California Coastal Design

California Coastal Design

Lighting Pieces that are the Shore Things

Whether you’ve scored the home of your dreams or are currently in the market, consider the laid back, textually and historically abundant themes of “California Cool” to illuminate every room of your oasis. From the versatility of Victorian-inspired, picturesque, and historically-rich San Francisco to the idyllic seascapes of San Diego to the ever-evolving trendsetting designs pervading the City of Angeles, there’s shore to be a fixture fit for your castle.

San Francisco

The exquisite and enduring Victorian homes that parade the steeping hills of the Bay City area give homage to unparalleled refinement, splendor, and simplicity. Prior to the 1920s, it used to be exposed bulbs were a requisite lighting option, until they were jettisoned in favor of concealment by unassuming opaque glass globes. Consider the virtuous Victorian-inspired Dutchess pendant or flush mount by Hudson Valley Lighting. Both artisan-crafted designs are uncomplicated by the fastidiously finished metal work. It’s classic schoolhouse shape and simplistic hardware and detailing resonate of an iconic, more primitive era, while not competing with your more complex motif choices.

If utilitarian in the retrospective tradition is more your style, look no further than the Varaluz’s Lofty collection. Comprised of a kinetic, eye-catching fusion of hand-forged, recycled steel and wood, all expertly treated to endure damp environments, the family lends warm, industrial style to the space. Due to its unorthodox design and faux zebrawood or wheat finishes the Lofty family will emanate a flood of strategic shadows. A charming piece for your home office or den.

San Diego

Historically rich in both Spanish culture and décor, San Diego is an evocative enclave filled with timeless treasures reminiscent of Latin accents and influences. Hudson Valley Lighting brings you the industrial Heirloom family – wall sconces and pendants featuring a single exposed light source. Some pendants and wall sconces of the Heirloom collection encapsulate the light source, while others feature a unique, finished metal umbrella overlaying the exposed bulb, hauntingly suggestive of mid-century Spanish influence. You’ll adore the old bronze finish and its ode to early Californian custom.

We cannot think of San Diego without thinking of endless sand and sun-drenched shores that contour California’s most photographed region. The epitome of “California Cool” would be none other than that of the Adirondack family of fixtures by Troy Lighting, including their abounding repertoire of pristine pendants and polished wall sconces to allure your most discerning guests. Graphite and silver leaf finishes beautifully feature aquamarine “branch-like” metal rods that encompass a concealed light source for a delightfully diffused, soft-focus illumination that forever flatters and compliments. Casual and contemporary, this one-of-a-kind collection is your beach haven must-have.

Los Angeles

LA Home to the stars. Home to the unabashed and unapologetic purveyors of fashion, film, art, and universal panache. Where the lights never dim and the cameras never stop, Los Angeles’ rich Tuscan, Mediterranean, and Moroccan influences abound the City of Angels. Dim lighting, rustic and aged finishes, intricate accents and textures will add the romantic, yet exotic element to the space that is so commonly found in these worldly styles. The beacon to such influences can be found in Justice Design Group’s Fusion family, a collection of meticulously crafted fixtures replete with glass blown shades that brilliantly and boldly encircle the light source for an ethereal gorgeous glow. Distinctly Mediterranean, these aesthetic, artfully-designed accents will upgrade your adobe-inspired motif.

If you’ve migrated to Los Angeles from another region and humbly wish to keep with the modernized, minimalist, motif approach to your living space, Troy Lighting’s sophisticated Silhouette pendants boast basic metal hardware and a single light source seamlessly concealed by frosted blown glass and suspended by a canopy. The austerity of the Silhouette set offers a soft-focus illumination nuanced with playful shadows, and a gorgeous gold or silver leaf finish completes the minimalist touch. For those of you who don’t want your lighting fixtures to upstage your furniture or vice versa, the Silhouette collection seals the décor deal.

California boasts a vast variety of home decorating styles, from modern to traditional to trendy. From the salt-soaked air of San Francisco, to the sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles to the serene, beach-beautiful getaways of San Diego, your lighting and decorating options are virtually endless. But, there is one thing all the Golden State’s regions have in common – the undeniable cool coastal allure of one of the nation’s most geographically stunning states.

PRO TIP: Why not try to mix and match motifs from diverse and distinctive regions of the Golden State? Dare to go bare and whitewash both floors and walls for a sandy, “sea salt,” lived-in look. Drape floors with rustic area rugs and adorn walls with simple, contemporary artwork. Finally, hang a Victorian-esque Dutchess pendant from any center of ceiling for an unexpected touch of throwback, retrospective flair.

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