Chic Outdoor Lighting for Summer Vibes

There’s something enchanting about spending summer nights outdoors with your loved ones and friends. When you have a comfortable retreat where you can enjoy sunsets and warm breezes, it can be easy to pass the hours chatting, enjoying refreshments, or just relaxing outside when the weather is nice. To set a compelling mood, incorporate lighting into your design that sheds a welcoming glow over your outdoor sanctuary. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the best outdoor lights for summer and discuss how to style your patio, porch, or entertainment area to create an ambiance that will keep the good vibes going all night long.

The Magic of Chic Summer Outdoor Lighting 

Many of us look forward to summer each year because of the beautiful, bright weather and laid-back nature of the season. Whether lounging outside with family and friends or unwinding on your own, you’ll want versatile lighting to accommodate a variety of activities. Decorating these spaces with different types of fixtures helps create a unique atmosphere that highlights the various design features and natural elements of your porch or patio.

No other source of lighting emanates exuberance quite like a chandelier, and this Reid Outdoor Hanging Lantern by Hinkley is a great example of how an elegant, yet rustic fixture can provide functionality while also showcasing ornamental flair. With a transitional style characterized by its geometric shape and brushed graphite finish, this modern outdoor chandelier perfectly complements the patio furniture and adds to the surrounding artistic décor.

Stylish Ways to Illuminate Any Outdoor Dining Area 

Many outdoor entertaining areas are unique to the home, so adorning your dining space with fashionable lighting allows you to translate your indoor aesthetic to the fresh air. Chic outdoor lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, and there is a diverse range of styles that can add a personal touch to your space. While the presentation of this type of lighting is typically subtle, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a glamorous focal point above your table. 

This back patio features the stunning Huxley Outdoor Hanging Lantern under a charming canopy awning. Its faux rattan composition and classic dome shape project a warm glow over the table, casting ample light for eating, reading, or other activities.

The material and exquisite form make it an eye-catching piece on its own, seamlessly integrating with the other stone and wood elements in the vicinity. The Bohen Outdoor Wall Light brightens the door leading back inside.

Chic Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Summer Nights 

Summer nights spent outside are a pleasant escape from the sun and heat of the day. Curating a cozy area where you can socialize or find refuge under the calming night sky makes for a peaceful getaway from the confines of the indoors. With proper lighting arrangement, you can make the most of this portion of your home by layering different sections for visibility and accentuating others for aesthetics. The more naturally your fixtures integrate with the outdoor setting, the more charming this space will feel for anyone hanging out here.

The alluring Eurofase Lighting Lara Outdoor Hanging Lantern is an eclectic outdoor fixture crafted with artisan detail. The orbital glass exerts a soft luminescence reminiscent of a full moon, and the decorative woven shade provides a unique handmade texture that matches the accompanying furnishings nicely. The earth tones and organic materials used in this setting help to make this seating area feel like an extension of the yard in the background. 

Creating Ambiance with String Lights and Lanterns

In order to truly make your backyard a nighttime haven for guests during the summer months, you’ll want to implement fixtures strategically throughout your outdoor entertainment space. This includes the perimeter and pathway leading around the house and up to your home’s deck or patio. These are excellent opportunities for you to use special forms of illumination, such as hanging or inserting standalone lanterns and even stringing lights from the awning or beams that outline your common area. This can present an added layer of accent lighting for additional pizzazz.

These simple yet effective 1500-Watt String Lights by Bulbrite are a versatile option for homeowners with any type of outdoor entertaining space. The string’s black finish and iconic Edison lightbulbs create a classic look that can easily fit in with numerous décor styles. The ability to string together up to 15 units means you can illuminate large sections, ensuring the entire area is bathed in a cozy glow.

If you’re hoping to elevate the look and feel of your exterior living space, Capitol has all of the outdoor lights for summer in stock. Visit our 2024 catalog to explore all our available inventory, or stop by one of our showrooms today to view all our stunning options in person. With Capitol Lighting, you’ll be able to orchestrate the summer sanctuary of your dreams.


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