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Launched in 1987 with a focus on beautiful, handcrafted accessories in classic materials, Arteriors has evolved into a global leader in artisan lighting, furniture, wall decor and decorative accessories…evolved into a go-to resource for residential and contract designers as well.

“It all starts with the product,” says Arteriors Founder and Creative Director Mark Moussa when describing the essence of the company he founded nearly 30 years ago.

Mark attributes much of the inspiration behind the company’s more than 1,200 active designs to his worldwide travel and natural curiosity.

“The artist in me never stops looking for inspiration.”

As he treks the globe, Mark never stops feeding his eye…looking for ideas and inspiration, while identifying new resources and emerging trends. Whether he is watching a fashion show, uncovering treasures at a flea market or simply embracing the environment around him, Mark is always hunting for ways to keep our designs fresh and new.

When asked during an interview with D Magazine how flea markets influence his design, Mark explained, “The vastness of the different offerings, the interaction with the owners and the stories behind each object always  inspire me in one way or another”

“I have been in this business for over 40 years, working for my dad while still in my teens. Many of the artisans he introduced me to then are still making products for us today” says Mark.

As evidenced by these decades-long relationships, Mark and Arteriors have a clear respect and admiration for the art of the handcrafted good.

“Each time I visit the factories, I’m in awe.”

Arteriors seeks sources that embrace traditional craftsmanship because Mark believes it’s that human touch that makes a product truly artful and unique. These artisans have the same level of reverence to their craft – many of them passing down their methods and practices generation from generation.

Whether it is a glass lamp being hand etched, or a wood surface being carved by hand, or gold leaf being hand-applied to a metal frame, the skills that it takes to make these Arteriors pieces is impressive.

“I think the best way to experience Arteriors is in person.”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, seeing Arteriors’ offerings in person is worth a million.

No matter how inspiring an Instagram post is…or how well a product is photographed for the catalog… images don’t always do the items justice.

Per Mark, “Seeing Arteriors’ product in person is the best way to experience the finishes, textures, scale and incredible attention to detail that goes into each piece.”

Speaking of seeing the product in person, Arteriors recently had the chance to spotlight our latest offerings at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show this past June.

“We updated the showroom to better spotlight vignettes – showing how all our designs can work together to create an inspiring space,” said Arteriors Creative Director Deb Murdock of the Lightovation showroom.

Between stunning photography and customer feedback, we’ve been able to tab a few items from the latest collection as “The It List: Lightovation’s Must-Haves”

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