Lighting Showdown: Choosing Between Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

The addition of new lighting to your home is one of the best ways to keep your interior fresh and up-to-date with current trends. Each room gives you an opportunity to showcase your creativity and style, and with the wide variety of lighting available today, there are plenty of options to choose from.

When choosing a fixture for your space, a commonly asked question is whether you should go with pendant vs chandelier lighting. While your personal preference is the determining factor, size, shape, style, and, ultimately, the layout of a particular room also play a role. To get the look and feel you want, choosing lighting that seamlessly integrates into the room’s design is essential.

Style Matters: Chandeliers Unveiled

The eye-catching nature of chandelier lighting fixtures exudes an aura of beauty that extends throughout a room. Even when unlit, chandeliers have a strong presence and are an attention-grabbing focal point in the design. Classic examples of chandeliers in traditional homes include ornate crystal displays with shimmering elements, while modern, minimalist interpretations feature sleek metals and geometric shapes.

The artistic embellishments that make chandeliers popular bring character to any room. Mixed materials provide a transitional appeal in contemporary interiors, and various designs and finishes offer options to fit any setting. Chandeliers made from wrought iron or wood have become popular in homes with farmhouse or industrial themes. The range of designs available gives you plenty of choices that complement your home’s decor.


Put the finishing touch on your dining room or other entertainment space with this brilliant Raef 36 Inch 6 Light Chandelier by Troy Lighting. Arms extend from the textured black frame to exhibit a fun, geometric pattern that uses polished nickel accents and incandescent bulbs inside glass cylinders to give off a futuristic appeal. It’s also guaranteed to draw attention from those in the room due to its unique configuration. As you can see here, it integrates into modern, contemporary design as much as it could easily be placed in an industrial setting.

Pendant Lights: Versatile and Trendy

What sets pendant lighting fixtures apart from chandeliers is how they are suspended. Chandeliers feature multiple branches, allowing them to hold multiple lights. Pendants hang from a central chain, cord, or rod with one light and tend to have a more minimalist, modern design. However, with all the stunning new styles available, you’re just as likely to find a fancier, more elaborate pendant as you are a sleek and modern chandelier.

Pendants are crafted using an array of materials and come in innovative forms that are often inspired by objects and concepts we see in everyday life. Because of their familiar structures, these versatile pieces can be seen in a variety of designs and are often used in groups.

@Kathrynlillyinteriors, photography by @heather_ison

This hallway features three gorgeous pendants, tripling their impact in the entryway. The French Maid 16-inch Large Pendant by Regina Andrew uses a blackened natural brass cone to project light downward to help guide guests through the walkway. The shiny brass ring and studs around the outer loop present a contrasting finish that fits in well with this rustic theme, matching perfectly with the surrounding doors.


When it comes to creative expression and unique displays, the right pendant can pull the overall feel of the room together. Not only are these Kokoro 23 Inch Large Pendants by Troy Lighting striking in their shape and texture, but the fascinating element of transparency in the shade makes this piece a stunning addition to an already thoughtfully designed modern kitchen.

Placement Strategies for Impactful Lighting

The importance of lighting placement is key when it comes to installing your fixtures. The more strategic you are, the more harmonious an atmosphere you’ll create. Taking the scale and purpose of the room into account is the first step. It’s also important to consider its location and the lighting’s reach relative to the rest of the house, specifically if it’s an open concept. Finally, you’ll need to consider your furnishings and other details to ensure a coordinated feel.

Once you determine how to display your chandelier or pendants in a way that’s practical and aesthetically pleasing, you’ll be able to curate a space that not only fulfills a purpose but also makes people feel at home. You can do this by adjusting focal points and layering different light sources around the room.

@vanisayeedstudios, Photography by @Sabrinacole

Dining rooms give off a more convivial vibe compared to the rest of a home, and that’s because meals and entertaining are synonymous. As seen here, the Royalton 26 Inch Large Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting displayed above the table showcases a formal fixture that emits grandeur and majesty. The strings of crystal beads cascading down create an opulence that is reminiscent of traditional ballrooms. Hung in line with the mirror, its reflection amplifies its presence n the room.

Making the Decision: Pendant vs Chandelier

No matter whether you prefer pendants or chandeliers, coordinating your choices with the existing design keeps the look balanced and inviting. However, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to only one or the other. Mixing and matching fixtures throughout the home adds a personal touch to each room. In open-concept floorplans, you can hang a chandelier and a pendant for striking illumination in different areas. In the end, the biggest factor to consider is the scale of your fixture and which materials integrate most smoothly with the room’s look and feel.

@moxie_interiors, photography by @katalves

Warm overhead lighting is essential for any place dedicated to eating, and this Earthshine 22 Inch Large Pendant by Currey and Company is an incredible natural piece that exudes character. Made of wrought iron and hammered in a way that gives each fixture an individual look, this steel finish fits in nicely with multiple design styles ranging from cottage to mid-century modern.

@rd_designstudio, photography by @laceywoodphoto

The Calypso 40 Inch 8 Light Chandelier by Crystorama is a modern, glamorous fixture that makes itself at home wherever you place it. The chandelier can just as easily be hung in the dining room, bedroom, or foyer. Gorgeous beads drip from its circular base, and its contemporary shape, commanding size, and graceful presence allow it to function as a stand-alone statement piece. In this seating area, you really see it as a focal point accentuated by the fireplace.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home with a chandelier, pendants, or a combination of the two, Capitol Lighting has a wide assortment of products in our inventory. Shop our catalog and bring newfound radiance into your household today.


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