6 Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Laundry Room

Although they are a vital space, laundry room design often seems like an afterthought. These rooms are often considered pretty basic and a part of the home that doesn’t require much attention. In reality, a little extra consideration can take this room from merely functional to supremely fantastic. There’s no better way to begin than choosing laundry room light fixtures.

While an important design element throughout the home, light fixtures for laundry rooms are especially essential. Laundry rooms offer relatively few opportunities for design elements beyond the cabinets and fixtures. The playful use of lighting is one of the major ways to brighten a laundry room.

Recent trends have the laundry room being treated to a glamorous or chic design. From fancy to functional, these lighting ideas make doing laundry a breeze.

How Many Lights Should Be in a Laundry Room?

Laundry rooms are some of the most varied residential rooms. Some are small, some are in basements, some are in closets, some are upstairs, and some aren’t even rooms at all. But they all need quality lighting. If available, natural lighting is the ideal baseline for laundry room lighting. If the natural lighting is unavailable, there are many stunning ways to brighten the space. The number of lights needed will depend on the size of the room.


Eloise 13 Inch Wall Sconce by Regina Andrew

The classic shape of the Eloise 13 Inch Wall Sconce by Regina Andrew combines beauty and utility. The industrial-style wall sconce looks great paired with the black cabinets and geometric tiled floor. The striking black and white color scheme allow maximum contrast between design elements.

What Kind of Light Goes in a Laundry Room?

Layering lighting means that you should think about accent lighting, general light, and task lighting. In the main section of a house, this might look like mini recessed ceiling lights with square bronze trim, elegant track lighting to spotlight a painting or picture, and a reading light by the chair or some under cabinet lights illuminating the bar counter.


Grand Lotus 50 Inch Large Pendant by Currey and Company

There’s no rule that says a laundry room can’t be elegant and chic. The Grand Lotus 50 Inch Large Pendant by Currey and Company provides elegance and chic in spades with undulations of luxurious amber-hued metal burnished with an antique gold leaf finish.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is ideal for smaller laundry rooms. It adds a layer of ambient light needed for spotting stains. Using a bulb that provides a crisp white light that isn’t too cool or too warm will keep the eyes comfortable. In larger laundry rooms or ones without windows, recessed lighting can help balance the overall lighting design in the space.

Pendant Lighting

Laundry areas are generally on the smaller side. This makes it easy to focus on practicality and forget decorative lighting. In a large, spacious laundry room, pendant lighting can be a stylish addition. A pendant can make the room seem less stark and offer softer ambient light when needed. When choosing a pendant, keep the base of the light seven feet from the floor to ensure sufficient headroom.

@emilygilbertdesigns, photography by @jenmburner

Mark D. Sikes Sphere No.2 Large Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting

Simple, industrial-style pendants like the Mark D. Sikes Sphere No.2 Large Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting are perfect for laundry rooms since they fit the idea of this room as a functional area that requires non-nonsense lighting. But that doesn’t mean no style is needed. The simple silhouette and beautiful finish give the pendant an approachable feel, perfect for this informal area.

@vanessaparkerdesign, photography by @platinumhdstudios

Savoy House Westbourne 12 Inch Mini Pendant

Keeping the design minimal, this laundry room features a farmhouse sink and the Savoy House Westbourne 12 Inch Mini Pendant. The vintage style works with the white subway tile and gray cabinets, while the warm brass finish echoes the hardware in this laundry room.

Mid-century Modern Lighting

The laundry room is one of the few rooms in a home that have few design rules. So, it’s a great place to experiment with different décor styles. Midcentury modern is a great one to try out, it’s generally sleek, simple design lines and focus on form and function make this lighting chic and practical.

@coomerandco, photography by @kristen.mayfield

Ace 49 Inch 4 Light Linear Suspension Light by Troy Lighting

A midcentury modern light like the Ace 49 Inch 4 Light Linear Suspension Light by Troy Lighting gives this space an updated look with a bit of glam. A new spin on the midcentury aesthetic, this lighting features strong elements accented by off-center and diagonal lines. The simple lines and milky globe bulbs give you a mid-century modern flair while being neutral enough for a laundry room.

Semi-Flush Mount

In laundry rooms with ceilings too low for pendants, a semi-flush mount is a great solution. An upgrade on the traditional flush mount lighting, a semi-flush mount offers the style and flair of a pendant without interfering with the headroom.

@brookecoleinteriors, photography by @_dpphoto_

Suzanne Kasler Soleil 24 Inch 1 Light Semi Flush Mount by Visual Comfort and Co.

Proving that a laundry room can cast serious dreamy vibes, this one features the Suzanne Kasler Soleil 24 Inch 1 Light Semi Flush Mount by Visual Comfort and Co. The super sleek polished nickel finish ups the style quotient, while the frosted glass shade casts a soft, calming glow.


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