Make your Office Lighting Work for You

Make your Office Lighting Work for You

Find the right lights to get the job done

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, telecommuting is on the rise with more than 23 percent of employees working remotely. That number is likely to continue trending upwards as more and more millennials look for jobs that allow them the flexibility to work from home.

Working from home is a great option for increasing productivity and lowering stress. In order to maximize the experience, it’s important to create a work environment that’s both functional and comfortable.

All work and no play

When designing your office space, good lighting is just as important as choosing the right desk or chair. Much like the wrong chair can cause posture problems and neck pain, the wrong lighting can cause headaches and other visual discomfort. The right desk lamp can help alleviate eyestrain and improve your productivity.

One of the best attributes of a desk or table lamp is that its angle can be changed to vary the illumination according to task. You can also use a variety of bulbs at different levels of brightness or add a timer or dimmer to adjust the light to meet your needs. Kovacs P210 George’s Reading Room Desk Lamp is a great example and has a transitional look sure to complement any office.

In a corporate office environment everyone has to rely on the same lighting scheme, but research shows that people over the age of 45 require more task lighting than younger coworkers, and the type of work you do can dictate the type of lighting you require. When creating a home office you can customize the lighting so it best fits your needs.

Floor lamps like the Adesso Espresso 56 Inch High Floor Lamp can help balance your design scheme, while providing additional ambient illumination. Portable lamps equipped with full spectrum bulbs provide a quality of light close to that of actual sunshine. This is especially essential in winter months or in windowless offices where access to natural light is limited.

Work hard play hard

Beyond providing the right type of lighting for your work space, your chosen fixtures can provide an element of decor to make your office space welcoming and visually enjoyable to spend your days.

If you are looking for a decorative element for a side table or desk, consider an accent lamp. The Kenroy Home Mackinley Desk Lamp is a colonial style with an ornate candle stick profile and antique finish. This piece adds sophistication to any office space.

Capitol Lighting carries an extensive collection of desk lamps in varying sizes and finishes with cutting-edge technology. The Robert Abbey Latitude Table Lamp is available in brass finish with Oyster Grey silk shade. Their timeless designs are executed with uncompromising and unwavering attention to detail for unmatched elegance and illumination.

One of the best ways to ensure the right lighting for your office is to vary the lighting options to account for the task at hand. Capitol Lighting can help you select an appropriate lighting solution for each section of your work space.

PRO TIP: You can avoid creating distracting glares and shadows by carefully considering and planning the placement of your office lighting both natural and artificial.

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