5 Lighting Trends We’re Excited To See In 2021

To fully embrace the New Year, you might be considering changes you’d like to bring to your home design environment in 2021. Be it that trends are always shifting, it can be a challenge to stay on top of what’s new. That’s why we’ve looked to our favorite lighting and interior design professionals to find out what lighting trends are in store for 2021. We can say with certainty that you’re going to love the freshness and intrigue of these latest styles. Now, let’s dive in!

Modern Victorian Farmhouse

Farmhouse has always been about a rustic look that gives off a feeling of nostalgia. In 2021, that same classic vibe is still in play, but with an approach that’s even more modern and understated, enter Victorian Farmhouse. This trend is all about mixing the comforting elements of farmhouse style with the traditional, chic antique styling of the Victorian era.

Consider lighting fixtures that incorporate plenty of real-world design elements and don’t go overboard in terms of flair. Think vintage-looking, farmhouse pendant lights reminiscent of antique oil lamps over a kitchen island. Or a wood beam chandelier with Edison bulbs incorporated into a cage-like metal framework over the dining table.

Barcelona 26 Inch Large Pendant by Varaluz

One piece that stands out to us is the Gaudi-inspired, modern crystal chandelier Barcelona Pendant by Varaluz. It’s an ideal confluence of heirloom-quality optic crystal, hand-forged recycled steel and handsome hammered metal accents for a rustic, but chic Victorian farmhouse look that inspires.

Natural Elements and Materials

If you’re looking for a way to bring the outdoors in and connect to nature, you’ll want to take advantage of the variety of new lighting fixtures that incorporate natural elements and materials. Rattan and cane, once relegated to the outdoors, now play a starring role indoors, too. This Boho woven look for the New Year is being masterfully incorporated into a variety of lighting pieces for a feeling that is warm, cozy and laid-back. Making use of rattan and cane in your home is a great way to soften the edges of a high-tech home environment.

Troy Lighting Hunters Point Large Pendant

A great example that exemplifies this trend is the Hunters Point Pendant by Troy Lighting, a pendant made from hand-harvested rattan. The material is stripped into fine pieces by artisans and dyed in an espresso finish, then tied around a frame to form a striking, oblong shape.  

Portable Lighting for the Home Office

If you’re one of the many who work from home, either more often than before or even permanently, then you most certainly understand the need for good quality portable lighting. You know, the kind that lets you turn the living room, kitchen or most any space of your home into an environment where you can effectively get things done. In particular, you want to be able to avoid being under the direct glare of harsh lights. This may necessitate the use of lampshades to diffuse light, or an upward shining floor lamp to scatter light off the wall. Desk lamps also work particularly well, as they allow you plenty of lighting control over your immediate work area.

Priddy-P 17 Inch Desk Lamp by Eglo Lighting

The Priddy Desk Lamp by Eglo Lighting is a versatile task light in a retro-modern design package. Notably, its bell shade has a smooth reflective interior that focuses light down into a wide spot, making it perfect for reading and writing.


In 2021, more is more when it comes to interior lighting design. That means do it up as if you’re doing it solely for luxury and comfort. Think lighting with bright and vibrant colors like red, orange and yellow. Go for exciting patterns that really pop and make a statement. Be sure to add in a heavy dose of unexpected texture. Best yet, do all of the above in one fixture. After all, you’re going for a look that creates visually stunning chaos that somehow just works.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Broomley 10 Inch Mini Pendant by Corbett Lighting

The Martyn Lawrence Bullard Broomley Pendant by Corbett Lighting might be small in scale, but it’s big on detail and packs a visual punch. It boasts the high style of ’70s streamline design and features luxe materials, like an opal glass diffuser and weathered vintage finish. This is the kind of piece that grabs the attention of your guests.

Curves and Sculptural Forms

Last but not least, one of our favorite lighting trend themes for the New Year is the idea of utilizing certain types of shapes to create a sense of fluidity within a space. Curved lighting has a unique ability to remove any edge from your line of sight. Curves also draw you into their periphery in a warm and welcoming manner. Likewise, sculptural forms offer fluidity, as well as lending a space character, drama and interest. Today’s lighting offers exotic sculptural looks in the form of discs, globes, suspensions and so much more.

Sonneman Movile 61 Inch 8 Light LED Multi Light Pendant by SONNEMAN

One-piece you’ll want to check out is the Movile LED Multi Light Pendant by SONNEMAN. It features elegant symmetry and subtle curves thanks to a delicate metal frame that has a series of bowing arms that cross over a central beam. Understated but striking, it’s ideal for a dining area or as entry lighting.

Embrace the New

There’s no better time than the New Year to refresh an interior space with outstanding lighting. With numerous exciting trends taking shape and a large variety of new lighting products on offer, you very well might want to make 2021 the year that you embrace new styles and allow them to enliven your home environment.


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