4 Bathroom Lighting Styles to Brighten Your Space

Whether you want to refresh the look of your bathroom or completely renovate it, lighting for the bathroom is probably at the top of your to-do list. Bathroom lighting has undergone a transformation in the past few years. Because the bathroom is a multipurpose space, it requires well-designed, high-quality lighting. And with vanity lights, sconces, ceiling lights, and even chandeliers, you can easily make a style statement in this space.

Since there is no one universal style of bathroom lighting, a combination of several lights is often used to light the space. Often the styles and number of lights you need are guided by the size of your bathroom. For example, a small powder room may only need one source of ambient lighting. A spacious retreat-like master bathroom would need several styles of light to illuminate the space.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting That Will Make You Jealous

Bathroom vanity lighting is often the most important light source in this space. In some cases, such as in powder rooms and other small bathrooms, the vanity light may be the only lighting. Because of where they are placed above the bathroom counter or vanity, these lights provide lighting on the countertop and sink. Vanity lights are often bar lights, a bank of two or more lights, or even a chandelier or pendant.

If your bathroom is bigger, it may need a ceiling light and a vanity light. Choose a ceiling light and vanity lights that go together for a cohesive look and feel.

Robert Sonneman Dazzle 36 Inch 1 Light LED Bath Vanity Light by SONNEMAN

Living up to its name, Robert Sonneman Dazzle 36 Inch 1 Light LED Bath Vanity Light by SONNEMAN is truly dazzling. LED lights refract through hundreds of crushed and fused nuggets that glitter, dance, and shimmer in the space. Long, cool, and elegant, they offset the otherwise static look of the space.

Filmore 24 Inch 3 Light Bath Vanity Light by Hinkley Lighting

The vintage industrial open cage silhouette of Filmore 24 Inch 3 Light Bath Vanity Light by Hinkley Lighting is a refreshing take on traditional bank lighting. Effortless style reigns supreme, adding no-nonsense function and minimalist spirit to any bathroom. The look is somehow transitional, industrial, and modern farmhouse all at the same time.

Bathroom Wall Sconces

Offering functional task lighting, pairs of bathroom wall sconces hug the walls and can shed uplight, downlight, or both. Their shades keep some or all of the light from shining in your eyes as you face the mirror. In fact, wall sconces with attractive shades add a unique design element to your bathroom while also providing an excellent source of illumination.

Because wall sconces are generally mounted beside the mirror, they provide excellent indirect lighting and create a better sense of dimension than lights pointed directly at your face.

Poppy 28 Inch Wall Sconce by Hinkley Lighting

Bright and pretty, a pair of Poppy 28 Inch Wall Sconces by Hinkley Lighting show off a sophisticated silhouette that is perfect for bathrooms. The clear, seedy glass spheres allow just the right amount of light, and the crisp crossbars anchor the airy design and giving the space a soft, glowing feel.

Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Takes Center Stage

If you think of something utilitarian and plain when you think of bathroom ceiling lighting, you are in for a surprise. These days, there are all kinds of ways to light your bathroom, including ceiling lights that almost look like chandeliers. They give off plenty of ambient light, so they are often paired with sconces for task lighting.

Feiss Prospect Park 12 Inch 2 Light Semi Flush Mount by Generation Lighting

Taking a traditional profile and modernizing it with updated design elements, Feiss Prospect Park 12 Inch 2 Light Semi Flush Mount by Generation Lighting redefines bathroom ceiling lighting. Paired with the Feiss Prospect Park 14 Inch 2 Light Bath Vanity Light by Generation Lighting vanity light, you get a tailored look with a bit of glamour.

Bathroom Chandeliers to Make It Fancy

Some say a bathroom chandelier isn’t necessary, we say, of course, it is. There’s nothing like a chandelier to elevate any space, and that includes the bathroom. Chandeliers make a statement, they are showy and fun and add a bit of decadence to your master bath. When you hang it about your bathtub, you’ll feel like you are staying in a grand five-star hotel.

Chatham 28 Inch 6 Light Chandelier by Savoy House

Effortlessly elegant, the Chatham 28 Inch 6 Light Chandelier by Savoy House and Monroe 20 Inch Wall Sconce by Savoy House are the perfect choice for this graceful bathroom. The white linen shades and warm brass finish bathe the room in a comfortable glow.

When choosing the types of bathroom lights you want to use, consider these questions. Is this the bathroom where you will get ready in the morning and check your appearance? Is it a guest bathroom that may not be used very often? Is it a powder room where you pop in for a quick touch-up? The answers to these questions help you choose which lighting styles will work best for you.


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