Back to School Lighting

Visual Comfort TOB3190 Thomas O'Brien Carlo 21 Inch High Desk Lamp

Visual Comfort TOB3190 Thomas O’Brien Carlo 21 Inch High Desk Lamp


Gear up for a stellar school year with the right lighting.

Focus, self-motivation and a positive attitude are three of the most important traits of successful students. You can foster those qualities at home by providing your children with the right homework station. It should be an inviting place that helps streamline study time while promoting deep learning. The right quality and amount of lighting motivates your budding scholars toward greater productivity and concentration. Browse for a plethora of A+ lighting options.


Visual Comfort TOB3027 Thomas O'Brien Miro 32 Inch High Table Lamp

Visual Comfort TOB3027 Thomas O’Brien Miro 32 Inch High Table Lamp


Academic Success Begins at the Desk

Desk lighting should adjust according to the task at hand, whether that is filling in an arithmetic worksheet or reading about the Civil War. Our line of adjustable study lamps by Lite Source is a great place to start when you need concentrated light because it includes an extensive range of materials, designs and prices. You may prefer a basic non-breakable lamp for your second-grader while your high school sophomore may ask for something a bit more high-tech.





EGLO Lighting 94677A Snapora 19 Inch High Desk Lamp

EGLO Lighting 94677A Snapora 19 Inch High Desk Lamp


A Cool, Concentrated Focus

Focused light should be neither too dull nor too bright. Consider an LED lamp from Kovacs or EGLO Lighting for crisp illumination that burns longer, more efficiently and far cooler than traditional bulbs. Your children can adjust the lamp without burning their fingers, and you can save on your utility bill. Also, you need more than just desk lighting to inspire a child at any level to sit down and study. Therefore, make sure you have other types of lighting in the room that help maintain a warm, comforting atmosphere while homework is going on there.





EGLO Lighting 94674A Dambera 15 Inch High Desk Lamp

EGLO Lighting 94674A Dambera 15 Inch High Desk Lamp


In-Depth Study with Layered Lighting

Home office lighting by the layer is not only more welcoming but also a great decorating strategy. For example, consider replacing your plain office lighting fixture with simple statement pendant from Visual Comfort or Elk Lighting. For dark corners, choose a cool, contemporary rail-mounted design from Tech Lighting or tracks with energy-smart heads from WAC Lighting. If your children study elsewhere, like your dining room or kitchen, supplement the existing fixtures accordingly. For example, beef up your dining room lighting with an adjustable floor lamp from Koncept or Adesso that will also look pretty during dinner parties.



Give your kids a head start this year by making lighting a priority on your back-to-school shopping list. You will find the fixtures you need at to gear up your students for a stellar school year.


Pro Tip: Because not all homework happens after dark, position your child’s desk near a window to access the energizing power of natural light.



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