Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Your Bedroom

Bedroom lighting can run the gamut from subtle to bold and demure to dramatic, totally transforming the look and feel of the space. The wrong lighting can turn a perfectly designed bedroom into an unwelcoming one. Changing the lighting is one of the best ways to change the mood in the bedroom.

Rather than simply relieving the darkness, bedroom lighting fixtures can create a relaxing atmosphere for the time you spend in this most personal room. The key to a well-lit bedroom, like any room, is multiple lighting layers – ambient, decorative, and task –seamlessly integrated into the design. Ensuring the bedroom has the right lighting is just as important to your wellbeing as it is to the aesthetics of the design.

Bedroom lighting can be more than functional, it can also be a part of stunning bedroom design. Whether you want to save space on the bedside table, make an overhead statement, or spruce up the lighting design, below are some inspirational lighting ideas for bedrooms that give them a relaxing yet re-energizing vibe.

Bedroom Mood Lighting with Lamps

A bedside table is a natural place for a lamp, but that doesn’t mean the choice needs to be ordinary. It’s a great place to make a statement with a decorative lamp in an area that needs a strong stream of light. They can also help balance the lighting in the room. These lamps come in so many designs that they can be used in master bedrooms, kids’ rooms, or guest bedrooms.


Embossed Vessel 33 Inch Table Lamp by Regina Andrew

In this elegant bedroom, the decorative Embossed Vessel 33 Inch Table Lamp adds a gentle glow and washes soft light across the upholstered headboard. The pronounced silhouette and crystal base with a polished nickel finish are a sophisticated contrast against the linen shade.

Bedroom Lighting with Chandeliers

Chandeliers for the bedroom range from vintage-inspired to modern, clean lines and everything in between. No matter which one you choose, they add sophistication to bedrooms large and small. A small chandelier is perfect for a feminine bedroom, while a clean-lined, modern chandelier draws all eyes in a master bedroom.


Tilda 5 Light Mini Chandelier by Arteriors Home

Pretty in pink and white, this decidedly feminine bedroom features the whimsical Tilda 5 Light Mini Chandelier. Framed in gold, the chandelier adds texture to the space with five tiers of wooden sticks on curved iron arms. The whitewashed, pliable arms allow the light to peep through and project a warming light throughout the room.


Martyn Lawrence Bullard Hopper 32 Inch 9 Light Chandelier by Corbett Lighting

Though not over the top in style or shape, the Martyn Lawrence Bullard Hopper 32 Inch 9 Light Chandelier brings a sense of drama to this bedroom. In a minimalist bedroom design, every element must carry its own weight. The warm vintage brass finish warms the room while the simple lines support rather than detract from the cool greys of the statement wall.


Hayman Bay 28 Inch 5 Light Chandelier by Kichler Lighting

The delicate, vintage-inspired Hayman Bay 28 Inch 5 Light Chandelier contrasts nicely with the industrial feel of exposed brick in this bedroom. The distressed antique white finish offers understated elegance and incorporates easily into the design.


Ian K. Fowler Bistro 47 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co.

Sputnik-style lighting such as the Ian K. Fowler Bistro 47 Inch 12 Light Chandelier infuses a feeling of fun with a modern edge into the bedroom design. A more playful alternative than a traditional chandelier, it still adds much-needed drama.

Versatile Pendant Lighting

A variety of pendant lights have gained popularity for the style and charm they can offer to bedroom design, but they don’t always need to be hung in the middle of the room. Using a pendant in a non-traditional way can add a new dimension to the lighting.


Martyn Lawrence Bullard Melrose 18 Inch Large Pendant by Corbett Lighting

Hanging pendants over the bedside table solves space issues and levels up the elegance of this bedroom. The Martyn Lawrence Bullard Melrose 18 Inch Large Pendant adds an additional layer of texture to this monochromatic design. The vintage brass finish warms up the design without clashing with the textural wall covering.

Bedroom Lighting with Sconces

Since wall sconces are so versatile, they are an excellent choice for the bedroom. A bedroom usually has a primary source of lighting, so a strategically positioned sconce can brighten areas that need more light, such as over the bedside table.

Sean Lavin Viaggio 26 Inch Wall Sconce by Tech Lighting

A bedroom’s style should be soothing and relaxing, but it doesn’t have to be boring. A pair of Sean Lavin Viaggio 26 Inch Wall Sconces in place of lamps on the bedside table helps reduce clutter and gently provides illumination for reading in bed. The artistic cluster of glass orbs floats along the wall, creating a sense of movement in the room’s design.


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