How to Decorate Your Living Room with the Right Modern Chandelier

For many people, the word “chandelier” conjures up images of palaces, five-star hotels, and fancy ballrooms. While those enormous crystal lighting structures are certainly examples of chandeliers, modern chandeliers for living rooms are available in a variety of sizes.

Are Chandeliers a Good Light for Living Rooms?

Traditionally hung in dining rooms, chandeliers can now be found in almost any room in the house. And that’s a good thing because the living room is the ideal space for a chandelier. For one, it’s usually one of the larger rooms in the house, so you have a little more room if you prefer a larger chandelier design. As the center of daily life in a household, the stunning beauty and warm illumination of the chandelier are on constant display. When combined with a dimmer, you will have a versatile lighting fixture for various moods and purposes.

Types of Modern Chandelier Designs

When chandeliers first made their appearance in the 15th century, they were limited to the types of structures that could be suspended from the ceiling and hold multiple candles. By the 20th century, newer chandeliers were illuminated with electric lightbulbs, but the designs took a few decades to catch up with the technological innovations.

Many modern chandeliers use LED lighting, which is beneficial in several ways. LED lights don’t get hot, last thousands of hours, and require very little power to produce a substantial amount of light. Other chandeliers burn incandescent bulbs, and there are several bulb options available to add additional beauty to these fixtures.

Chandeliers come in a nearly limitless number of designs and shapes and are made from a wide variety of materials. Here are some chandelier designs that you may want to consider.

  • Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers – Denoted by clean lines and muted colors.
  • Contemporary Chandeliers – Avant-garde, artistic designs
  • Industrial Chandeliers – Minimalist. Usually comprised of unfinished metals like iron, aluminum, or steel.
  • Sputnik Chandeliers – This is a design term for chandeliers with metal stalks that extend in different directions.
  • Beaded Chandeliers – The light source is surrounded by glass beads to gently illuminate the room.

With a living room chandelier, your imagination and sense of style are the only limitations.


Sparta 32 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting

An updated version of the Sputnik design, this Sparta 32 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting is as much a centerpiece for this living room as the coffee table it hovers over. The brilliant spears of light are the highlight of this stylish living room setting.


Molten 43 Inch 6 Light Chandelier by Regina Andrew

The Molten 43 Inch 6 Light Chandelier by Regina Andrew, shown here over the center of circular furniture arrangement, is the centerpiece of the room. Quirky and angular, the six hand-crafted glass shades add variation in texture and size for stunning modern appeal. Add a dimmer switch to modulate the vibe of the room.


Calypso 40 Inch 8 Light Chandelier by Crystorama

The Calypso 40 Inch 8 Light Chandelier by Crystorama has a grand style but with achievable dimensions for a moderately-sized living room. In this image, the alignment of the coffee table, large area rug, and the hearth draws the eye upward to the contemporary chandelier as the focal point. The abundance of smoothed-shaped clear drops and balls brings a touch of glamour to this otherwise modern shape.


Pearson 60 Inch 20 Light Chandelier by Capital Lighting Fixture Company

For a great room with vaulted ceilings, you can strategically place two or more chandeliers, as this designer did with a pair of Pearson 60 Inch 20 Light Chandelier by Capital Lighting Fixture Company. The black iron finish, vintage-style bulbs, and minimalist lines give it an industrial vibe perfectly in line with modern style.

Decorating the Space Under a Chandelier

Depending on the layout of the room, there are a few options for the area under the chandelier. If your chandelier is centered in the middle of the room, you may consider placing a central piece of furniture, like a coffee table directly under it. If you have a sectional sofa, you can center it around the chandelier. You can also center an area rug directly under the chandelier to give structure to the room.


Blossom 36 Inch 20 Light LED Chandelier by Hammerton Studio

You don’t need to exactly match the size and circumference of the living room chandelier, as seen here with the Blossom 36 Inch 20 Light LED Chandelier by Hammerton Studio and perfectly paired coffee table. There is some room for decorative interpretation, but both pieces’ center points add symmetry to the decor.


Aerin Jacqueline 32 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co.

The Aerin Jacqueline 32 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co. in this room is simply stunning with its modern point of view. This non-traditional, beaded chandelier highlights the bold color of the couch, the modern lines of the chairs, and the exceptional artwork over the fireplace. Each piece is beautiful in its own right, but together creates a cohesive whole that is nothing less than breathtaking. A Visual Comfort chandelier is a gorgeous, timeless piece that will be known as a modern classic.

Shop Living Room Chandeliers Today

Instantly enhance the beauty and style of your living room with the installation of a well-placed chandelier. Capitol Lighting has hundreds of chandeliers perfect for living rooms and every other room in a home. Stop into one of our local lighting showrooms or shop online to see what we have to offer and take advantage of our expertise.


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