Whimsical Lighting & Eclectic Style Lights

What, Why and Where

Everyone needs a touch of whimsy from time to time to keep things light. 1800lighting.com can help with a unique selection of whimsical lighting designs.

If you have looked through the pages of 1800lighting.com, you know that our catalog includes high-quality fixtures from the most celebrated manufacturers in home decorating. You may not be aware, though, that some of the fixtures we carry are definitely outside the box. Our eclectic lighting fixtures incorporate artful style with essential utility, often tinted with a hint of humor. Take a second look at all our unique lighting fixtures. Some of them might just surprise you.

What, Exactly, Is Whimsical and Eclectic Lighting?

By definition, whimsical means playful, fanciful, mischievous and unpredictable. When it comes to lighting, the word has many visual translations. It might be a chandelier encased in a gyroscope, like whimsical ceiling lighting designed by Batalion. It might incorporate asymmetric curls of metal like some of the whimsical lighting pendants by Corbett Lighting and Elan. It could also take the shape of eclectic lamps in vibrant colors or unusual chandeliers from popular manufacturers like Quoizel and Elk Lighting.

Why People Buy Unique Lighting Fixtures

If you are new to eclectic lighting designs, you might wonder why people buy them. In truth, people select whimsical lights for dozens of reasons, including:

• They are perfect for hard to decorate spaces.

Whimsical lamps pick up on an existing decorating scheme.

• They inspire new decorating ideas.

• Whimsical lights are great conversation starters when guests come over.

• They infuse a generic room a dash of personality.

• Unique lighting can reflect the owner’s personal interests and add an intimate touch to any room.

Where Should I Put Them?

You may also wonder where to put these unique lighting fixtures. The easy answer is wherever you please. Imagine sleek yet eclectic ceiling lights, draped in prismatic crystals from Swarovski, shimmering above your dining room table. Visualize serpentine sconces from Minka Lavery illuminating your second-floor hallway at night, or whimsical wall lighting from Allegri adding warm touches to your spa-style master bath. Choose brightly hued whimsical pendant lighting from Varaluz for your teenager’s bedroom or industrial-style multi-pendant fixtures from ET2 Lighting for your kitchen island.

1800lighting.com is your prime source for cost-effective fixtures that light up your world. Our catalog covers the entire spectrum from classical to whimsical, and each individual style has its own perfect place. Browse our extensive collection today to see the latest designs from all the top manufacturers.

PRO TIP: When choosing whimsical lighting fixtures, be sure to select the appropriate mounting style, size and drop to ensure they provide the amount of light necessary to fill the space.

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