Boho Lighting Ideas to Warm Up Your Home

Filled with plenty of texture, the right mix of earthy neutrals and bright colors, and tons of feel-good vibes, boho accents instantly make a space feel lighter and brighter.

The term bohemian was coined in the 1800s and referred to people who lived artistic, unconventional lives. In much the same vein, today’s bohemian interiors embrace this free-spirit vibe with unexpected design choices that seem to magically go together.

Unlike many other design styles, bohemian interiors don’t have a lot of rules, except creating a sense of fun and expressing your style. These spaces are relaxed, welcoming, and comfortable, with an approachability that is hard to define.

However, there are some specific elements of the style, such as:

  • Bold patterns and colors
  • Vintage furniture and textiles
  • Touches of nature
  • Handicraft materials
  • Souvenirs from different countries
  • Comfy vibe
  • Lighting that reflects this aesthetic

As with anything, this popular style has many interpretations, from bold to subtle, which makes it versatile and adaptable to many spaces. Below are some bohemian lighting ideas that brighten up any room.

Boho Style Pendant Lighting

In a boho space, pendant lighting and chandeliers can make an artful statement in a large space. Often a forgotten feature, the ceiling full of boho lighting ideas, it just takes the right fixture to bring it all together.


Rimini 38 Inch Large Pendant by Arteriors Home

Boho to the max, the Rimini 38 Inch Large Pendant by Arteriors Home brings romantic, moody light to this space with its curvy, sultry style. The interior form features naturally woven rattan slats, and the outer shade is woven rattan strips finished in black. It makes a strong, sophisticated statement that exudes boho style.


Sparta 32 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting

Glam and boho can play together, as seen in this bathroom featuring the Sparta 32 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting. In a room filled with texture and color, the striking lighting design demands attention without distracting from the overall look. The result is nothing short of breathtakingly elegant boho style.


Paige 33 Inch 9 Light Chandelier by Mitzi

A set of rattan chairs can infuse a boho vibe into virtually any room. Colorful florals and geometric prints blend seamlessly for a cheerful look. The gold accents and white globes of the Paige 33 Inch 9 Light Chandelier by Mitzi make the perfect foil for the bohemian elements in the space.

Floor Lamps That Scream Boho

Nothing brings in boho style than eye-catching floor lamps. They can brighten up a room placed behind the couch, in the office, or even tucked into a reading nook. A floor lamp is a gorgeous décor element that will illuminate your space and level up your style.

Vallin 64 Inch Floor Lamp by Trend Lighting

Sometimes a whisper screams loudly, which is the case with the Vallin 64 Inch Floor Lamp by Trend Lighting. The geometric metal openwork echoes the texture of the wall and the smaller pattern in the coffee table, creating a subtle bohemian feel. Plenty of pillows keep the space from being too cold, and the black gold finish and white fabric drum shade work to warm up the style.

Casey 64 Inch Reading Lamp by Adesso

Above, the Casey 64 Inch Reading Lamp by Adesso highlights the bold colors and playful artwork for a look that is equal parts modern and fun. The mix of black, white, and antique brass metals add a modern touch to any space, without overpowering its style. It’s paired-down bohemian style at its best.

Upgrade Your End Table’s Boho Style

Boho style has become synonymous with rattan, wicker, and earth tones, but there is a colorful side to boho as well. And there is no need to worry about which color goes with which, this style is inconsistent and random, from table lamps to bold patterns on the walls, making it beautiful in its own way.


Kelly Wearstler Utopia 27 Inch Table Lamp by Visual Comfort and Co.

Filled with color and pattern, this boho bedroom features all the best, exuberant elements of the style, including the gold Kelly Wearstler Utopia 27 Inch Table Lamp by Visual Comfort and Co. Its signature style juxtaposes raw with refined, making it a perfect fit. The textured gilt body of the lamp, with its sensuous shape, brings an earthy feel to the space. It is the ideal counterpart to the colorful headboard and brightly patterned pillows.


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