Beautiful Wrought-Iron Chandeliers for Anywhere in Your Home

Do wrought iron chandeliers give you flashbacks of medieval times or take you to a scene from “Game of Thrones”? While they do have a dark, rustic quality, history will tell you that wrought iron chandeliers didn’t actually take hold until closer to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. That’s when forged metals and skilled blacksmiths were in peak demand. In fact, their hand-crafted origins are exactly what make these ceiling chandeliers a beautiful accessory in any modern home.  

Need more convincing? Keep reading.

3 Reasons You’ll Love Wrought Iron Chandeliers

1. They’re Durable

Take a look around town. You’ll probably notice a few wrought-iron street lamps, park benches or fences, all of which are a testimony to how well this metal can hold up to wear and tear. Clearly, there’s a reason these fixtures have been around for hundreds of years. Here’s the secret:

Unlike highly refined metals, wrought iron can be heated to higher temperatures without becoming molten. As a result, iron retains all of its original matrices, including the carbides and silicates that give it a strong, fibrous structure. At these high temperatures, carbides and silicates turn to glass and are commonly known as “slag.” Slag acts as a protective coating over the iron and is one of the reasons why iron is more resistant to corrosion than other metals.  

2. They’re Timeless

Its durability certainly makes wrought iron a time-tested material. But more than that, it’s a timeless design choice. Because wrought iron is so malleable, it can be molded into a variety of shapes and forms. This kind of customization has helped it gain wide popularity with interior designers with both modern and traditional sensibilities.

Designers and homeowners, alike, appreciate the artistry that goes into wrought iron chandeliers. They not only add personality to a space, but these light fixtures also add a significant amount of value to a home – and that’s one thing that will never go out of style.

3. They’re Versatile

Wrought iron is a classic material in several design styles. You’ll commonly see it used in industrial and farmhouse lighting, but its qualities reach far beyond. For instance, floral-infused French country settings appreciate the curves that wrought iron chandeliers so often feature. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll see wrought iron in a minimalistic Scandinavian design. While these homes have white walls and neutral woods, their tranquility is actually dependent on matte black accents to keep them grounded.  

Of course, wrought iron chandeliers aren’t just stylistically versatile. They also cross boundaries within the same house. From your sunlit foyer to your very private bedroom, you can use these wrought iron fixtures in any space you like.

Wrought Iron Chandeliers to Accent an Entryway

Your foyer lighting deserves special consideration. After all, it needs to greet guests, introduce your personality and set the tone for your home. That’s a lot to ask of one fixture. Thankfully, wrought iron is no stranger to hard work, so this should be fairly easy. Keeping in mind the purpose of your foyer lighting, look for wrought iron chandeliers that are big in stature and even bigger in character.

The Pear-shaped Middlefield 41 Inch Chandelier is a beautiful example of wrought iron chandeliers

Middlefield Chandelier by Frederick Ramond

At 41 inches wide, the Middlefield is an undeniably large fixture. But it’s not just big to be big. It has elegant curves and a delicate wrought iron core. These pure details give the chandelier a robust persona. And, yes, the pear-shaped wood finial is one of them. It mirrors the larger wood frame, which is beautifully distressed. If you want your home to feel French country or industrial-chic, this is the foyer fixture you need.

The wrought iron Yarmouth Cage Pendant hangs in a traditional-style foyer over a round wood table

Feiss Yarmouth Cage Pendant by Generation Lighting

The Feiss Yarmouth Pendant turns a classic square cage into an eye-catching fixture. While the basic structure is still there, the forged iron allows the edges to be literally turned in a different direction. You can see a roundness that crowns the top and hugs the bottom. Between those soft edges, flame-style light bulbs and open-air frames, guests will instantly feel welcomed in your home.

Wrought Iron Chandeliers for the Dining Room

Like foyer lighting, dining room chandeliers should be absolutely spectacular. It’s another space that sees a lot of visitors, so you want the décor to make a lasting impression. You can achieve that shock and awe a couple different ways with wrought iron chandeliers.

For one, you can lean on their artistic nature by choosing a more abstract or ornamental piece. Another option is to find a wrought iron chandelier that features contrasting materials that create visual interest. If you prefer simpler designs, though, don’t hesitate to leverage size and structure. A clean, multi-tiered fixture is a great example.

3 Wrought Iron Cirque Chandeliers hang over a long dining room table in a waterfront home

Cirque Chandelier by Hubbardton Forge

The Cirque Chandelier integrates a classic candelabra with the round, lightweight iron frame. It’s a creative form that feels equally uniform and unique. Functionally speaking, you might get enough lighting from one orb. However, your dining room would be better served with several of these glowing globes hanging in a group. A straight row can be interesting, or you can vary their chain lengths to add even more energy to the room.

Feiss Angelo Chandelier combines wrought iron, glass and wood to impress guests in the dining room

Feiss Angelo Chandelier by Generation Lighting

This nine-light, two-tiered chandelier has everything – size, structure and mixed materials. But what’s really unique is that the Feiss Angelo can swing toward almost any style. It’s tailored enough for a transitional or modern home, but also has all the trappings of rustic lighting. No matter how you use it, though, the round base and forged wrought iron arms will hold your attention at the dinner table.

Wrought Iron Chandeliers to Dress a Bedroom

Wood and plush furnishings are traditional bedroom décor, but don’t discount the impact of a solid, wrought iron chandelier. These fixtures can bring a smoky, romantic drama that’s most fitting for a master suite. Not just any wrought iron chandelier will set the mood, though. Stick with round or curvy designs to soften the tone. You can choose a piece with heavy flourishes and eloquent finials, but steer clear of anything too chunky. You want your bedroom chandelier to lightly float mid-air.  

A wrought-iron chandelier over a bed in a bedroom with a barn door and wooden accent wall

Pearson Chandelier by Capital Lighting Fixture Company

The Pearson Chandelier has great bones for a bedroom. Its simple circular structure not only feels light and airy, but it’s easily adaptable to almost any design style as well. In fact, you can change the mood by simply swapping out the bulbs. For instance, add vintage-style filaments, and you have a stunning Edison light bulb fixture. Or, if you have a modern master suite, go with globe-shaped bulbs. They’ll match the wrought iron base and keep it looking sleek.  

Wrought Iron Chandeliers That Fit in the Kitchen

The type of wrought iron chandelier you hang in your kitchen will largely depend on two things: square footage and lighting needs. When it comes to square footage, focus on scale. Spacious kitchens with tall ceilings can handle visually heavy pieces and long drop chains, while a smaller kitchen needs slender arms and a modest frame.

That said, because this space is a hub of activity, you must also prioritize task lighting. If you can’t find a chandelier that directs light down (and, likely, you won’t), look for one with several light sources. A four-light candelabra won’t do the trick. You need at least six bulbs and a design that plays well with other forms of lighting – like wall sconces and pendant lights.

Casa 29 Inch Chandelier looks charming in a rustic-style kitchen with a long, wood island

Casa Chandelier by Hinkley Lighting

Ample lighting won’t be an issue when you have the nine-light Casa Chandelier hanging overhead. The pillar-style candles illuminate from the inside, which spreads a lovely warm glow around your kitchen counters. Even turned off, the antique scavo glass has a charming texture, which is beautifully complemented by braided wrought iron arms. Whether you’re sipping wine or chopping vegetables, you’ll feel completely at ease with this rustic chandelier.

Make Something New Again

You can rest assured adding wrought iron chandeliers won’t date your home or leave you in the dark ages – and not just because history says so. These fixtures withstand the ebb and flow of design trends as well as they hold up to the weather. Use them in any – or every – room of your house, and you’ll see wrought iron in a whole new light.  


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