How to Enhance Coastal Landscapes with Outdoor Lighting

Understanding the Importance of Outdoor Lighting for Coastal Landscapes

The allure of coastal landscapes is undeniable – the soothing sound of waves against the shore, the balmy breezes, and the stunning views. However, the magic of coastal environments doesn’t have to fade with the setting sun. By incorporating outdoor lighting into your coastal landscaping, you can extend the beauty of these natural wonders well into the night. And even if your home is far from a body of water, using coastal style for landscape lighting will give you that beachy feel.

Planning Your Outdoor Lighting Project

Before jumping into the specifics of outdoor lighting fixtures and designs, starting with a well-thought-out plan is crucial. Coastal environments can be particularly challenging for outdoor lighting due to their proximity to saltwater, constant exposure to the elements, and the need to preserve the area’s natural beauty. Neglecting these factors can damage your lighting fixtures. First, decide whether you want to create a romantic ambiance, enhance security, or highlight the natural beauty of your landscaping, such as dunes, rocks, and water bodies. Identify these distinctive elements and consider their visual impact as you design your outdoor lighting plan.

Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures for Coastal Environments

Given the exposure to saltwater and the corrosive effects of salty air and other harsh elements, opting for fixtures that can withstand these extreme conditions is essential. This means damp or wet-rated fixtures built to keep out moisture and prevent internal corrosion.

Chapman & Myers Hingham 16 Inch Tall 2 Light Outdoor Wall Light by Visual Comfort Studio Collection

@jkath_designbuild, photography by @spacecrafting_photography

Enjoying outdoor spaces is especially pleasant when they have a coastal vibe. The Chapman & Myers Hingham 16 Inch Tall 2 Light Outdoor Wall Light by Visual Comfort Studio Collection sheds a beautiful glow over this patio, as your family and friends enjoy the view.

Riverwood 16 Inch Tall 1 Light Outdoor Wall Light by Kichler Lighting


This porch gives rustic coastal vibes with Riverwood 16 Inch Tall 1 Light Outdoor Wall Lights by Kichler Lighting. A modern take on vintage style, the seeded glass shades weathered zinc finish adds touches of nautical and industrial charm.

Highlighting Key Features: Lighting Pathways and Walkways

One of the primary functions of outdoor lighting in coastal landscapes is to ensure safety. Illuminating pathways and walkways guide your way after dark and add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Use fixtures like bollard lights, step lights, or path lights to create a well-lit, inviting atmosphere. These fixtures not only serve a practical purpose but can also enhance the overall aesthetics of your coastal property.

Hinkley Lighting Atlantis 15 Inch Decorative Pathway Light

Crisp, cool nights by the lake are made cozier with an inviting fire and pathway lined with warm illumination from Hinkley Lighting Atlantis 15 Inch Decorative Pathway Lights. It’s easy to imagine pulling a chair up to the fire and enjoying a hot beverage of your choice as you take in a spectacular sunset display.

The Benefit of Illuminating the Beauty of Coastal Landscapes

Coastal homes are renowned for their relaxed vibe, cool breezes, stunning sunsets, unique flora and fauna, and captivating water views. Properly selected and placed outdoor lighting can highlight the natural contours, textures, and colors of coastal features, such as rocks and cliffs, sandy beaches, and light dancing along the water. It can enhance the depth and dimension of your landscape, making it come alive in the glowing moonlight. By accentuating the natural features, you not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping but also create memorable experiences for yourself and your guests as you enjoy the mesmerizing views and the tranquil ambiance long after the sun has set. While safety is a top priority, never underestimate the transformative power of outdoor lighting in unveiling the breathtaking beauty of your coastal paradise.

Hinkley Lighting Hardy Island 2 – 20 Watt In Ground Light

Make your landscaping the star of the show with Hinkley Lighting Hardy Island 2 – 20 Watt In-Ground Lights. Placed at the foot of specimen trees, such as these palm trees, they bring attention to the texture and beauty of the foliage while creating a stunning silhouette against the ocean and the night sky.

Bingham 21 Inch Tall 3 Light Outdoor Wall Light by Hinkley Lighting


This entryway says tropical vacation with a pair of Bingham 21 Inch Tall 3 Light Outdoor Wall Lights by Hinkley Lighting illuminating the doorway and highlighting the lush vegetation surrounding it. While we all think of ocean views when we think coastal, this view sets the stage for relaxation and casual comfort.

Spitfire Ceiling Fan Motor Only by Fanimation


Say hello to balmy breezes under the Spitfire Ceiling Fan Motor Only by Fanimation. Enjoy the ocean view by day and let the moon take over in the evening. Or add the optional LED light kit to illuminate the porch and throw on the palm trees, creating a soft, muted display as they sway against the moonlight.

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