Lighting for the New Year: The Latest Lighting Designs and Trends

Modern pendants lights hanging in redone kitchen for 2022

In 2021, the at-home economy skyrocketed and it isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. Consumers are spending more time at home, with their living spaces acting as a traditional home, office, school, gym and everything in between all at once.

As the time people spent at home increased, so too did the demand for an out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new type of stylistic refresh. When revamping your home’s aesthetic, it should always start with the lighting. Lighting is the style setter and should drive every other decision.

As the premier lighting expert, we always stay on top of the latest trends that make your home sparkle. Check out our list of hot 2022 lighting trends that will help your home feel more dynamic and ready for the year ahead.

Linear Pendants

Tarbes 31-Inch 3-Light Linear Suspension Lights

If your New Year’s resolution involves dining in more and eating healthier, a terrific way to outfit your space for better cooking and dining experiences is with pendant lighting. This year, linear pendant lights top our list as a trendy and effortless way to reinvigorate your kitchen and dining room.

EGLO carries an expansive line of dazzling indoor light fixtures, none better than the Tarbes 31-Inch 3-Light Linear Suspension Light. This exquisite overhead pendant light pairs a dark finish with cage-like wiring to create a truly dynamic look. The trio of exposed bulbs cast beautiful downlight that will brighten up every corner of your kitchen island, kitchen and dining room.

Bold Lamps

Mitzi Taylor 2 Light Wall Sconce

Versatility is always welcomed in the lighting industry, and it’s tough to find a more versatile light source than a lamp. Lamps, from table and floor to gooseneck and arc, fit in a variety of spaces and function as a no-fuss secondary light source.

In 2022, fortune favors the bold with bold lamp lighting, like with the Mitzi Taylor 2 Light Wall Sconce. Despite technically being a wall sconce, this luxurious indoor light fixture plugs into the wall, allowing for a more lamp-like feel. Available in brass and soft black colorways, both finishes fit perfectly within a contemporary design scheme. Use this wall sconce lamp in place of a traditional reading lamp or floor lamp.

Hudson Valley Lighting Astor 1 Light Table Lamp

Reinvigorate your favorite table or desk space with the Hudson Valley Lighting Astor 1 Light Table Lamp. This luxurious plug-in lamp is crafted with individual stacked rings of aged iron wrap, making the lamp body something to truly behold. The unique combination of the soft white plaster finish and refreshing Belgian linen shade make this lamp bold, beautiful and perfect for a modern home.

Black and Brass Finishes

Hudson Valley Lighting Afton 1 Light Plug-In Wall Sconce

Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean your interior design scheme must be. A terrific way to add warmth and innovative style to any space is by pairing black and brass finishes. Brass beautifully warms black colors, giving you a sharp look without a drab feel.

Mitzi Neko 5-Inch Mini Pendant
Photo Credit: Erica Stolman of Fashionlush

The Hudson Valley Lighting Afton 1 Light Plug-In Wall Sconce is a shining example of the ying-and-yang effect of the two finishes. This delightful wall light draws beauty from mid-century design, adding an instant allure to any indoor space. The Afton is crafted with a smooth shade and plug-in functionality, allowing you to make an astounding statement wherever there is an outlet. This luxurious wall sconce adds a stunning look to a hallway, living room, finished basement or entryway space. Another stellar option is the Mitzi Neko 5-Inch Mini Pendant. This stunning overhead pendant light is a terrific way to add depth and a modern feel to any kitchen or dining room space. The dazzling aged brass finish and hanging design gives this light the versatility to really dazzle in a breakfast nook or kitchen island setting.

Wall Sconces

LAFX Metropolitan 12-Inch LED Wall Sconce

Impeccable modern lighting can come in all shapes and packages. Large-scale chandeliers and flush-mount fixtures often get the praise, but wall sconces are the unsung heroes of a well-rounded lighting scheme. Sconces are subtle enough to be used in almost any room, yet powerful enough to truly have influence in your space.

Outfit your living room or hallway with the beautiful Mitzi Becca 1 Light Portable Wall Sconce. Minimalist down to its core, this fixture possesses a unique blend of industrial and modern flair that transcends traditional design prowess. The convenient swiveling design allows you to swing the light left to right depending on the task at hand. Use this delightful wall sconce to make your knitting, reading or relaxation time better than ever before.

For a brighter, warmer feel, opt for the AFX Metropolitan 12-Inch LED Wall Sconce. Crafted with a dynamic glass frame and shade, this fixture exudes modern elegance and beauty. This LED-quality light fixture is a great way to add depth and refreshing light to any interior space.

Alabaster Finishes

Justice Design Fusion 26-Inch 3-Light Bath Vanity Light

Take the next step in rounding out your luxurious indoor lighting scheme with an alabaster-finished light fixture. Alabaster is a favorite among designers and adds a special allure to any fixture and space.

The Justice Design Fusion 26-Inch 3-Light Bath Vanity Light is an excellent choice for making your guest or master bathroom sing. This dynamic, hanging vanity light fixture is handcrafted and is well-suited for a wide variety of design schemes. From the artisanal glass shades to the 3-bulb design, this hanging bathroom light will take your guest or master bathroom space to new heights.

With the new year fast approaching, the time is now to start planning and outfitting your home with the best in indoor lighting. From pendants and sconces to jaw-droppingly beautiful finishes, this list is your guiding light for making your home bolder and more beautiful in 2022.


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