Rustic Bathroom Lighting For That Country Home Feel

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One of the most enduring trends in home design has always been using old styles in new layouts. Nowadays, modern rustic design is more popular than ever due to the timeless appeal of vintage aesthetics. Rustic bathroom lighting is a great way to embrace this trend. In fact, many modern rustic bathroom design ideas revolve around lighting fixtures that remind us of a simpler time.

What Is Rustic Style Interior Design?

Understanding the rustic style of interior design is key if you want to find the best lighting for your bathroom. In short, rustic interior design is all about imitating the look and feel of rural homes built before the end of the 19th century. Most homeowners aiming for a modern rustic design scheme utilize rough wood and less polished metal fixtures in their plans.

This style of design is unpretentious and features natural woods, beautiful fixtures, earthy and natural colors, and natural textures. The result is a look that is warm and homey.

What is rustic style lighting?

When it comes to bathroom lighting, the rustic look is all about vintage designs and natural materials. For instance, rustic fixtures typically feature simple, utilitarian layouts that emphasize function over form.

Many rustic bathroom fixtures are crafted from materials like copper, bronze, wrought iron and nickel. Ultimately, rustic style lighting isn’t supposed to be ostentatious or superfluous.

Like other rustic design features, rustic lighting has the natural look of the frontier. This style of lighting incorporates distressed finishes with a vintage appearance. They might also feature unpainted wood and other natural elements.

What kinds of lighting fixtures can you incorporate?

Virtually any fixture on the market including recessed well lights can be used in the bathroom to achieve a rustic aesthetic. Sconces and vanity lights arranged in a row are some of the most popular options. Chandeliers and traditional table lamps are also possibilities if you have enough ceiling and shelf or floor space to work with.

Rustic Bath Vanity Lighting

One of the best ways to get started with rustic bathroom lighting is by installing a tasteful, understated vanity fixture. Many of the more popular fixtures boast at least four individual bulbs arranged in a row along a track. The great thing about vanity lights is that homeowners can carefully fine-tune the light output using different bulbs and bulb shades.

Adding rustic style bathroom vanity lights can offer soft illumination that bathes you in its warmth. These lights might use metals such as antique bronze with a satin finish, brushed nickel, or others. Bath vanity lights can add a warm glow to the room that mimics the appearance of natural light.

Rustic Shower Lighting

For the average homeowner, rustic shower lighting is provided by overhead well fixtures. These models need to be specifically designed and manufactured to stand up to high humidity levels and direct exposure to water.

While well lights are the go-to solution, there are other rustic bathroom shower ideas when it comes to lighting that work just as well. Consulting a lighting expert or interior designer is always helpful in determining what type of light may work best for you.

Rustic bathroom shower ideas might include a beautiful walk-in shower with natural stone tile. You might include bronze overhead fixtures or pendant lights and also may add lights that accentuate different natural features so that they stand out.

3 Rustic lights we love for bathrooms

Each of these three different lights can offer the natural touches that you want to add to your space.

Quoizel ERN8604 Erin 33 Inch Wide Bath Vanity Light

A Quoizel ERN8604 Erin 33 Inch Wide Bath Vanity Light | Capitol Lighting

A Quoizel ERN8604 Erin 33 Inch Wide Bath Vanity Light.

Boasting an Imperial Bronze finish and Opal Etched glass shades, this Quoizel vanity fixture is the epitome of modern rustic bathroom design. Equipped with four 4-Watt LEDs putting out 400 lumens, it’s more than capable of providing adequate illumination to any space. Best of all, it’s specifically designed for damp locations.

Measuring 33 inches across, 6 inches high and 5 inches deep, the Quoizel Erin is a compact vanity light perfect for cramped spaces. The default LEDs that ship with this particular unit cast a warm white 2700K glow. Weighing in at just 6 pounds, it’s easy to install given a little home renovation know-how. It can be oriented either right-side up or upside down.

Hinkley Lighting 4780 Dakota 6 Inch Wide Wall Sconce

A Hinkley Lighting 4780 Dakota 6 Inch Wide Wall Sconce

A Hinkley Lighting 4780 Dakota 6 Inch Wide Wall Sconce.

One of the best rustic bathroom fixtures around, the Hinkley Dakota Wall Sconce delivers an amazing look at an unbelievably low price point. Crafted from cast metal topped off with Clear Seedy glass shades, this sconce is an attractive unit that’s built to last. Finishes include Oil Rubbed Bronze and Polished Antique Nickel.

Equipped with a single 60-Watt bulb, the Dakota wall sconce radiates an inviting glow that showcases its faux leather straps nicely. Measuring 11 inches high by 6 inches wide and weighing in at 4 pounds, it’s a moderately sized fixture that looks right at home in bathrooms of all kinds. A lifetime electrical warranty and a 15-year finish warranty ensure that homeowners don’t have to worry about the Dakota going the distance.

Murray Feiss F2795-3 Alston 12 Inch Wide 3 Light Mini Chandelier

Murray Feiss F2795-3 Alston 12 Inch Wide 3 Light Mini Chandelier

A Murray Feiss F2795-3 Alston 12 Inch Wide 3 Light Mini Chandelier.

Inspired by medieval French cottage decor, the Alston Mini Chandelier by Murray Feiss is the ultimate bathroom fixture for rustic designs. Boasting a two-tone Charcoal Brick finish and Antique Forged iron arms, it pairs especially well with bathrooms that feature exposed beams. Rivet construction and quality materials give the Alston Mini Chandelier a substantial feel.

Measuring 21 inches high and 12 inches wide, the Alston Mini Chandelier doesn’t require cathedral ceilings to work in a variety of bathrooms. Due to its modest weight of just 7.7 pounds, this chandelier can be installed without any special modifications to joists or drywall. Lighting is provided by three 60-Watt incandescent bulbs. The 5-foot chain that comes with this refined fixture gives homeowners plenty of options as far as placement is concerned.

Using Rustic Bathroom Lighting in Other Areas

Many rustic fixtures intended for bathroom use work just as well in other areas of the home due to their simple designs and rugged construction. For example, many bathroom wall sconces are ideal for lighting screened porches and patios.

Bathroom vanity lights are often installed over kitchen sinks or counters and in mudrooms or entryways. You can get creative with your placement of fixtures – after all, interior design should be a fun, engaging activity for you!

Rustic bath design and lighting can add to the natural ambiance of your home. When you use rustic design features throughout your home and in your bathroom, you can bring natural beauty of the country lifestyle indoors. For more ideas, browse the Capitol Lighting collection to see how you can transform your bathroom into the old-timey country dream you’ve been pining for and that even the city slickers will appreciate.

– The Capitol Lighting Team


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