The Best Bedside Reading Lamps That Add Ambience

Bedroom lighting is all about creating an atmosphere that induces relaxation and calms the mind before sleep. A well-lit bedroom needs multiple layers of light that combine decorative, ambient, and task lighting. Whether adding a little décor or improving functionality, a bedside reading lamp can bring all three to the table.

When surfing the internet on your tablet, reading a book, or watching TV, bedside reading lamps provide just the right amount of illumination. Taking into consideration the lighting requirements will help you choose the best bedside reading lamps. Bedroom design and lighting needs are two important factors to think about.

If space is limited, a wall-mounted swingarm lamp can provide illumination for reading at night or just a little ambience. Perfect for bedrooms that feature minimalist or industrial styles, they can help keep the bedside table less cluttered.

George’s Reading Room LED Wall Swing Lamp by Kovacs

The mid-century modern aesthetic of the George’s Reading Room LED Wall Swing Lamp by Kovacs stands out. Available in brushed nickel, copper bronze patina, and honey gold, it is as versatile as it is stunning in any design. The light’s position is adjustable at the head and the swingarm. Its brightness can be controlled with the touch dimmer on the wall plate.

Original 1227 Mini 7 Inch Desk Lamp by Anglepoise

Less can be more when it comes to bedside lighting, especially in small bedrooms. That makes the Original 1227 Mini 7 Inch Desk Lamp by Anglepoise a good choice for minimalist designs and smaller areas. This fun and funky bedside lamp echoes this bedroom’s minimalist vibes with an industrial flair. The classic shade is instantly noticeable, and the new pyramid-shaped base and practical integral switch express the Anglepoise spirit.

FAQs About Reading Lights for Bed

Most beside lamps are multi-purpose, so keep this in mind. Think about what the lighting will be used for — reading, watching TV, ambiance, or aesthetics – and use that as a guide. You may need features such as a dimmer, wireless charger, and a touch sensor.

What to look for in a bedside reading light?

Look for one with the right dimensions and light intensity for the bedroom. And lastly, choose one that goes with the style of the bedroom.

How big should a bedside reading light be?

The size of bedside lamps should match the size of the bed, headboard, and bedside table. They can be taller or shorter as long as they are in proportion with the furniture and don’t get lost in the room.

Can bedside reading lamps be taller than the bed?

Look for balance here. Neither the bedside reading lamp nor the bed or headboard should overwhelm each other. And keep in mind practicality — the lamp should provide light for reading and be easy to turn on and off.

Mix and Match Reading Lamps? Or Keep Them Identical?

Although traditional designs use identical bedside lamps, some designers like to spice things up by playing with different lamps that go together. This can create a dynamic note in the design while still being balanced and cohesive. Choose lamps that are about the same size and same style. The lamps can have different shapes and you can pull them together using similar finishes or shades. The key is to make them different enough to be interesting but similar enough to be intentional in the design.

Types of Bedside Lamps for Reading

Wall-mounted, task or office desk style, ceramic, metallic, and even floor lamps can be used for bedside reading. Although great for reading, floor lamps can be tricky since bedrooms often have lower ceilings. No matter the type, a lamp that is too tall or too big could dominate and disrupt the bedside. If space is not an issue, a gorgeous floor lamp or pair of bedside lamps can make a beautiful statement.

It is key to take ambience and practicality into consideration for bedroom lighting. Although you may take them for granted, these lights are used every day and are often the most noticeable accessories in the bedroom.

Nova 23 Inch Desk Lamp by Robert Abbey

Lights that emphasize the bed as the focal point are a must. This pair of Nova 23 Inch Desk Lamps by Robert Abbey make a stunning statement without overwhelming the bedroom. The white cased glass shade throws soft diffused light throughout the space while offering focused illumination right where it is needed. The modern brass finish and deep green wall pair well together.


Kelly Wearstler Armato 28 Inch Table Lamp by Visual Comfort and Co.

Make a statement with oversized lamps such as the Kelly Wearstler Armato 28 Inch Table Lamp by Visual Comfort and Co. In this gorgeous bedroom, the decorative bedside lamp adds a gentle glow as it washes soft light across the beautiful wallpaper. Like all Visual Comfort and Co. Lamps, it adds a refined sensibility to this bedroom.


Embossed Vessel 33 Inch Table Lamp by Regina Andrew

The tall, elongated neck of the Embossed Vessel 33 Inch Table Lamp by Regina Andrew echoes the height of the headboard while the textured crystal base provides sophisticated chic. The natural linen shade creates a contemporary vibe.


Chapman & Myers Abaco 24 Inch Table Lamp by Generation Lighting

The simple lines of the Chapman & Myers Abaco 24 Inch Table Lamp by Generation Lighting bring casual elegance to this bedroom. The white shade and coal finish on the base echo the color palette. It brings dramatic flair to the space without overpowering the design.


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