6 Fabulous Living Room Wall Lighting Ideas

Beautiful lighting that makes a statement will enhance any room in a home. The best lighting ideas combine style with function, making the whole much more than the sum of its parts. Wall lighting for living rooms is a big part of making the overall design stand out by augmenting the layered lighting in the room.

Wall light fixtures are a gorgeous source of ambient lighting, particularly in large open areas such as living rooms, great rooms, or open-concept floorplans. They can also offer accent lighting that creates a warm, intimate atmosphere. The right wall sconce can make small spaces seem larger and big rooms feel cozier.

Decorative sconces can be a piece of art in their own right or be incorporated with photographs or paintings. They can stand out or add a subtle influence, depending on the design. And they can even act as wall spotlights that throw concentrated light downwards for task lighting or to spotlight special features or artwork.

Trends in living room wall lights come and go, but when keeping in mind the period and style of the home, they can become a neutral element in a timeless interior design. They help keep the lighting soft and warm, highlighting the living room’s main purpose – relaxation and entertaining with family and friends.

Below is a showcase of how fabulous wall lights can level up a living room’s design.

Wall Sconces That Spotlight a Focal Point

Soft downlighting is an understated yet magical way to build layered lighting and add atmosphere. Discreet lighting over a fantastic piece of artwork influences the way a home is experienced and felt. Using wall lights to create pockets of light in the living room makes it feel warm and welcoming.


Hudson Valley Lighting Garfield 15 Inch LED Wall Sconce

The Hudson Valley Lighting Garfield 15 Inch LED Wall Sconce’s distressed bronze finish and shade illuminate the artwork below. The industrial-chic perforated metal shade doesn’t steal the show from the art but adds intrigue and character to the room.

Wall Lights Work Well in Pairs

Think in pairs (or more) when planning living room wall lights. A pair adds symmetry to the design while a series of sconces across a large living room can help unify the design. Depending on the style, consider whether the wall lights will be statement silhouettes, decorative, or minimal. Plan for their placement early in the process since their wiring will be a factor.


Hudson Valley Lighting Nyack 19 Inch Wall Sconce

Full or metallic intricacy, these Hudson Valley Lighting Nyack 19 Inch Wall Sconces feature perforated black metal caps and shiny opal glass shades. The light flows directly through the shade and indirectly through the perforations, creating a warm layer of light. This room also demonstrates how well symmetry works with wall lights as they perfectly flank the fireplace, making it even more of a focal point.

Wall Sconces That Add a Decorative Element

Living room wall lights need to be practical and functional. But they are a big part of the décor scheme. To make a statement, their design doesn’t have to exactly match that of other lighting in the space, but their materials should match.

Abington 18 Inch Wall Sconce by Hudson Valley Lighting

Wall lights are meant to bring character to a space, and this pair of Abington 18 Inch Wall Sconce by Hudson Valley Lighting does that and more. The design references the candles and torches used before homes had gas and electric power. These living room wall lights take up very little space but pack a subtle design punch.

Vida 17 Inch Wall Sconce by Fredrick Ramond

In another example, a pair of Vida 17 Inch Wall Sconces by Fredrick Ramond bring attention to the display case and shed a warm glow over the living room. Spectacular on their own, they go well with the Tryst Pendant by Fredrick Ramond but do not match the style exactly.

Slim Wall Sconces That Create a Flattering Glow

Living room wall lighting can be sleekly elegant, making a statement without even trying. There’s no reason why a wall sconce can’t step up and be the statement light in your living room. They provide a soft, diffused light that can look dramatic when teamed with dark and dramatic paint colors and architectural features.


Kelly Wearstler Melange 20 Inch LED Wall Sconce by Visual Comfort and Co.

These stunning Kelly Wearstler Melange 20 Inch LED Wall Sconces by Visual Comfort and Co. add a decorative glow that softly illuminates the architectural features of this living room. The curved shape contrasts with the linear elements and adds a warm metallic element to the design.

Wall Lighting as a Work of Art

Think of the living room wall light fixtures as a way to make a visual impact while also brightening up the room. Beautiful form meets practical function to make a stunning design statement.


Visual Comfort and Co. Kelly Wearstler Piel 19 Inch LED Wall Sconce

In this living room, a pair of Visual Comfort and Co. Kelly Wearstler Piel 19 Inch LED Wall Sconces becomes a part of the wall art, bringing the look of the entire room together. The eye-catching look brings in all of the elements of the design, from the couch to the painting to the table.


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