Craftsman Mission Style Lighting

Craftsman Mission Style Lighting fixtures

A Uniquely American Style

If you have ever seen light fixtures with an distinct old world feel and intricate geometric designs or a welcoming amber colored glow, then you were probably looking at Craftsman Mission style lighting.

Mission style lighting, also known as craftsman lighting, is a distinctly American style of design. It’s popularity hinges on its ability to fit both traditional and contemporary motifs. Regardless of your personal taste, this dynamic lighting style is worth exploring.

Is it Mission Style Lighting or Not?

Craftsman mission style lighting is both informal and versatile. So named for the Spanish Mission style lanterns that they resemble, mission style lights incorporate angular lines, bronze or brown finishes, and amber tinted glass. Mission style lighting often uses geometric forms to suggest modern style, while the warm, inviting colors and materials recall lighting designs of the past. This style harmonizes easily with a range of surroundings. Luckily this is a style that is suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Craftsman Lights For Your Landscaping Needs

You can highlight the beautiful architecture of your home’s exterior or landscaping with strategically placed craftsman outdoor lighting. The varieties available range from the simple and functional to the dramatic and unique. Before choosing, be sure to consider the purpose behind installing these lights. Will they be for safety reasons? Will they be affixed to the house itself or placed throughout the yard? Are they purely decoration? Also, make sure you have the proper electrical wiring to support the installation of your new lights, otherwise you may end up disappointed.

Craftsman Mission Style Ceiling Lighting

Many people love the idea of a chandelier, but not the necessary cleaning and formality that comes with a traditional chandelier. One of the great versatility of craftsman light fixtures is that the same geometric designs can be easily incorporated into ceiling lighting, to create a sophisticated look that is easy to care for and informal.

Hang them in entryways and enclosed porches to light the way home. The unobtrusive style lends a comfortable glow to the room without attracting undue attention to itself. Chances are you have seen many craftsman-mission style lamps and chandeliers in offices, residences and at elegant outdoor venues without ever truly taking notice of their presence. It is that simplicity and warm glow that make this style of lighting so popular.

Mission style first made it’s splash in the early 1900’s and have become a mainstay of American art and design ever since. While it is most commonly associated with a Southwestern sensibility, it has grown to include elements from all across the country. The trick of shaping and diffusing light using geometric designs and has helped to make this style of lighting a go-to style for decorators and DIY enthusiasts all over.

PRO TIP: For outdoor lighting, a craftsman-mission lighting fixtures with colored glass are the perfect solution for illuminating the areas near windows without disturbing your sleep.

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