiffany table lamp, accompanied by a spiffy poster. Since one of my duties at the auction was to pump up interest for our donation, I would make small talk with prospective bidders.

There were quite a few people interested in our Tiffany and to one gentleman in particular I said “This is such a beautiful lamp. It is all hand cut glass.” His reaction was “I know for a FACT that this lamp was made in China. “ Personally I didn’t feel that one statement was mutually exclusive of the other, but I did feel compelled to explain that they did have hands in China and that some of them had cut the glass for the Tiffany.

To be perfectly honest, I was kind of disappointed with the whole ‘Silent’ aspect of the auction. The only auctions I had ever witnessed were the usual type; a real fast talking guy taking bids from people in the audience that are touching the sides of their nose or holding up a ping pong paddle with a number on it. I was interested to see how this would be done silently. I was sort of expecting a mime with a gavel but no such luck. People wrote their bids down and whoever had the highest bid at the end was the winner. We raised money for a very worthwhile charity, The Children’s Home Society of Florida and we also showed that Capitol Lighting is not just looking for customers; we are also looking for partners. And I am happy to say that we have found one in Kreiss Furniture of Boca Raton.

Written by Dennis Gowen Business Development at Capitol Lighting



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