Luxurious Chandelier Ideas For Small Bathrooms


No matter where you hang it, a chandelier always plays a larger design role than mere lighting. A chandelier will level up the design in any room, and is increasingly seen in unexpected places, such as the bathroom. Adding a statement chandelier to the bathroom has many benefits. Not only do they emit gentle, relaxing light throughout the room, they also add a luxurious focal point that elevates the entire design. This one element can take the bathroom from purely functional to high design.

Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Chandelier

There’s no doubt about it, and a chandelier can add an air of sophistication to the bathroom. But, since there are so many options for chandeliers – they come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and finishes – it can be a challenge to find the right one for the bathroom. Below are some tips for choosing the right chandelier based on room size, ceiling height, and layout.

Room size – chandeliers can take up a lot more space, both visually and physically, than recessed or vanity lighting. You can make a chandelier work in a smaller bathroom, just be sure to scale down the size to match the room.

Ceiling height – building codes often dictate where you can place lighting in the bathroom, so chandeliers often work better in bathrooms with vaulted or high ceilings. According to the National Electrical Code, bathroom lighting must be at least 8 feet above the tub or 3 feet out from it. Consider a semi-flush mount chandelier if the bathroom ceiling is on the low side.

Layout – A chandelier hung over the tub makes the tub the focal point of the bathroom, but as mentioned above, that may not be possible. A similar look can be achieved by placing the chandelier a couple of feet in front of the tub. Another good option is to hang the chandelier in the center of the room.

These three elements make finding small bathroom chandeliers particularly challenging. Below are small bathroom chandelier ideas that demonstrate how to make the most of limited design opportunities.

Contemporary and Minimalist Chandeliers

Contemporary chandeliers are available in many shapes and styles, from minimalist metal chandeliers dressed up in a bit of glam to contemporary cage chandeliers that sparkle and glow. This lighting brings warmth and glow into the bathroom while keeping the style light and airy.


Danville 21 Inch 3 Light Mini Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting

The curved metal lines and crystal beads of the Danville 21 Inch 3 Light Mini Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting create an airy beaded sphere that adds subtle sophistication to this bathroom. It’s a simple addition that supports the beautiful textures of the room.


Broche 24 Inch 6 Light Semi Flush Mount by Crystorama

In a small space with limited design opportunities, the Broche 24 Inch 6 Light Semi Flush Mount by Crystorama doubles as a work of art. Layers of individual wrought iron leaves deliver unique, functional, and, more importantly, stunning light. The chic shimmering metallic florals are perfect for contemporary, transitional, and eclectic homes.


Aerin Renwick 19 Inch 4 Light Mini Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co.

In this design twist, the Aerin Renwick 19 Inch 4 Light Mini Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co. marries traditional sparkle with geometric tile on the wall and herringbone on the floor for a sparkly environment that defies definition. Neither traditional nor modern, just pretty and luxurious.

Crystal Chandeliers Bring Drama

Adding drama and atmosphere to the bathroom makes it more of a multipurpose room than just a functional one. These days, bathrooms are designed along with the rest of the home. This aesthetic sensibility puts a spotlight on bathroom lighting. For spaces that want opulence and drama, a crystal chandelier is a must. But because bathrooms are multifunctional, a dimmer offers the flexible lighting it needs.


Aerin Jacqueline 32 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co.

Some bathrooms cry out for a magnificent chandelier, and the Aerin Jacqueline 32 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co. steps right in to fill the space with glorious light and shimmer. Beautiful and special are the words that come to mind. This chandelier enhances the feelings of opulent beauty.


Clover 22 Inch 8 Light Chandelier by Crystorama

This dramatic, minimalist black and white bathroom gets glammed up in an understated way with the Clover 22 Inch 8 Light Chandelier by Crystorama. The minimalist design’s grace and luxury give the bathroom an instant focal point. The combination of solid glass balls, floating steel frame, and uniquely place light source throws endless sparkle that blends with any design.

French Country Mini Chandeliers for Timeless Elegance

With its aesthetic that balances rustic and elegant elements, French country style has timeless appeal. A mini-chandelier for the bathroom is a great way to add a dash of charm and sophistication that elevates the design of the most utilitarian room in the house. French country style creates a timeless feel to any space.


Calypso 13 Inch 3 Light Mini Chandelier by Crystorama

For this lovely bathroom with white marble tile surrounding the tub, only the sparkle of blown glass and the gleam of gold provided by the Calypso 13 Inch 3 Light Mini Chandelier by Crystorama will do. The elegant style of the cascading crystal clear glass balls and teardrops reflect light throughout the room and enhance its style. It’s perfect for a small bathroom that needs a little extra sparkle.


Tilda 5 Light Mini Chandelier by Arteriors Home

In this pretty bathroom, the windows are covered with light, white curtains that let plenty of light stream through. The Tilda 5 Light Mini Chandelier by Arteriors Home adds an unexpected touch in an area where it is least expected. The tiers of wooden sticks on curved iron arms transform the space into something magical when lit from within. The neutral color palette and less-ornate décor offer a more modern way to incorporate the look.


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