Hubbardton Forge: An American Legend in Lights

A beautiful chandelier from Hubbardton Forge lights.

How well do you know the lights of Hubbardton Forge? If you’re not that acquainted with this storied lighting brand and its fixtures, now’s the time to get to know them. After all, Hubbardton Forge has been making the highest-quality handcrafted light fixtures for more than 40 years.

Their products, ranging from ceiling lights, wall sconces, and more for both inside and the exterior of your home, feature inspired designs that have the ability to enhance many types of design schemes and décor setups.

Not only that, but Hubbardton Forge is something of an American legend in the lighting world. The exquisite craftsmanship of American-made products will do that for you. But how acquainted are you with this legend and why might you want to have some of their excellent fixtures in your home? Let’s take a deeper dive into the story of Hubbardton Forge.

The History of Hubbardton Forge and Their Lights

In 1974, two graduates of the University of Vermont came to that point in the journey of life where many of us college graduates say to ourselves, “Thanks for the degree, college! Wait… now what do I do?”

To answer that question, these two young gentlemen decided to start a lighting company. And thus, Hubbardton Forge was born.

The company was founded in an old barn in Hubbardton, Vermont (hence the name). The pair of college grads had a vision: they wanted to craft high-quality light fixtures like lamps, chandeliers, and accessories.

But they also had more than vision: the enterprising young lads had a game plan.  What started in a small barn would eventually grow to employ over 200 people and is now among the largest commercial forges operating in the country today. Not bad, we’d say.

What’s more: their products, handcrafted and all domestically produced, are today highly sought after fixtures by those who know seek beautiful, outstanding lights.

What makes their lighting so great? Let’s dive in.

This Hubbardton Forge light is a beautiful table lamp set against a blue painting | Capitol Lighting

Excellence in Handcrafted Lighting

The lighting fixtures that are manufactured by Hubbardton Forge are all painstakingly handcrafted in the United States of America with a rigorous and passionate pursuit of the highest quality possible.

The company is focused on making heirloom-quality light fixtures, and their elite level of skill is immediately apparent. The talented artisans employed by Hubbardton Forge use both traditional and modern blacksmithing methods to create veritable lighting works of art.

As if this weren’t reason enough to love them, the company is also heavily focused on the environment and it works with naturally available products, including glass and iron, to create their amazing works, minimizing waste and focusing on energy efficiency.

Hubbardton Forge’s Design Team

In addition to the highly skilled artisans who craft the products, part of the secret behind the terrific Hubbardton Forge lighting products is the design team dreaming them up. The designers come from diverse backgrounds, including jewelry design, architecture, and sculpture.

What these backgrounds all have in common is an explicit focus on excellence in the design process regardless of what specifically is being manufactured. As a result, the design team has been able to harness their powers to bring the utmost in design excellence to the world of lighting.

The team brainstorms together to develop the concepts that will go on to inform the products and then passionate works to create beautiful, lasting designs that are both completely functional and aesthetically captivating.

The design team is inspired by the steel that is forged and work to draw out the warmth of the natural materials in artistically interesting ways.

Two dogs sit at a table below a Hubbardton Forge ceiling light | Capitol Lighting

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Like many great companies who are thoroughly proud of their hard work and attention to detail, Hubbardton Forge stands behind its lighting fixtures and products. Because of their faith in their craft, the company offers a lifetime limited warranty that covers the Hubbardton Forge line of table lamps, fixtures, wall sconces, and other accessories for the life of the purchaser.

The company also provides the warranty for the LED lights in its portfolio. If an LED light fails, the company will replace it. Of course, most of the time, their products work brilliantly and the warranty isn’t necessary. That’s what painstaking craftsmanship will get you, after all.

LED Lights

Speaking of LED lights, through its partnership with a Vermont-based LED manufacturer Hubbardton Forge creates LEDs that help to accentuate its fixtures in a beautiful way. The LED lights are customized for each fixture in which they will be placed so there is always a strong aesthetic fit between the LED bulbs and the fixtures themselves.

The company has developed several innovative LED lighting solutions such as its light guide platform, which emits thin streams of light at the top and bottom of the fixture to create diffuse lighting. This diffusive light works very well as a source of ambient lighting.

The Vermont Modern Line

Hubbardton Forge launched its new Vermont Modern Line to focus on cutting-edge works of modern lighting. These fixtures are handcrafted out of blown glass, steel, and locally sourced products such as Vermont maple. The creations are sleek and give a thoroughly modern feel even with the old world techniques used to forge them.

This line of products is available in six different colors, and the creations fit beautifully within urban design themes. Vermont Modern features a collection of sleek curved steel and blown glass chandeliers, table lamps, reading lamps, and light fixtures. If you’re looking for that modern feel but want to retain the excellence that accompanies old world crafting and U.S.-based manufacturing, the Vermont Modern line is a product array you’ll absolutely love.

The Synchronicity Line

If you’re looking for traditional lighting fixtures, Synchronicity by Hubbardton Forge is not for you. But if what you’re seeking is something luxurious, something iconoclastic, and something utterly shattering in its delicate display of hand-crafted beauty, then you’ll feel right at home with the Hubbardton Forge Synchronicity line of lighting.

This remarkable brand features an amalgamation of curving steel, exquisitely sparkling Swarovski crystal, and the finest in artisanal glass to forge luxury lighting that leaves the hopeful competition well behind in the dust.

As Hubbardton Forge says, “The finest crystals in the world deserve to be treated like jewels.” So does your home’s lighting, and there’s no better way to give your home the royal treatment than by incorporating these stunning, charming and show-stopping pieces.

The Products

If you are searching for the perfect light fixtures, here are three brilliant Hubbardton Forge fixtures you might want to consider:

Hubbardton Forge Acharn Semi Flush Mount

A brilliant Hubbardton Forge flush mount ceiling light | Capitol Lighting

Hubbardton Forge Acharn Semi Flush Mount

To add ambiance to your entryway, hallway, kitchen, dining room, or bedroom, try adding a Hubbardton Forge Acharn Semi-Flush Mount Fixture. This delicate-looking light fixture is flush mounted to your ceiling and features water glass. Inside of the water glass is a delicate candelabra that uses LED lights. The fixture’s design complements both traditional and modern design schemes and lends a sense of sweet romance to the air.

Hubbardton Forge Sweeping Taper Wall Sconce

A Hubbardton Forge sweeping taper wall sconce in a hallway | Capitol Lighting

Hubbardton Forge Sweeping Taper Wall Sconce

To accentuate the walls in your hallway, bedroom, or any other area of your home’s interior, you might want to add the Hubbardton Forge Sweeping Taper Wall Sconce. This beautiful sconce includes a curved, long piece that extends the fixture 29 inches down your wall and is reminiscent of a growing plant. This wall sconce is available in a variety of different glass and finishes to complement your home’s interior design style.

Hubbardton Forge Tourou Outdoor Wall Light

A Hubbardton Forge Tourou Outdoor Wall Light lit against a house.

Hubbardton Forge Tourou Outdoor Wall Light

To beautify your home’s exterior while providing highly functional illumination, you might want to add the Hubbardton Forge Tourou Outdoor Wall Light. This outdoor wall light is available in 18 (18!) different finishes to complement nearly any home exterior. It can be installed in any outdoor location and is safe to use in wet areas.

An American Lighting Dream

Choosing lights from Hubbardton Forge can add inspiration and beauty to your home. To learn more about this incredible company and its diverse, inspiring, and captivating product lines, take a look through the Hubbardton Forge catalog available from Capitol Lighting.

– The Capitol Lighting Team


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