How to Light a Small Bathroom: Style Done Right

Lighting small spaces can seem intimidating, even more so when lighting a small bathroom. Getting the lighting right in a small bathroom is even more critical than other rooms, especially if it is the room where you get ready every day.

When a small bathroom is too dark, it looks smaller than it is. No matter its size, a bathroom should always feel open and bright. This is key to creating a lighting design for a small bathroom. The lighting arrangement needs to fully illuminate the area without overpowering the room or causing it to feel small and cluttered. And it needs to contribute to the design of the room as well as the rest of the home.

This may feel like a heavy lift as it often seems like lighting options are limited in a small bathroom. However, this is not the case. Even in bathrooms with small square footage, the right lighting design can make the space feel open and bright. It just takes a little creative thinking to get it right.

Consider moving away from vanity lights and focusing on fixtures that maximize lighting and design in this small room. Check out these modern lighting ideas for your bathroom to see the various choices for this sometimes problematic room.

Wall Sconces for Bathroom Lighting

Walls sconces offer stunning and practical light in the bathroom. Installed on either side of the mirror, they provide plenty of illumination and take the place of a vanity light in a small bathroom. When installed beside a mirror, wall sconces for bathrooms can be an ideal alternative to vanity lighting since they supply stunning task lighting at close to eye level.


ED Ellen DeGeneres Apollo 7 Inch Wall Sconce by Generation Lighting

This bathroom has everything going for it. The black and white print wallpaper print and dark ceiling make the room look bigger. The ED Ellen DeGeneres Apollo 7 Inch Wall Sconce by Generation Lighting takes the place of a traditional vanity light over the mirror with a scale that is ideal for this room. The light’s cosmic appeal and artistic mid-century design make a subtle statement in the small space.


Mitzi Meta 22 Inch LED Wall Sconce

Choosing wall sconces that complement the look of the bathroom is also key. This pair of Mitzi Meta 22 Inch LED Wall Sconces blends contemporary with classic design, making them an excellent choice for this feminine bathroom. Design with thoughtful simplicity, they are a throwback to a bygone age, highlighting the romantic vices in this small bathroom.


Tech Lighting Sean Lavin Orbel 12 Inch LED Wall Sconce

Reflecting a Mid-Century Modern sensibility with contrasting geometric shapes, the Tech Lighting Sean Lavin Orbel 12 Inch LED Wall Sconce makes a swoon-worthy presentation alongside a modern round mirror. The simplicity of the design elevates the bathroom’s style and echoes its clean lines.

Pendant Lights for Bathrooms

Pendant lights are gorgeous accents in their own right, and you might think they exist merely to be beautiful. They add a creative touch to small bathroom design and are a fresh alternative to sconces. When hung over a vanity, the downlight they provide illuminates the entire room and offers isolated task lighting. In a small bathroom where space is at a premium, they free up the area for cabinets and mirrors.


Visual Comfort and Co. Kelly Wearstler Precision 10 Inch Mini Pendant

A pair of Visual Comfort and Co. Kelly Wearstler Precision 10 Inch Mini Pendant packs a punch of style in this small bathroom with their distinctive soulful vibe. They bring an industrial feel to an otherwise traditional design.


Ellen DeGeneres Joan Mini Pendant by Generation Lighting

The rich, two-tone finish and bold, geometric lines give the Ellen DeGeneres Joan Mini Pendant by Generation Lighting luxe appeal that is multiplied when used as a pair over this vanity. Warm burnished bronze and midnight black create a thoughtful juxtaposition of finishes that also mirror the finishes on the vanity and the cabinet drawers. This makes for a harmonious and uncluttered design.


Ciro Large Pendant by Corbett Lighting

A single pendant shortened to use in a small space, such as the Ciro Large Pendant by Corbett Lighting, brings glam to this powder room. It offers the style of a pendant with the clearance of a semi-flush mounted light. The artisanally made iron and glass convey a dynamic sense of energy captured in motion. The Ciro adds an abundance of textural diversity and decorative verve to the space it adorns.

Semi Flush Mounted Bathroom Lighting

An alternative to flush-mounted ceiling lights is a semi-flush mounted light. In smaller bathrooms where headroom may be an issue, a semi-flush mounted light offers plenty of light while keeping the feel open and airy.

Broche 24 Inch 6 Light Semi Flush Mount by Crystorama

The lighting in a small bathroom can make a big statement. And when looking for a light fixture delicious enough to talk about, look no further than the Broche 24 Inch 6 Light Semi Flush Mount by Crystorama. With layers of individual wrought iron leaves, it is a solid choice. The shimmering metallic florals offer tailored elegance and just the right amount of glitz.


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