The Best Lighting Tips to Brighten Your Home Office

It can be easy to overlook home office lighting, but bad lighting often causes eyestrain, moodiness, and headaches. The simplest way to light up a home office is by adding task and ambient lighting to support natural lighting in the space. Just like in any room, home office lighting should be layered. This means a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to augment or create the feel of natural lighting in the space.

When picking the best desk lamp for home office lighting, consider the type of lighting already in the space. Are there windows that let in natural light? Move the desk as close to that light source as possible to take advantage of natural light streaming in through the windows.

If there is not a lot of natural light in the space, choose a natural light lamp for the office to round out the lighting. Use an overhead light to illuminate your workspace, then even out the light distribution and get rid of deep shadows and glare with task lamps.

Beauty of Using Natural Light

Natural light is ideal for work and an effective way to light up your home office. It is easier on the eyes, boosts productivity and mood, and saves energy. Studies have shown that access to natural light makes people feel better and more productive. Placed in front of the window, this workspace gets plenty of natural light.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Hopper 32 Inch 9 Light Chandelier by Corbett Lighting

Giving the natural light in this home office a beautiful boost, the Martyn Lawrence Bullard Hopper 32 Inch 9 Light Chandelier by Corbett Lighting adds decorative ambient lighting that completes the space. There is a simple symmetry between the two sides of the brass leaves. The white glass diffusers spread soft light, and the handsome, dark vintage brass finish plays off the natural black soaked to a smooth finish. Striking and minimal, the chandelier references mid-century modernism and nature in equal measure.

Adding Task Lighting

Even in a space that depends on natural lighting from windows, there will be a need for additional task lighting. And as the natural light fades during shorter winter days or the occasional late night, a natural light lamp design for the office will offer the right task lighting.

Arlo 21 Inch Desk Lamp by Adesso

For task lighting that also works as a stylish charging station, the Arlo 21 Inch Desk Lamp by Adesso keeps you focused and connected with a Qi wireless charging pad and a built-in USB port in the base. Its mid-century modern design and oversized shade bring a low-key but sophisticated vibe to the space.

Paul Smith Type 75 Mini 19 Inch Desk Lamp by Anglepoise

A dedicated task light helps reduce eye strain and in some spaces that may mean it needs to be able to change its angle and focus. The Paul Smith Type 75 Mini 19 Inch Desk Lamp by Anglepoise does just that. This industrial style is available in the bright summer colors pictured above and also in deep or rich autumn hues. It is also available as a larger floor lamp, giving plenty of options to use depending on the style, design, and needs of the home office space.

Sawyer 24 Inch Desk Lamp by Adesso

Versatile lighting such as the Sawyer 24 Inch Desk Lamp by Adesso with an adjustable shade that moves up, down, and forward directs task lighting exactly where it is needed most. The black metal paired with camel brown leather adds a pop of modern urban style. This desk light also features a built-in charging par with Qi technology and a USB port in the base.

Incorporating Ambient and Corrective Light

No matter if there is plenty of natural light or not in the space, ambient and corrective lighting can enhance the lighting in a home office, making it both functional and beautiful. Eye strain is a real problem, so adding a little ambient lighting to the space will soften the bright light cast by overhead or task lighting.

If the home office depends on natural lighting, ambient and corrective lighting can be used when the natural light moves and casts shadows in the space. Positioning corrective lighting behind the computer monitor can help ease eye strain by diminishing the glare from the screen. Consider reading lamps with shades that diffuse light and floor lamps as versatile lighting options.

Henry 61 Inch Reading Lamp by Hubbardton Forge

A floor lamp with an adjustable arm offers versatile lighting options for the home office. Placed by the desk, light from the Henry 61 Inch Reading Lamp by Hubbardton Forge can be directed behind the screen to correct glare, down toward the desk to offer task lighting, and with a dimmer, can cast ambient light over the desk. With its brass-riveted, spun-metal shade and stark lines, this genuinely versatile floor lamp brings a strong industrial feel to the space.

Suzanne Kasler Adeline 32 Inch Table Lamp by Visual Comfort and Co.

With its tapered design and linen shade, the Suzanne Kasler Adeline 32 Inch Table Lamp by Visual Comfort and Co. checks off all the boxes. Beautiful design and diffused ambient light make it ideal for creating the look and feel of natural light in this space. The tapered base ends in a quatrefoil cross-section that reveals an added layer of complexity in the design that flatters any interior.


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