Outdoor Porch Lights and Post Lamps

Outdoor Porch Lights and Post Lamps

Update your outdoor living spaces with stunning light fixtures.

The landscape around your home is a visitor’s first view into your family’s character and lifestyle. During the day, features such as a verdant lawn and vibrant flower beds display your aesthetic. At night, however, your lighting speaks volumes. Whether you wish to create a warm, welcoming aura that invites people in or a formal facade that requires an invitation, it’s all in the lighting. We invite you to put your personal signature on your nightscape by painting with light. At 1800Lighting, our full spectrum of landscape lighting is designed to inspire your creative talents and fill your outdoor palette with luminous style.

Inviting Porch Lighting Options

Strong, distinctive entryway lighting marks the way into the heart of your family. For safety’s sake, such foyer lighting should be bright enough for you and your guests to easily navigate the front steps, and it has to be stylish because it will be one of the most visible outdoor fixtures on your property. For traditional elegance, select ornate glass and wrought iron foyer lighting from Quoizel or Nuvo Lighting. If you prefer a rich architectural look, choose craftsman-style fixtures from Kichler.

Outdoor Wall Lights and Post Lamps

Once you have chosen your statement porch lighting, widen your focus to include outdoor wall lighting and post lighting. You wouldn’t want visitors to blunder into your prize rosebushes in the dark, so offer some softer illumination to guide them along the right path.

Our most popular post lamps coordinate beautifully with many other types of weatherproof fixtures. Choose outdoor post lighting from collections by Maxim Lighting, Capital Lighting or a number of other top manufacturers, and your post lighting will look perfect with your outdoor wall light.

Landscape Lighting: Tweaking Your Personal Twist

From avant-garde to Early American, you can tweak any style to jive more closely with your personal preferences. Dive in with a nautical theme, or get hip with industrial chic. Browse Elk Lighting, Troy Lighting, Minka Lavery and more to get your creative juices flowing.

In many ways, outdoor lighting is just as important as indoor lighting in the overall scheme of your home. The choices you make in illuminating your landscape not only communicate your unique aesthetic but also that your concern for keeping visitors and family members safe. Get started with some bright ideas for outdoor lighting at 1800Lighting.com.

PRO TIP:Sketch Your Scape

Landscape designers recommend that you sketch out your landscape and lighting scheme before digging into the installation phase. This helps you coordinate a solid outdoor lighting plan that makes your landscape look its best, day or night.

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