Guide to the Best Chandelier Ideas for Your Dining Room

A dining room isn’t finished until it has striking lighting suspended over the dining room table and supporting its role as the centerpiece of the room. Chandeliers are a traditional feature of formal dining rooms, but these days there are more styles available than ever, elevating the design of the space.

This wide and eclectic range of dining room chandelier styles gives homeowners the freedom to create a genuinely original style that expresses their personality. But as often happens, more choices make selecting the perfect chandelier for a space feel even more impossible. Check out these dining room chandelier ideas to help refine the design.

Think about Lighting FIRST

Whether it is a complete renovation or just a refresh of the space, think about lighting first. “When I design a new dining room, lighting is one of the first elements that I select and what directs the design of the room in many cases,” according to Suzanne M. Rogers @suzannemaccronerogers. “When I update a dining room, the lighting is one of the first things that I change and replace.”


Alice Porcelain Flower 24 Inch Large Pendant by Regina Andrew

“I believe that dining room lighting has definitely become less formal, more playful, and whimsical over the years, which makes it fun to select and install for my clients,” explains Suzanne M. Rogers @suzannemaccronerogers. This aesthetic can be seen in the way the Alice Porcelain Flower 24 Inch Large Pendant by Regina Andrew enhances this space with a sense of whimsy and freshness. Gold leaf and crystals make it fancy, while matte porcelain blossoms keep it light and playful.

Find the Right Dining Room Chandelier Style

When considering which chandelier ideas speak to the dining room’s style, bring to mind the mood the space currently evokes and the mood it should bring to mind. Traditional chandeliers bring classic elegance and timelessness to the space.


Aerin Jacqueline 32 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co.

Using a more traditional chandelier like the Aerin Jacqueline 32 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co. can bring a touch of elegance to a casual space, making it easy to transform the space from casual to formal with the tablescape and styling. The hand-rubbed antique brass finish and white acrylic glass give the formal shape a transitional feel that allows spaces to be dressed up or dressed down.


Tilda 5 Light Chandelier by Arteriors Home

Unique lighting such as the Tilda 5 Light Chandelier by Arteriors Home makes it easy to mix and match finishes on the table and chairs to create a stunningly one-of-a-kind look. The whitewashed wood finish highlights the beauty of the lighting without overly competing with other finishes in the space for a surprisingly cohesive look.


Kelly Wearstler Strada 40 Inch 20 Light Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co.

With the Kelly Wearstler Strada 40 Inch 20 Light Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co., simplicity is a style statement. In a space with a clean but stunning design, this chandelier puts the finishing touch on the look. In addition, it adds a bit of flair to a room that could stray into starkness.

Find the Right Size Dining Room Chandelier

With all the selection available, it’s easy to get carried away, but getting the size right is also key to the look of the space and deciding on the perfect chandelier. The chandelier’s role is to make a statement and tie the room’s design together. Erring a tad on the larger side is fine, as long as it is not too large. If the chandelier is too small, it may disappear in the space, and if it is too big, the room may look small and cramped. As a general guideline, the width of the chandelier should be approximately 12 inches smaller than the width of the widest part of the table.


Jonathan Adler Vienna 19 Inch Large Pendant by Robert Abbey

In a smaller, more casual space, a pendant can serve the same purpose as a chandelier. The perfectly proportioned Jonathan Adler Vienna 19 Inch Large Pendant by Robert Abbey puts the finishing touch on this dining room. The hexagonal shapes mirror the design in the drapes and add visual interest.


Paige 33 Inch 9 Light Chandelier by Mitzi

For a casual space, the Paige 33 Inch 9 Light Chandelier by Mitzi offers the perfect vibe. It brings in a lighter and breezier mood, perfect for this space filled with light and blossoms. Rather than going heavy-handed with formal, traditional lighting or skipping a chandelier altogether, this one highlights the space’s fresh colors.

How to Hang the Chandelier over a Dining Room Table

Once the chandelier has been chosen, it needs to be hung correctly. No matter where the table is in the space, the chandelier should be centered over it. In a large, multipurpose space, it may be tempting to center the chandelier to the room rather than the table. In this instance, divide the space and use coordinating lighting in the different areas. That way, the dining table can be centered under one of the chandeliers.

The dining room chandelier should be hung about 30-36 inches above the table if the room has an 8-foot ceiling. Add about 3 inches for each additional foot of height. There are more guidelines for the perfect height for the dining room chandelier, but these guidelines are a good place to begin.

“It’s important that dining room lighting illuminate the space without being glaring,” advises Suzanne M. Rogers @suzannemaccronerogers… The scale of the fixture must relate to the size of the room and furniture, specifically the dining room table if it’s a chandelier or pendant.”


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