6 Foyer Chandelier Ideas That Make a Statement

What’s not to love about a beautiful modern chandelier for the foyer? The entryway gives guests a glimpse of a home’s style and lets them know what to expect. A modern chandelier placed in the foyer will leave a remarkable and lasting first impression. Entry and foyer chandeliers impact the style of a room with exceptional design and functionality as they illuminate the space.

A chandelier is ideal for larger areas such as foyers and entryways because they instantly bring visual interest and aesthetic appeal. Large entrances demand chandeliers that make a statement and draw the gaze upward. Whether sleek and modern or unashamedly bedazzled crystal chandelier, this lighting is a crucial part of a foyer’s design.

Finding the right chandelier for your home’s entrance may seem like an overwhelming task at first glance. Start looking for the best lighting fixtures by first measuring the available room space. Remember these important factors when shopping for a light fixture: height, diameter, and width. It’s vital that the chandelier be the right size to complement the design. Next, narrow down the choices by finish, color, and other design features that will work. It’s okay if the chandelier steals the show a little bit and makes a bold statement.

Chandeliers That Bring the Wow Factor

Chandeliers with innovative design complement an entryway and wow family and friends as they enter the home. Chandeliers are never going to be quiet and unassuming, so why not go as bold as possible?


When the staircase is a big focal point in the entryway, the lighting needs to impress from all angles. The Poppy 32 Inch 12 Light Chandelier does exactly that. This sputnik-style orb chandelier is perfect from all sides. Candelabra bulbs offer glowing ambient light through the undulating clear glass discs, enhancing the entryway and wowing all who pass through it.

Sparta 48 Inch 18 Light Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting

Talk about wow factor, the design of the Sparta 48 Inch 18 Light Chandelier is literally striking. This chandelier makes a bold statement that demands to be noticed. Javelins of icy, hand-poured glass spring from the black center as illumination from the glass bulb spreads throughout the foyer. The effect is breathtaking as the light bounces off the glass and metal elements.

Chandeliers That Make a Statement

A grand entryway needs lighting that makes a grand statement. Lighting that adds style and function to an entryway can create an impact. A brightly lit foyer provides a well-lit entryway for guests with lighting that makes a dramatic impact.


Charisma 36 Inch Large Pendant by Corbett Lighting

Add a statement piece to your hallway with beautiful lighting featuring multiple tiers and warm glowing illumination. The brilliantly tiered design with sparkling crystal and luxurious gold leaf of the Charisma 36 Inch Large Pendant gives off serious chandelier vibes for a stunning effect that beautifies any space. The polished, elegant design gives this piece longevity and timelessness and makes a gorgeous statement in a grand foyer.

Chandeliers with Glam and Charm

Entryway chandeliers don’t have to be serious; they can bring glamour, charm, and a sense of fun to the space. A striking and functional light fixture is a great choice to bring a sense of allure to the foyer. Greet guests with lighting that has hints of modern artistry and contemporary style and make a statement they will undoubtedly remember.


Jonathan Adler Vienna 26 Inch 3 Light Chandelier by Robert Abbey

An elegant and glamorous confection of white Pulegoso glass hanging from antique brass chains, this pair of Jonathan Adler Vienna 26 Inch 3 Light Chandeliers illuminates this long, spacious foyer with a warm, welcoming glow. They fill the entryway perfectly without overwhelming it.


Tiffany 42 Inch 8 Light Chandelier by Arteriors Home

This bright foyer features white walls, tile floors topped by a gray rug, and the whimsical Tiffany 42 Inch 8 Light Chandelier. Frosted seed glass discs give this stunning wind chime design a modern feel. The black iron frame anchors the chandelier and adds a hint of industrial style while coordinating with the sophisticated black and white color palette. The chandelier adds a breezy but elegant touch to formal settings.

Chandelier with Modern Flair

For a modern, minimalist look, a chandelier with a striking and sleek silhouette and innovative design. Lighting with geometric shapes and different height tiers is an exquisite choice that provides ambient light perfect for entryways.


Piazza 31 Inch LED Chandelier by Kuzco Lighting

High ceilings in the entryway require a chandelier that doubles as a work of art. Choosing design-forward lighting such as the Piazza 31 Inch LED Chandelier means the fixture can double as a sculpture. The minimal orthogonal shape and open, transparent light emits soft luminance downward and create an airy effect in this contemporary foyer.


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