Modern Bathroom Sconces & Bath Wall Lights for Your Home

The perfect wall sconces are a thing of beauty, especially when mounted over the bathroom vanity. Finding the perfect balance between ambient, accent, and task lighting is hard to do without bathroom wall sconces. The extra layer of illumination they provide makes a huge difference in the bathroom.

A bathroom ceiling light can supply ambient lighting, but using the vanity light as the only task lighting in the bathroom can leave the lighting design uneven. When there is only downward light in this area, shadows that create deceptive lighting are more likely to occur.

When considering lighting ideas for the bathroom, put sconces at the top of the list. These lights are ideal for balancing the lighting around bathroom mirrors. Generally used in pairs for practicality and aesthetics, wall sconces provide equal lighting from all angles.

When installed on opposite sides of the mirror, they work with the ceiling light to create a lighting design that prevents strong shadows and provides perfectly balanced illumination. Check out the bathroom mirror and lighting ideas below to see all the ways wall sconces can level up the design and the lighting in any size room.

How to Hang Bathroom Wall Sconces

Getting the height right for bathroom wall lighting can be tricky. Eye-level is best, but this can differ among people of different heights, so you may have to find an average that works for everyone. Hanging wall sconces too high will create more shadows, and too low will shine the light directly into the eyes.

Pro Tip: Hanging Your Bathroom Sconces (Infographic)

The size of the bathroom will offer different options for mounting wall sconces. Three or four wall sconces – alongside and between the mirrors – can be used in large bathrooms. By adding wall lights, you can add layering, depth, and symmetry to bathroom lighting.

Emphasize Simplicity

It’s easier than it may seem to overcomplicate choosing a wall sconce for the bathroom. Take cues from what is already in the room. If it features simple elements, go with it. There is no reason to fuss up the lighting. A bathroom with clean lines and a streamlined fixture will be better served with simple but elegantly understated wall sconces.


Mitzi Olivia 18 Inch Wall Sconce

Elegant in their simplicity, these Mitzi Olivia 18 Inch Wall Sconces pair old-world charm with a distinctive contemporary feel. The muted tones of the bathroom supply a gentle backdrop against which the bold but simple look of the sconces and fixtures.

Add a Special Touch

Wall sconces can add a special touch over the mirror but beware of adding too much in such a confined space. Choose sconces with a unique style that put the finishing touches on the room’s design.


Ian K. Fowler Bistro 32 Inch Wall Sconce by Visual Comfort and Co.

The perfect mix of form, function, intrigue, and playfulness, these Ian K. Fowler Bistro 32 Inch Wall Sconces by Visual Comfort and Co. have a unique style that enhances the stunning aesthetics of this bathroom. They add a modern and warm feel that keeps the bathroom from feeling cold.

Make It Glamorous

Wallpaper in bathrooms is making a comeback. Gone are 18th-century floral or scenic images, replaced with designs that offer glamour and drama. Today’s glamorous wallpapers need equally glamorous wall sconces to complete the look.


Kelly Wearstler Melange 12 Inch Wall Sconce by Visual Comfort and Co.

The glamorous and eye-catching pattern of the wallpaper in this bathroom is highlighted by the Kelly Wearstler Melange 12 Inch Wall Sconce by Visual Comfort and Co., making the space seem bigger. The antique-burnished brass finish and alabaster glass shade seem to float on the wall amidst the intricate wallpaper pattern.

Bathrooms are, by their nature, small spaces. They can easily become overcrowded with lighting, décor, and accessories. When there is a lot going on in the bathroom, wall sconces can help balance the design.


Hudson Valley Lighting Becki Owens Ivy 18 Inch LED Wall Sconce

Simple, clean, and chic is the best way to describe these Hudson Valley Lighting Becki Owens Ivy 18 Inch LED Wall Sconces. The massive clear glass teardrop shade adds presence to the bathroom without adding visual clutter. They show off the slim mirror and marble tiling with a fresh finishing touch.

It’s All in the Details

Attention to detail is key to creating a spa-like look and feel, which means impeccable lighting is important. A solid foundation of beautiful materials sets the foundation in combination with a gentle, soothing color scheme. Using the same finishes throughout the bathroom tells a uniform story throughout the space.


Mitzi Reese 12 Inch Wall Sconce

The shiny brass tones bounce throughout this bathroom, even onto the Mitzi Reese 12 Inch Wall Sconce, which features a lustrous opal white glass shade. A modern take on a classic style, this sconce pulls in the best of both worlds, illuminating the bathroom with warm light.

Sweet, Pretty, and Playful

The lighting and the décor are two of the most important elements in a romantic bathroom. Chic wall sconces can enhance the romantic mood of the room and pair with a gilt, curved-framed mirror, resulting in a stunning girls’ bathroom.


Mitzi Meta 22 Inch LED Wall Sconce

This girl’s bathroom brings to mind pretty in pink and sweet sixteen. Mitzi Meta 22 Inch LED Wall Sconces adds the perfect amount of playfulness and personality, taking the space from merely functional to optimal. The aged brass finish and white shade add dimension to the room. A charming combination of finishes and fixtures creates a warm glow.


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