Luxury Lighting to Complement Your Upscale Decor

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Luxury lighting is like jewelry to a ballgown. It not only complements your upscale décor, but it actually completes the entire ensemble. Without it, all your furnishings and high-end fixtures feel less noteworthy. They’re the floor-length, satin dress that has nowhere to go and no one to see.

But that’s not going to be your home. You didn’t invest in a house full of beautiful details to be undermined by kitschy table lamps and average-Joe chandeliers. No, you’re ready for luxury lighting. You just need a little guidance to help you find the right pieces. We spoke with the leading interior design trendsetters on social media to get their picks for luxury lighting inspiration.

The Definitive Definition of Luxury Lighting

At this point, you might be wondering “what is luxury lighting?” Luxury lighting is not simply defined by a price tag. These pieces have an innate quality about them that defies expectations – and, most certainly, outperforms other light fixtures.

You can expect luxury light fixtures to be made of premium materials, such as crystal, glass and, of course, everlasting gold. But you’ll see plenty of metal, as well, primarily the polished kind. Their forms are often geometric, like square metal cages or shiny crystal globes. If not precisely round or straight-edged, luxury lighting is most certainly balanced. The visual weight they create is always even.

This sense of balance can be achieved in a variety of lighting styles, but there are a few designs that are distinctively luxurious. Art deco lighting is, perhaps, the most obvious. Other luxury styles include Baroque, Rococo and traditional glam. The intricate and ornate detailing makes these interior design styles a naturally opulent choice when it comes to lighting and décor.  

The final two factors that play into luxury lighting are scale and personality. It should come as no surprise that luxury living tends to gravitate toward oversized ceiling fixtures. After all, the large scale fits nicely with three-story entryways and vaulted living rooms. The grand scale rolls into the fixture’s personality. Expect luxury lighting to be bold and to always command attention. They do this largely through artistic elements, though some simple, oversized pieces can create the same effect.

A Snapshot of Luxury Lighting


  • Crystal
  • Glass
  • Gold
  • Polished chrome


  • Geometric
  • Balanced



  • Large
  • Robust


  • Artistic
  • Bold
  • Commanding

The Role of Luxury Lighting in Each Space

Believe it or not, luxury lighting can accomplish different things in different rooms. Here’s the breakdown:


Your foyer lighting should provide ample illumination for anyone crossing the threshold. But a luxury lighting design will do much more than that. It will serve as the tone-setter for your home. Don’t be shy about showcasing that innate sparkle and using it to signify a well-dressed home. 

Dining Room

Luxury lighting in your dining room instantly elevates the space. It says this is a formal area, reserved for special occasions – and very special dinner guests.

Home Office

A little office glam never hurt anyone. In fact, it could help put you in the right mindset. Not only will the layers of crystal cast specks of light and infuse drama, but they might also spark your creative thinking. With such beautiful light fixtures hanging over your desk, you’ll be excited to get down to business every day.


Between the cabinets, countertops, and appliances, you probably spent the most money upgrading your kitchen. Not adding luxury lighting to this rich space would be a crime against design. Besides, that fancy new faucet is screaming for an equally shiny friend to match its extra-fine finish.

Living room

Main living spaces tend to be the largest rooms in the house. By adding oversized pendant lighting or a grand chandelier, you achieve the right balance of scale. Nothing does that better than an attention-grabbing, luxury light fixture.


A crystal chandelier in the bedroom may seem a little over-the-top, but that’s precisely the point. Your bedroom is your only private sanctuary. Adorning it with an opulent light fixture helps define it as the spoiled retreat it deserves to be.

7 Pieces of Luxury Lighting for Your Upscale Décor

Luxury lighting is not just something you see in magazines and on TV. You can get a feel for how these pieces will play out in real life by taking a look at the images below. These are all shots of real light fixtures used in real people’s homes. For even more inspiration, follow these chic homeowners on their respective social media channels.

Understanding the definition of luxury lighting and its function in each room is the first step. But if you’re going to make the investment in such a significant piece, you’d be smart to seek professional guidance.

At Capitol Lighting, we work with several social media influencers who also happen to be interior designers, stylists and home décor enthusiasts. They have amassed large followings, because of their keen eye for high-end design and their ability to bring elegant beauty to everything they touch. Each one of these influencers has their own sense of style, but all of them are experts in creating a modern glam home from top to bottom.

Check out their luxury lighting recommendations below to get ideas for your own upscale space. You can get even more inspiration by following us on Instagram. They are constantly finding new ways to add sparkle and shine.  

1. Gold Swirls

The Design Expert:
The Recommendation: Vertigo by Corbett Lighting

A gold leaf finish makes this oversized pendant instantly feel like luxury lighting in a mixed-metals living room.
Image credit:

The swirling ribbons of gold make this pendant feel like it’s buzzing with activity. You can’t help but look up and wonder what all the fuss is about. For Marina, it was the simple timelessness that caught her eye. “I wanted it to be all gold with no crystals,” she says. The gold leaf finish gives her the flexibility to mix and match metals, which create substantial shimmer and shine on their own. Marina raves about her decision to go with the Vertigo pendant by Corbett: “I adore its unique shape, its massive size, its glamorous gold finish and its lighting effect.”

2. Draping Crystal Beads

The Design Expert: @designsbyjeana
The Recommendation: Rylee by Crystorama

The Rylee 18 Inch Chandelier by Crystorama reflects natural light from the window down over a mirrored desk
Image credit: @designsbyjeana

Jeana says she could spend the whole day in her office, and it’s “crystal-clear” why. The delicate, hand-cut beads are a stunning metaphor for when hard work pays off. She hung hers directly in front of a window and above a mirrored desk, which further amplifies this chandelier’s beautiful shimmer. If that’s not the definition of office glam, what is?

3. Cascading Crystals

The Design Expert: @inspire_me_home_decor
The Recommendation:Mont Blanc by Corbett Lighting

The Mont Blanc 36 Inch Chandelier by Corbett Lighting effortlessly fills the void of a vaulted ceiling
Image credit: @inspire_me_home_decor

Who needs stargazing when you can look up and ogle the Mont Blanc chandelier’s cascade of Venetian glass? It gracefully – almost in slow motion, even – drapes toward the floor like a firework falling from the sky. Farah shared this photo on a crisp winter day: “Ending the evening in my family room, enjoying my new chandelier from Capitol Lighting by Corbett Lighting.” With the bare trees in the background, you can just imagine curling up on the couch with the warmth of a fuzzy blanket and that gold-yellow glow.

4. Linear Shine

The Design Expert:@designsbyjeana
The Recommendation: Palacial by ELK Lighting

Add the Palacial 21 Inch crystal-lined luxury lighting over simple white cabinets to upgrade your bathroom
Image credit: @designsbyjeana

The way the crystal is cut and then lined up in a row makes this fixture feel like it was pulled straight from the art deco era. You can sense that 1920s craving for luxury, but the polished chrome tells you the Palacial is a truly modern piece. Jeana loved it so much she used two to light a double vanity. “Capitol Lighting has so many beautiful options for lighting any space in your home or even outside of your home,” Jeana raves. “These two definitely just glammed up my bathroom!”

5. Glimmering Strands

The Design Expert: @blountdesigns
The Recommendation: Chatter Linear Suspension Light by Schonbek

The Chatter Linear Suspension by Schonbek sparks conversation over a long dining room table
Image credit: @blountdesigns

Design influencer Deborah perfectly describes this crown of crystal strands: “It’s like a thousand sparkling Swarovski crystal drop earrings, hanging from rays of light, and all encompassed in a gleaming band of shiny gold.” A piece this extravagant doesn’t need much assistance; it will liven the dining experience all on its own. That’s why Deborah highly recommends you “hop over and check out these Swarovski chandies offered through Capitol Lighting and see how they can transform your spaces, too!”

6. Warm Gold Cages

The Design Expert: @jscott24
The Recommendation: Urban Classic Denmark Pendant by Elegant Lighting

Two strikingly gold Urban Classic Denmark Pendants hang over a large, white kitchen island
Image credit: @jscott24

Because of its rich-and-royal history, gold has a way of instantly elevating a space. It doesn’t take much gold to make an impact. Case in point: the Urban Classic Denmark pendant by Elegant Lighting. It’s a refined profile that has been jazzed up with a warm finish and a chunky square-link chain. Jade has room for two, which adds even more splendor. “I really feel like the gold light fixtures above our island just take it to the next level,” exclaims Jade.  

7. Golden Rectangular Cage

The Design Expert: @jscott24
The Recommendation: Urban Classic Denmark Linear Suspension Light by Elegant Lighting

The scale of this rectangular luxury lighting piece makes the Urban Classic Denmark Linear Light a must-hang over long dining tables
Image credit: @jscott24

Luxury lighting can help create that seamless, open-flow floor plan by connecting adjoining rooms with similar – or identical – fixtures. Influencer Jade shows how she made the smooth transition from cooking space to dining room: “This room is right off the kitchen, so I wanted this light from the Urban Classic Denmark collection to match the lights that I have in the kitchen.” The result? A long, linear cage that has scale, geometry and a little modern glam. “I love the way this looks above our big table,” Jade says.

Be Inspired

Just like that floor-length satin dress, upscale home decor deserves to be paired with luxury accents. Accessorize accordingly with luxury lighting and your home will become the belle of the ball. All of these influencer recommendations are the creme of the crop. But if you’re looking for even more lighting ideas, be sure to browse Capitol Lighting’s curated collection of inspiration from Instagram and follow us @capitollighting for the latest design trends in lighting and more.


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