Top Five Best Selling Statement Pieces for Your Living Room

A sanctuary for relaxation and quality time with loved ones, the living room is a part of the house that you spend a lot of time in. With that understanding, you must factor in how you illuminate this area efficiently so that it is as complimentary to the room as much as it is dynamic for various lifestyle and hosting scenarios.

Developing a lighting scheme that works for your preferred functionality and ambiance not only creates a variety of distinct moods but also allows your living room to serve multiple purposes, no matter the time of day or activity. Statement lighting pieces in this type of common area are available in all shapes and sizes, and determining which ones integrate most seamlessly comes down to your unique design style and particular home’s layout.

Let’s explore five of the best-selling statement pieces for your living room that will enhance the overall lighting scheme.

Balancing Ambient, Task, and Accent Lighting

One of the most unique aspects about your living room is that it doesn’t serve one solitary function, and for that, you need to be prepared for different lighting options depending on the occasion. Very rarely do interior design methods call for a single overhead luminary source to compensate for the whole space. Instead, accent, ambient, and task lighting are often used to compliment a more elegant statement piece which serves as an object of admiration in the room’s center.

Revolve 42 Light Chandelier by Alora Lighting


The Revolve 42 Light Chandelier by Alora Lighting is an example of a statement piece with a vintage flare, featuring bulbs in glass tubes reminiscent of traditional candleholders. This design catches the eye but isn’t overbearing. In this room, distributed candles and the accompanying side table lamp can be used for accent and task lighting in addition to the subtle glow of the chandelier above. 

Selecting the Right-Sized Fixtures for Your Space

A really important factor to consider before purchasing a statement piece for your living room is to determine how the size of a fixture fits in with your lighting scheme. Oversized chandeliers can be gaudy and distracting, while those that are too small can either appear awkward or provide insufficient illumination for the area.

An easy way to calculate the size of a chandelier that’s appropriate for a respective room is to add the dimensions of the length and width of the room’s area in feet, then convert that to the dimensions of the fixture in inches. For example, in a room that’s 20×14 feet, you’ll want a chandelier that’s 34 inches in diameter.

Blossom 36 Inch 20 Light LED Chandelier by Hammerton Studio


Every living room strives to exude character, and the custom glass-blown blossoms on this Blossom 36 Inch 20 Light LED Chandelier by Hammerton Studio are all one-of-a-kind, giving your living room a unique objet d’art. Here, you can see how the sophisticated circular shape hangs directly above the center table and surrounding chairs, fitting in perfectly to encourage conversations, reading, and more.

Middleton 45 Inch 15 Light Chandelier by Savoy House


If you have an open-concept floor plan, you can create an even bigger lighting statement with a pair of stunning chandeliers. The Middleton 45 Inch 15 Light Chandelier by Savoy House is placed above both the living room’s seating area as well as the dining table in this scenario, allowing the lighting to be equally distributed throughout the conjoining space. The chain adjustment also allows it to adapt to your particular ceiling height.

Mixing and Matching Fixtures for Visual Appeal

These days, lighting fixtures aren’t used only as sources of luminosity. They are considered artistic representations of your personality that display your own style and theme. Ultimately, the light distribution comes down to the homeowner’s preferences and can be something you can continue to build upon over time. Experimenting with different finishes, materials, and sizes are all ways to adjust the aesthetic feel in your living room.

Pearson 60 Inch 20 Light Chandelier by Capital Lighting Fixture Company


Living rooms can be a variety of different sizes depending on your home’s square footage, and this Pearson 60-inch 20 Light Chandelier by Capital Lighting Fixture Company is a great minimalist choice for any larger common area with a rustic or farmhouse theme. The ability to customize your bulb type – candelabra, vintage, or Edison – lets you show off your distinctive flare. You can also see how it pairs with tableside lamps, wall lighting, and even the fixtures in the kitchen in this open-concept space.

Adapting Your Lighting Scheme Throughout the Year

Every season of the year calls for different lighting adjustments depending on where you live, largely due to time, weather, and routine decorative changes. This may call for you to change your bulb types, add or take away accent lighting such as lamps, or even rethink your room when adding seasonal components like Christmas lights during the holidays.

Iliad 40 Inch Large Pendant by Troy Lighting


Pendant lighting is a great way to put a creative touch on your room, as a large fixture like this Iliad 40 Inch Large Pendant by Troy Lighting really fits in with the modern and fluid design scheme in this room. However, there is plenty of opportunity to add ambient, accent, and task lighting that may be useful when the sun sets earlier, you plan on entertaining more, or just want to spend more time reading on your favorite couch.

To view all the living room lighting options available at Capitol Lighting, explore our catalog and see just how many ways you can enhance this incredibly important room in the house. 


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