Why a Lighting Catalog is a Fantastic Resource


We all do it, don’t we? Leaf through catalogs for style ideas, whether it be something to wear to your next event or finding the latest interior design trends for a remodel or commercial lighting project. That’s why when it comes to selecting lighting fixtures for your home or interior design project, it doesn’t get any easier than using a lighting catalog as a source of inspiration. A catalog offers a curated selection of styles and designs that work in almost every space, inside and out – all in one place. This makes them an excellent resource for finding inspiration and a convenient way to shop for the lighting products you need.

Whether you are looking to update your interior lighting or exterior lighting, you can usually find a breadth of product assortment in an organized manner when reviewing a lighting catalog. The Brilliant Home: Uncompromising Design for Everyday Living catalog has a variety of lighting solutions along with best sellers, mood boards and lighting trends that provide guidance for every style from modern lighting to traditional lighting plans.

Throughout the catalog, there are videos and pro tips that guide everything you need to consider before purchasing your lighting. Whether looking for ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting, you’ll find the lighting solution that meets your needs. The lighting design ideas in a catalog provide inspiration, and the products span everything from ceiling to wall lights, as well as floor and table lamps.

Whether you are an interior designer, architect, design enthusiast, or homeowner, you’ll find the most complete selection of brands and designs to bring your project to life. Here are a few ways lighting can impact the comfort level of a home:

Aesthetics: How all elements of a room’s design come together can affect how comfortable you feel in it. Properly coordinated lighting can help create a cohesive and pleasing visual aesthetic and beautiful space, while mismatched, too big, or too small lighting fixtures can be visually confusing and distracting. For example, a large chandelier is ideal for an entryway, while a smaller one might get lost in such a large area. Or maybe you’re not sure how many or what size pendants lights are best over the kitchen island.

Functionality: The lighting in a room should also be functional and serve a purpose. For example, ambient lighting can give a living room a warm, cozy feel, while task lighting puts focused lighting where needed, and accent lighting will draw attention to art or architectural features in the room. The right mix is crucial for making a home feel cozy and inviting.

Personalization: Lighting can make a space feel more like your own and give it a sense of comfort and belonging. How you mix lighting into your home’s design, whether you follow ‘the rules” or step outside of them, is deeply personal. For example, going slightly larger on a chandelier is better than going too small. Or to use a vanity light or a pair of wall sconces in your bathroom. A lighting catalog can give you examples of all this and more.

Great design is more than the sum of its parts: furniture, accessories, and, of course, lighting. When these elements work together, a home’s design really stands out. However, seeing it is truly believing, and that’s where a lighting catalog can help.

For instance, the Brilliant Styles: Designer Lookbook showcases a variety of lighting for home decor with beautiful images from our client’s lighting projects or real homes. Inspiration abounds with premier lighting styles that transform a room into a unique signature space. When you see lighting in action, so to speak, you get a better feel for how a particular style might look in your own home or current project.

A lighting catalog can provide examples of how to use lighting to enhance all of the above elements in a home. You’ll find images of how black and brass work together on ceiling lights or pendants. Or the best placement for floor lamps and the latest trends in LED lighting design. Armed with inspiration, you’ll be better able to choose the perfect lighting products for your home or project.


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