Brilliant Home Décor Ideas to Watch Out for This Year

Design trends are often based on what society needs at the moment, and right now, the trend for cozy, comfortable spaces is still going strong. Freshening up your home with trending room décor is a great way to give it a new look and make it a cozy escape from the world.

Expect to see subtle palettes, curved furniture, and soft textiles paired with indulgences such as decked-out dining rooms and next-level entertaining areas. Although considered trendy home décor now, expect some of these design elements to be around for a while.

Embrace the Rug Renaissance

Although they look good and are easy to maintain, bare floors often leave something to be desired. Rugs add color and texture as well as a layer of softness under your feet. They feel great, whether you are wearing shoes, slippers, or bare feet. A statement rug completes your interior décor with style.

Bellamy Area Rug by Loloi Rugs

The soft earth tones of this Bellamy Area Rug by Loloi Rugs help create a welcoming and relaxing space. Hand-loomed of viscose, wool, and culpro, this stunning area rug enhance this dynamic living room with its soft textural design, the subtle dappling of tonal colors, and an illusion of movement with contrasting stripes.


Kendall Shag Area Rug by Loloi Rugs

There’s so much to say about this sweet little girl’s room that it’s hard to know where to begin. The Kendall Shag Area Rug by Loloi Rugs sets the stage with multicolor yarn and intriguing texture. It adds incredible softness underfoot, embodying the year’s overarching theme of cozy comfort.

But there’s no doubt that the Martyn Lawrence Bullard Milan 4 Light Flush Mount by Corbett Lighting is the star of the show. Hand-blown Venetian glass butterflies flutter around the gilded metal frame and tie in perfectly with the pair of Monarch 27 Inch Table Lamp by Regina Andrew, featuring two clear glass butterflies and a gold leaf finish on the frame. The Butler Loft End Tables by Butler Specialty Company complete the look.

Why Everyone Is Buying Mirrors Right Now

Homeowners are gravitating toward home décor pieces that have richness and history. Even homes featuring modern design benefit from a few traditional touches. Add to that the current trend for light and airy spaces, and it’s no wonder decorative mirrors are becoming even more popular. Everyone needs a mirror somewhere in their home, from the traditional bathroom or bedroom placement by the front door or over a buffet.

Regina Andrew Mirrors

With interesting shapes or beautiful frames and detailing, Regina Andrew Mirrors are pieces of art and should be treated as such. When hung over a mantelpiece in an art niche, they make excellent focal pieces. In addition to the practical use of mirrors in bathrooms, bedrooms, and by the front door, mirrors serve another purpose in the design plan – they beautifully bounce light around a room. They can even make the darkest nooks and corners lighter and make rooms feel more spacious.


Uttermost Balkan Golden Square Mirror

This dining room demonstrates how home décor trends can work together, from the softly upholstered chairs to the Uttermost Balkan Golden Square Mirror that bounces light from the Aerin Sanger 29 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co. throughout the space. The angles in the mirror complement the angles in the chairs, while the soft upholstery warms and soft illumination warms the room’s décor.

Swoop Wall Mirror by Currey and Company

The Swoop Wall Mirror by Currey and Company, complementing the curated collection of coordinating pieces in the Arrow collection by Curry and Co, puts a modern spin on the traditional floor mirror. Its strong graphic shape comes alive with the contrast between cool expanses of mirror and the black metal graphic element. The arrow on the credenza is an update on the traditional chevron pattern found in French parquets.

This juxtaposition of the pale natural state and caviar black finish is echoed in the other pieces in the collection, giving them a classic yet modern feel. It provides a strong graphic thread that ties all the elements of a room together. Each piece is stunning and, when used together, offers a bold look for modern interiors. The two-tone palette offers definition and interest without overcomplicating the look.

Putting It All Together

When a room’s décor comes together, it’s a beautiful thing. In this master bedroom, the warm glow of the stunning Currey and Company Grand Lotus Mini Chandelier is reflected throughout the room by the Candice Mirror by Regina Andrew with inviting appeal. The black finish on the lighting connects with the Verona End Table by Currey and Company, while the black and gold frame of the Visby Muslin Bench by Currey and Company ties the look together. The touches elevate the neutral, monochromatic colorway from good to gorgeous.

How Wall Décor Can Refresh a Space

Simply changing the wall décor can refresh the mood of a room, making it feel warmer and more welcoming. If a home looks dull and outdated, adding wall decor and framed art is a quick way to liven it up. There are many ideas you can try, from decorative mirrors to framed prints to abstract pieces that are sculptural.

Alternative Wall Art by Stylecraft

A bold accent for any modern home, the minimalist elements and strong lines of the Alternative Wall Art by Stylecraft provide plenty of visual impact. The set of two panes features a rectangular outer frame that displays a series of overlapping rod accents. Ready to hang, it brings instant wow to contemporary rooms.


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