Are Pendant Lights Going Out of Style in 2022?

Are pendant lights going out of style? With all the many shapes and styles now available, the chances of this happening can be described as slim to none. Learn more about this trend that is here to stay and its impact on design.

Absolutely Not!

They say nothing stays in style forever. However, pendant lights might be an exception. In spaces where a hanging light is the best option, pendant lighting offers a stylish and, in some instances, more casual option. The many styles of pendant lighting give you plenty of choices when selecting lighting for all the areas in a home. And increasingly, they are used in unconventional places, such as over bedside tables and vanity lights in bathrooms.

Although a specific style, shape, or design may go out of style, pendant lights as a whole will not. And we all know that, when it comes to lighting design, what was once out of style often returns in new and reimagined ways. For these reasons, pendant lights will likely hang around for quite a while. Rather than going out of style, trendy pendant lighting fixtures are growing in popularity.


Holden 35 Inch Large Pendant by Troy Lighting

The light, bright vibe in this living room is echoed in the Holden 35 Inch Large Pendant by Troy Lighting hung far above. The high vaulted ceilings are the perfect backdrop for this oversized pendant. The woven dome features bronze and espresso finishes and an eye-catching curved silhouette that adds dimension to this living room.

What Are Pendant-Style Lights?

A pendant is a single light fixture that hangs from the ceiling, usually suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. Pendants are often hung singly or in twos and threes over kitchen counters, islands, dining room tables, and entryways. Increasingly, they are used in bathroom and bedroom design. This type of lighting comes in various sizes, shapes, and materials, making it versatile and adaptable to many spaces.

Although many people think of pendants and chandeliers as the same type of lighting, there are some clear differences. Pendants differ from chandeliers in the way they are suspended and the number of bulbs they have. Pendants generally have just one light, while a chandelier hangs in a branched system with many bulbs. They are available in many styles, including mini pendants and multi-pendant configurations.

@kathrynlillyinteriors, photography by @heather_ison

Regina Andrew French Maid 16 Inch Large Pendant

Black and white color schemes never go out of style, and neither will the Regina Andrew French Maid 16 Inch Large Pendants lining this stunning hallway. The blackened natural brass cone is trimmed in natural brass, warming up the space.

The Best Places to Use Pendant Lights in the Home

Pendants offer some of the most versatile lighting available. They can brighten up the kitchen, illuminate the bathroom, and add ambiance to the bedroom. They’ve always been popular as task lighting, but now they are used anywhere a chandelier can be used, such as in the dining room, living room, or entryway.

@jenniferkizzeedesign, photography by @giseleparraphotography

Coltrane 10 Inch Mini Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting

The kitchen is one of the most popular places for pendant lighting, especially over the island. Updated with a classic diamond shape, these Coltrane 10 Inch Mini Pendants by Hudson Valley Lighting add an air of casual sophistication to this kitchen. These mini pendant lights are the ideal fit for this kitchen.

@maromainteriors, photography by @mikeradfordphoto

Visual Comfort and Co. Aerin Agnes 21 Inch Large Pendant

These larger, oversized Visual Comfort and Co. Aerin Agnes 21 Inch Large Pendants highlight the contemporary look of this kitchen. The gilded finish offers chic illumination in keeping with the current style.


Nolan 22 Inch Large Pendant by Arteriors Home

For casual yet stunning lighting over the dining table, a pair of Nolan 22 Inch Large Pendants by Arteriors Home are the perfect pick. These oversized, mid-century-inspired brass and metal pendants bring an inviting glow to the edgy style of this dining room.

Pendant Lighting Alternatives for Your Home

But it doesn’t stop there. Pendants are often used in bathrooms and bedrooms in fresh, new ways. They are a great choice when space is scarce, but high-impact lighting design is needed. When looking to level up the lighting design of a room, using pendants in alternative placements is the way to go.


Kyla 9 Inch Mini Pendant by Mitzi

In this stunning bathroom, blue tiles, gorgeous, popping artwork, and the versatile Kyla 9 Inch Mini Pendant by Mitzi gives the space a fresh, luminous feel. The simple lines and low-key sophistication create a harmonious design.

@goldlustliving, photography by @redfieldphoto

Capri 6 Inch Mini Pendant by ELK Lighting

Pendants are a great way to take bedside lighting to new heights. They help unclutter the bedside table and add instant personality to a room. The Capri 6 Inch Mini Pendant by ELK Lighting is a work of art that looks equally brilliant, whether lit or unlit. Made from Capiz shells, it showcases natural beauty that fits any décor.

@ksneeddesign, photography by @allisonelefantephoto

Swami 32 Inch Large Pendant by Arteriors Home

A spacious bathroom can take an oversized pendant. This master bath gets tons of natural light enhanced even more by the soft illumination of the Swami 32 Inch Large Pendant by Arteriors Home suspended over the bathtub. Made with traditional construction techniques, the bell shape and ombre finish gives it a contemporary flair that adds plenty of character.


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