Statement Lighting Ideas for Every Home

The right lighting can take any room to the next level. Gorgeous lighting that makes a standout statement can express your style and improve the ambiance of a home. Not only do statement lighting fixtures provide warm illumination for everyday living, but they can also create a welcoming, engaging, and exciting place for entertaining. If a room’s design seems unfinished, it probably needs statement lighting.

What Is Statement Lighting?

The best way to describe statement lighting is you’ll know it when you see it. That’s because statement lighting fixtures are immediately striking when someone enters your home. This is the kind of lighting that stops guests in their tracks. They evoke glamor and more than a little bit of drama, adding the wow factor to a home.

The general rule for statement lighting is to choose as big and bold as possible without the fixture overpowering the space or becoming a hazard. The goal is for the lighting to be noticed for what it brings to the design. In addition, statement lighting lets you add interest and depth by intentionally mixing textures, metal, shapes, and styles.


Hedy 22 Inch Large Pendant by Currey and Company

The Hedy 22 Inch Large Pendant by Currey and Company in turquoise makes a splash in this predominantly white space. It is a fun, funky piece that doesn’t feel over the top. It picks up color from the high-contrast chairs and adds another layer along with the marble tabletop and a pop of pink on the wall behind it.

Types of Statement Lighting

From grand chandeliers to stunning pendants to sculptural sconces, statement lighting can take an interior design from good to great. They come in many shapes and sizes and may not be the primary lighting source, even if they are one of the main sources of interest in a room.

When considering statement lighting, chandeliers often come to mind. They are the quintessential statement light fixture, adding instant glamour and drama to the dining room, bedroom, bathrooms, and more. It’s easy to see why this lighting traditionally used in the dining room has found a place in rooms throughout the home.

Pendant lights offer both style and versatility in lighting design. As with any statement light, it’s not just about illumination, it’s also about aesthetics. Known for their minimalistic designs, pendants work well in kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms. Pendants hung over the bedside table instead of table lamps make a unique and practical statement.

Often underrated, wall lighting is a versatile choice for statement lighting. They can provide uplight and downlight and softly highlight special features in a room. They can make a small bathroom or a dull hallway seem lighter and brighter.

@planinteriors, photography by @klaivertziouphotography

Tiffany 42 Inch 8 Light Chandelier by Arteriors Home

Can you imagine this stunning dining room without the Tiffany 42 Inch 8 Light Chandelier by Arteriors Home? The chandelier accentuates the ombre wallpaper and blue upholstered chairs. Putting the finishing touch on the room’s design, the lighting draws the gaze up and into the space, where it is framed by the built-in behind it.

@beyond_beige, photography by @korchmediaco

Chiffonade Large Pendant by Currey and Company

The unexpected shape and color of the Chiffonade Large Pendant by Currey and Company instantly personalize this space. The contrast created by the antique black finish makes it stand out as it curls elegantly downward toward the table. The interior gold finish highlights the graceful spiral as it allows a warm glow to illuminate the dining room.


Ginkgo 26 Inch Wall Sconce by Regina Andrew

There is room in even the smallest bathroom for the extra glam a gorgeous wall sconce offers. The Ginkgo 26 Inch Wall Sconce by Regina Andrew fits perfectly into the ethereal style of this bathroom. Its rich, elegant gold finish echoes the natural beauty of the ginkgo tree. Small bathrooms and powder rooms are great spaces to add an unexpected style element, and this beautiful wall light does exactly that.

How to Use Statement Lighting in Your Home

Statement lighting can give a bold or intentional style to a room. It doesn’t have to be wild or ornate, it can be simple in design as long as it makes a noticeable impact on the room’s design. Consider these three things when choosing statement lighting:

Does it add the right look and feel to the space?

Does it create cohesion between the other elements in the room?

Does it highlight the room’s architecture or special features?

Used thoughtfully, statement lighting emphasizes the style and personality of the design. Keep the overall functionality and purpose of the room in mind so that the lighting will draw the eye without detracting from the rest of the elements in the room.


Suzanne Kasler Soleil 16 Inch 1 Light Semi Flush Mount by Visual Comfort and Co.

Semi-flush mount lighting can make a statement, as seen in this stunning kitchen. The Suzanne Kasler Soleil 16 Inch 1 Light Semi Flush Mount by Visual Comfort and Co. features a crown of rays in a hand-rubbed antique brass finish extending from frosted glass. This beautiful light enlightens and refines the space without overwhelming it.

@judith_balis, photography by @andimarshallinteriors

Nula 48 Inch 14 Light Linear Suspension Light by Hinkley Lighting

Understated elegance describes this minimalist Nula 48 Inch 14 Light Linear Suspension Light by Hinkley Lighting. The combination of organic influences and industrial elements turns simplicity into decadence. This juxtaposition is echoed in the simple lines and material of the table legs topped with marble. The large fixture’s clean lines and gleaming gold leaf interior add drama to the simple beauty of the space.

@nimbus9_interiors, photography by @rvp_photo

Perla 22 Inch Large Pendant by Crystorama

Keeping the lighting simple does not mean skimping on style. The Perla 22 Inch Large Pendant by Crystorama anchors the design of this chic entryway. The vibrant flowing frame with crystal jewels balances contemporary and traditional styles. Shimmering ribbons of gold embellished with crystals offer maximum light refraction.


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