Inspiration for Styling Your Home

Jenny Virkus, @making_highview_home

Styling your home can be a daunting task. With so many possibilities at so many price points, it can become overwhelming quickly. A great place to start your styling journey is to look for inspiration. Someone who styles and decorates homes professionally carry a wealth of knowledge that’s perfect for anyone still learning.

Lucky for you, thanks to social media we’ve never been more connected. Expert knowledge is always at the tip of your fingers with Instagram and YouTube.

We’ve enlisted the help influencers Stephanie of @the_broadmoor_house and Jenny of @making_highview_home to provide inspiration on how to style your home.

Start With Lighting

No matter how exceptional the complimentary pieces are, a home can’t overcome bad lighting. A great place to start when styling your home is a light-first approach.

Capitol Lighting has a wide array of indoor fixtures that will help you light and style your entire home. Shop Capitol Lighting for chandeliers, pendant lights, island and linear lights, LED ceiling lights, recessed lighting and so much more.

Stephanie Trantham, @the_broadmoor_house

Exceptional interior lighting can make all the difference. Here Stephanie showcases the power of incredible lighting with the Corbett Lighting Martyn Lawrence Bullard Hopper 32 Inch 9 Light Chandelier. This vintage bronze hanging chandelier takes control of the space with warm, ambient rays of light.

This Halogen bulb chandelier can hang in a kitchen, dining room or entryway space. Stephanie uses this breathtakingly beautiful modern chandelier to fill her kitchen and home office space with adequate. The rich vintage bronze finish plays perfectly with the backdrop of the black desk, black chair, white cabinets and gold accents.

Opt for Style AND Comfort

One misstep you should look to avoid when styling your home is placing too much of a premium on one or the other. Yes, the look of your home is important. You have a particular taste in furniture and décor and your home should reflect that. But not at the expense of comfort.

Styling your home should be a combination of style and comfort. Too much or too little of either element will leave something to be desired.

Jenny Virkus, @making_highview_home

On the Capitol Lighting Instagram, we showcased Jenny’s beautiful interpretation of style + comfort. Cozy and comfortable, her home looks like a fall-inspired paradise. This room starts with the exceptional Troy Lighting Holden 35 Inch Large Pendant.

This large, single-light pendant boasts a rich bronze finish and helps set the comfortable tone of her indoor space. This hanging pendant light utilizes a Buri Ting Ting shade to disperse warm, ambient light to all corners of the space.

Thanks to the impeccable pendant lighting, this fixture is warm and perfect for lazy days and cozy fall evenings. The bronze finish pairs perfectly with her white rug and neutral-colored seating arrangements. Take inspiration in Jenny’s approach to styling her lovely home.

Thanks to Stephanie and Jenny’s inspiration, you should be well-equipped for lighting and styling your modern home. Shop Capitol Lighting for chandeliers, pendant lights, island and linear lights, LED ceiling lights, recessed lighting and so much more.


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