5 Outdoor Lighting Placement Tips for Your Yard

Hinkley Lighting 16007 Hardy Island 7 Inch Pathway Light

You’ve invested (a lot) in a scenic landscape that accentuates the beauty of your home, but are you able to enjoy that scenery both day and night? By utilizing a few simple tips for outdoor lighting placement, you can experience the nighttime exterior of your home in a whole new light.

Top 5 Outdoor Lighting Placement Secrets From The Pros

  • 1. Avoid These Common Issues with Outdoor Lighting 

Your home’s exterior should look as inviting as your interior. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can achieve greatness in your landscape with the use of lighting.

Poor Planning – Thinking ahead and looking at the “big picture” are the key to outdoor lighting placement that creates ambiance, adds security and ensures energy efficiency.  

Overdoing It – Bigger is sometimes better, but usually not when it comes to outdoor lighting placement. From light fixtures with wattages that are too high or lighting fixtures that are too close together, too much light can be unsightly.

Wrong Fixture Sizes – Choosing exterior lighting fixtures that are too large or too small as related to your landscape can create an eyesore. Your lighting fixtures should blend seamlessly within your outdoor lighting placement schematic.

  • 2. Answers To Common Height of Lighting Fixture Placement Conundrums 

The height of your lighting fixture is a quintessential factor in your outdoor lighting placement planning. Of course, the height rules of thumb will vary greatly based the type of lighting fixture, the place in your landscape and your unique tastes, but here are a few tips to help you get started.

Exterior Sconce Mounting Height – Your exterior wall sconce height typically should be measured 66-72 inches from the ground and centered.

Exterior Garage Light Height – Exterior garage lighting should typically be centered and approximately six inches above the door.

Exterior Door Light Height – Similar to the placement of your exterior sconce, exterior door lights are at an optimal height at 66-72 inches from the ground.

  • 3. Preventing Light Pollution 

Light pollution causes a multitude of problems such as energy inefficiency, wildlife interference as well as emission of greenhouse gases. Simple outdoor lighting placement adjustments can help avoid light pollution, such as considering motion-sensor lighting options, using exterior lighting options that point downward, installing glare-free light bulbs whenever possible and turning exterior lights off during the daylight hours.

  • 4. Common Techniques in Outdoor Lighting 

Every home is different, of course, but by understanding some common and extremely effective outdoor lighting techniques, you’ll be able to cherry pick the ones that will work for your home’s exterior and achieve your goals.

Path Lighting – Creating the ultimate invitation to your guests as they arrive at your humble abode with subtle yet impressive path lighting. Illuminate the path to your front door, your pool or any of the best spots in your yard with many options of path lighting.

In need of path lighting ideas? Check out this option – Hinkley Lighting 15601 Atlantis 3 Inch Bollard.

Hinkley Atlantis | Capitol Lighting
Deck Lighting Decks are often the most enjoyable places of your home’s exterior. Extend the daytime fun experienced on your deck into the night with the use of strategically thought out deck lighting. Deck lights can be placed near steps, railing and added to deck benches, adding accent and providing nighttime visibility.

Ready to light up your deck? Many great options abound – Hinkley Lighting 1546 5 Inch Deck Light.

Hinkley Lighting Deck Light | Capitol Lighting

Outdoor Spot Lighting – Add drama to your yard with outdoor spot lighting carefully placed to call attention to the most stunning areas of your yard, whether that be a favorite tree, hardscape or special place in your landscape. Be sure to use non-glare bulbs and avoid up-lighting that shines on your neighbors’ windows.

Looking for inspiration? Check out the Kichler C-Series Energy Smart Outdoor Spot Light. 

Kichler C-Series Energy Smart Outdoor Spot Light | Capitol Lighting

  • 5. Start by Sketching Out Your Layout Ideas 

Now that you have a good range of outdoor lighting placement basics under your belt, it’s time to get started. Even if your drawing skills are rudimentary, you can surely sketch out a layout of your yard and begin to layout your ideas, keeping these best practices for landscaping lighting placement in mind.

Your enjoyment of your home’s exterior doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. With the help of smart outdoor lighting placement, you’ll add elements of flair, safety and security and, you may even add value to your home.

– The Capitol Lighting Team

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