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Everyone has a tailor they rely on, a hairstylist who understands them and a butcher who offers the best cuts of meat in town. It’s easy to get attached to particular people and businesses, especially when they treat you like family. But if you think that’s just a perk of patronizing local establishments, you haven’t heard of Hinkley lighting.

Though a global leader in indoor and outdoor lighting, Hinkley has the heart of a small business. Their commitment to family and home lighting runs deep – about 98 years deep. Since 1922, Hinkley has been a family-owned operation with a passion for making a house feel more like a home. Whether you’re looking for a crystal chandelier or a rustic wall lantern, Hinkley’s wide selection of fixtures are crafted to bring comfort, joy and personality to your space.

Get to know Hinkley lighting, and you’ll see exactly why they’re a business you can count on.

The Hinkley Lighting Difference

Their Legacy

At Hinkley, family comes first. This fourth-generation company was founded by Phil R. Hinkley in Cleveland, Ohio. He started the business as a small residential outdoor lantern company, but fell ill in the mid-1930s. Hinkley handed over his budding company to a man named Stanley Wiedemer, a traveling salesman from Kansas City. Stanley purchased the company when Hinkley passed away in 1937 and has kept it in the Wiedemer family ever since. Stanley’s grandson and great-grandchildren have played large roles in growing Hinkley into the indoor and outdoor lighting brand that it is today.

Their Mission

The Hinkley mission is “to provide consumers with exceptional lighting and ceiling fan products that are superior in design and quality.” They focus on craftsmanship, customer service and innovation. In fact, Hinkley continues to pursue new and exciting opportunities in home décor and lighting. As of February 2019, Hinkley acquired Regency Ceiling Fans as a way to expand their product offering.

They’ve also taken great strides in eco-friendly lighting, adding energy-saving features that help reduce carbon emissions and consumer waste. With Hinkley’s growing selection and improved innovation, it’s even easier to create a seamless, cohesive design throughout your home.

Their Service

Sincere customer service is another high priority for Hinkley lighting. Their dedicated team is always readily available to answer questions and provide support. Hinkley is committed to servicing all customer needs, regardless of your timeline or project size. In fact, Hinkley’s QuickShip assortment includes a variety of products that can be delivered fast and in large quantities, if needed.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, Hinkley lighting also offers a competitive warranty. They stand by their standards of quality so much so that all Hinkley lighting products are warranted for two years for defects in materials and workmanship. Select products, however, are warranted even longer. For instance, indoor LED lamps are guaranteed for three years and certain landscape lighting fixtures are warranted for a lifetime.

Their Design

Hinkley lighting designs for a number of different styles. Their products range from rustic chic to mid-century modern. But one thing you’ll see in every single piece is thoughtful design. Hinkley lighting pays close attention to detail, investing in quality materials and skillful craftsmanship. You can expect nothing but ultra-durable materials that hold up against corrosive outdoor elements (hence the lifetime warranty).

When it comes to shape and form, Hinkley designers stay on top of all the latest trends in fashion, art and architecture. You’ll see these unique inspirations in their hand-painted ceramic bowl pendants, light-bending crystal accents and hand-hammered steel arms.

Of course, creating the idea is only part of the design process. After each piece is dreamed up, it comes to life through careful construction. Hinkley has a rigorous quality control system, which involves examining and inspecting every fixture from start to finish.

Hinkley Indoor Lighting

Hinkley’s indoor lighting caters to comfort. These fixtures reflect what real households need and how real families live. That’s why Hinkley often offers multiple finishes and sizes for their designs. Whether you’re shopping for Hinkley bathroom lighting or a kitchen pendant, you’ll find the exact piece to fit your room’s design style.

Check out some of our favorite Hinkley indoor lighting picks below. We guarantee these will make a statement in your home.

Hinkley 8-light Alister Chandelier in bronze adds charm to rustic living room | Capitol Lighting

Alister – 32-Inch Chandelier

Traditional lighting doesn’t always mean ornate curves or dark finishes. In the Alister chandelier, you get 12 dainty arms, which only turn once to direct light straight up. It’s a classic candelabra shape, but it will stand out in your foyer or living room for its clean, lightweight feel and delicate glow.

The geometric Astrid Chandelier by Hinkley lights up a transitional-style living space | Capitol Lighting

Astrid – 28-Inch Chandelier

Hinkley’s quality craftsmanship shines in this robust geometric chandelier. The edges are cleanly welded together and the lines are perfectly straight. This two-toned fixture fits beautifully in a modern home. But, it might make an even bigger impression in a rustic farmhouse, where the chic bronze core will warm the space.

The Beaumont chandelier’s traditional shape and modern accents pair with this eclectic living space | Capitol Lighting

Beaumont – Dining Room Chandelier

At first glance, the Beaumont seems like a traditional light fixture. The white linen shades and dark black finish would give it away, but then you realize the arms are straight as a board. Look even closer, and you’ll see the metal is hand-hammered to give it a rustic charm that invites people to the dining table.  

The four-light, bubble glass Daphne vanity fixture looks sleek over a contemporary bathroom sink | Capitol Lighting

Daphne – Bath Vanity Lighting

It can be hard to find the right piece of art for your bathroom. But with the Daphne mounted above your vanity, you won’t need any additional wall hangings. It is both a functional four-light fixture and an outstanding sculptural accent. The bubble glass is textured to mimic water droplets on a window pane, which adds a spa-like Zen to your me-time retreat.

This white kitchen with a coastal blue island is complemented by two Nash mini pendants | Capitol Lighting

Nash – Kitchen Mini Pendant

Between the jute rope and seashell-white ceramic shade, it’s obvious the Nash mini pendant was inspired by coastal design elements. If you really want to shore up the nautical theme, though, choose the heirloom brass finish with navy stripe. For something more classic, go with the grey. In either case, make sure you factor in scale. This mini-pendant works well in multiples across your kitchen island or stands out on its own, hanging above the sink.

Hinkley Outdoor Lighting

Since its first days as a lantern company, Hinkley has upheld its commitment to outdoor lighting. Of course, they still have the small, residential lanterns that put Hinkley lighting on the map. But they’ve upgraded the classic fixture with modern features and 20th-century technology. Between their hanging lanterns and LED sconces, Hinkley offers hundreds of options for your outdoor walls and landscaping.

This weathered Porter outdoor wall light adds charm to a home's front entryway | Capitol Lighting

Porter – Outdoor Wall Light

With the Porter wall light, Hinkley’s design team has managed to turn a standard rectangular lantern into a chic, eye-catching outdoor accessory. The chunky oversized ring and subtle rivet details are only half the story. The rest can be interpreted by what looks like years of weathering in the aged zinc finish. Everything about this fixture says “I’m home.”

The square, seeded-glass Rhodes hanging lantern stands out on a back patio with landscaping | Capitol Lighting

Rhodes – Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Sometimes, that creative spark is inside the box. At least, that’s the case with the perfectly square Rhodes hanging lantern. Don’t be fooled by its simple shape. The open cube is artful and interesting, especially when you see how well the seeded glass candlesticks pair with the rich bronze finish. It’s a warm, engaging fixture that deserves to greet guests in your foyer or on your outside patio.

Count on Craftsmanship

You can add personality to a space using artwork, accent pillows and other home décor accessories. But nothing will make a statement like a Hinkley light fixture. Their indoor and outdoor lighting designs have an impeccable sense of panache, which instantly changes the mood of your home. Their pieces are not only sleek and on-trend, but they maintain the integrity of a real artisan at work. In other words, there’s no doubting you can rely on Hinkley lighting products – just like you do family.

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