Guest Blogger Spotlight on… Joy Nan Rodia of Spaces Design Studio!

Capitol Lighting and are proud to introduce our second Guest Blogger and Lighting Expert, Joy Nan Rodia of Spaces Design Studio located in Madison, New Jersey. Joy Nan Rodia’s Blog focuses on task lighting tips, how to support creativity in the office using specific design elements and flexible lighting plans for the workspace.

Basics of A Welcoming Work Space
Office Lighting Tips: A stylish setup with flexible and versatile task lighting can bring just the right level of polish to a workspace, while keeping it warm and welcoming. A home office or any office lighting, in that case, does not have to be grand to be an inviting space you’d be proud of to show clients, but does have to be organized and stylish.
If your office is one that hosts the occasional client, keep in mind that light fixtures, furnishings and accessories always make a first impression. Welcome clients and guests into your home office and workspace with correctly proportioned overhead ceiling lights, stylish task lighting and proper work lighting to meet your business needs.
Whether you are in a professional office setting or working from a home office, it doesn’t mean you must confirm to traditional style and design rules.  Office and workspace lighting should make your office function better, helping you see and focus on specific work areas throughout your day.  Also, natural light and other light sources (uncontrollable artificial lighting –think, office hallway lights) must be taken into account when choosing office lighting.

Keep Your Office Tidy: You do not want an office that looks organized to visitors but requires you to jump up from your desk every time you need something. A separate area for entertaining clients even if it is a small space often makes a friendlier and more polished impression. Keep your office neat and tidy – Set up your workstation so that reference materials, files, printer and phone are situated close by. Being organized and neat can help signal creativity and professionalism that will be inviting to both guests, coworkers and clients. When you designate specific areas of your office for different tasks, you can better determine how to light those workspaces. Create an uncluttered impression and a space that feels open to creativity.

Open Your Workspace to Creativity: One way to open your workspace to creativity is by keeping large pieces to a minimum and choosing modular furnishings and pieces that serve more than one function. Furniture that is wall-mounted or pieces that stand on narrow legs can help make a space feel larger and more airy and open.
If you have frequent meetings, another option is a desk that quickly closes to conceal works-in-progress when clients are scheduled to arrive, providing a fresh, inviting desk or meeting table. Display personal collections and photos that will express creativity while making your office feel at home, comfortable and inviting. The key to an any offices’ versatility is the ability to move furnishing between the office space and the client area.

Flexible lighting plans: A flexible lighting plan is a must in your workspace. An organized workspace requires a flexible lighting plan. A hanging globe light or hanging pendant light fixture connected to a dimmer switch, creates a range of soft ambient light for the entire room. This Fredrick Ramond Globe Pendant Light (featured, right) is a great example of overhead lighting options for a workspace.

Gallery lights positioned on the wall above a desk, offer adjustable task lighting, without casting a glare on the computer screen. These modern, task lights by Access Lighting (below, left) can provide the perfect amount of task lighting your office needs.
Another solution to combat computer screen glare is with window shutters or plantation shutters. When choosing a color palette, select hues that inspire and invoke creativity while harmonizing and coordinating with the rest of your space.
Have Fun Decorating!
–Joy Nan Rodia

More about Joy Nan Rodia & Spaces Design Studio in Madison, New Jersey
Owner and Interior Designer, Joy Nan Rodia of Spaces Design Studio, has been practicing Interior design for over 17 years. A graduate of Parsons School of Design in NYC, Joy is passionate about interior design and creating functional and stunning interiors for all her residential and commercial clients. She also teaches the essential concepts of interior design and home staging through her many decorating and training courses at her design studio in Madison, NJ. Spaces Design Studio will be opening a second location in Delray Beach Florida, soon.
Joy Nan Rodia’s Interior Design services include color consultations, space planning, accessory, furniture and fabric selection, One Day Room Makeovers, home staging and decorating classes.  To contact Spaces Design Studio and Joy Nan Rodia via Email: or, visit there website:


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