How To’s and Advice: Tips for the Best Bath Vanity Lights

Bathroom design has come into its own, and lighting is a vital part of it. With so many options to choose from, this important room is finally getting the lighting it deserves. Like all rooms, the bathroom benefits from a layered lighting design that includes ambient, accent, and task lighting. Most bathrooms have ceiling lights and vanity lights, depending on their size. However, in smaller bathrooms, vanity lighting may have to work as general lighting, task lighting, and a beautiful design element. Beyond these considerations, placement and style preference are the key considerations when choosing vanity lights for the bathroom.

Are LED Lights Good for Bathrooms?

LED lighting offers high-quality illumination, emits little heat, is energy efficient, and best of all, there are no light bulbs to be changed. Our LED bathroom fixtures include a wide selection of styles and color temperature options that are perfect for creating just the right ambience and lumen output in any size bathroom. Because so many tasks are performed in the bathroom, getting the lighting right is essential, and integrated LED vanity lights will bring a bright, clean light into the space. Install a dimmer to take maximum advantage of the wide range of light that LED fixtures offer.

Getting Bath & Vanity Lighting Right

To get the bath and vanity lighting right, the first thing to consider is the color temperature of the lighting. For the vanity where task lighting is needed, a white color temperature will work best. For other areas, such as over or near the bathtub or shower, a warmer light will soften the space with a gentle glow.

The next consideration is how many lights and their layout. For a vanity with a single sink, two lights on each side will ensure that the space has even illumination. For wider or doubles sink vanities, there should be plenty of room for more than one fixture. Depending on the length, you can add two, three, or even four vanity lights.


Ian K. Fowler Bistro 32 Inch Wall Sconce by Visual Comfort and Co.

This spacious bathroom can easily handle four Ian K. Fowler Bistro 32 Inch Wall Sconce by Visual Comfort and Co. The light, airy design gives the room a modern edge. The hand-rubbed antique brass finish brings warmth to a color palette that could easily become stark. The semi-opaque shade gently diffuses light, allowing it to reach your face rather than reflecting off the surfaces in the room.


Barkley 23 Inch LED Wall Sconce by Hudson Valley Lighting

For limited wall space or challenging architecture, try mounting sconces directly on the surface of the mirror. Three Barkley 23 Inch LED Wall Sconces by Hudson Valley Lighting provide plenty of soft illumination for self-care rituals in this stunning bathroom. Alabaster glass shades counter any unwelcome shadowplay.

Types of Vanity Light Fixtures

The right bathroom light fixtures can elevate the design and add practical task lighting at the same time. At first glance, choosing vanity bathroom lighting may seem like an easy task. But when faced with all the unique vanity lights for the bathroom, it quickly gets more complicated. Pendants, sconces, and bar vanity lights all have a place in bathroom lighting design. Each type has its benefits, so consider both function and style to make sure you enjoy the result.

Acacia 28 Inch 4 Light Bath Vanity Light by Quoizel

Traditional bar lights, perhaps one of the most well-known types of vanity lighting, work well when there isn’t a lot of wall around the mirror. A new take on this traditional style, the Acacia 28 Inch 4 Light Bath Vanity Light by Quoizel features dappled clear glass shades that evoke a sense of serene movement. The light has a slight downward cast to ensure plenty of light for grooming and other tasks.

Axel 22 Inch 3 Light Bath Vanity Light by Quoizel

Another way to use bar lights is over a wide vanity. In this room with little space alongside the mirror, a pair of Axel 22 Inch 3 Light Bath Vanity Lights by Quoizel save the day. They offer plenty of light, regardless of where you stand, and enhance the natural light. Their simple silhouette and industrial style elevate the bathroom design, giving it a spa-like look and feel. There is a wide variety of Quoizel bath vanity lights to choose from, including single bar lights and ones with two, three, or four lights to accommodate any size bathroom.


Visual Comfort and Co. Kelly Wearstler Precision 10 Inch Mini Pendant

The beauty of pendant lights is that they can be both functional and dramatic, even in a small space. If hung low enough, as this pair of Visual Comfort and Co. Kelly Wearstler Precision 10 Inch Mini Pendants are, they can function in the same way a pair of sconces would. The pendants set against the stunning gray tile demonstrate how to experiment with a unique look that makes a dramatic statement.


Lana 17 Inch Wall Sconce by Currey and Company

These gorgeous and feminine beaded Lana 17 Inch Wall Sconces by Currey and Company bring a mix of old-world style and glam to this bathroom. The style and shape reference a chandelier, perfectly highlighting the beautiful bathroom mirror. These sconces can be hardwired or plugged in, making them a versatile lighting option.

How to Find the Best Bathroom Vanity Lighting

The process of finding the best lighting for your bathroom can be both exciting and exasperating. The good news is that vanity lighting has evolved from simply functional to a stunning design element. That also means there are more options than ever. Capitol Lighting can make the process easier. Our lighting specialists at our local lighting showrooms can help you find bathroom lighting with the perfect balance of beauty and function.


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